WTC Information

WTC Mission Statement

The SEMA Wheel & Tire Council (WTC) exists to help member companies that manufacture or distribute tire and wheel assemblies or their related components to grow and thrive by working together to identify industry challenges, deliver educational solutions and provide unique networking opportunities.

Who Makes Up WTC?

Membership in the Wheel & Tire Council (WTC) is open to all companies whose business focuses on the wheel industry, from manufacturers, importers, distributors, tire and wheel dealers, to service providers. Companies that meet this criteria are encouraged to become actively involved. Once in the Wheel & Tire Council (WTC), members work through task forces to address the council's educational, technical and communications needs.

What Are WTC's Goals?

WTC's mission is to identify common problems and opportunities relating to the aftermarket wheel industry, which the council, as an interested body of companies, can address for the common good. Within this context, WTC directs its efforts toward providing its members with a forum in which to address industry-related issues; offer networking and educational opportunities; and create a database of technical information designed to aid member companies in creating new wheel designs and preparing application guides. WTC also works with SEMA's legislative and technical staff to address those matters which may affect the custom wheel industry. WTC likewise keeps members informed of industry and council activities through a dedicated column in SEMA Member News, a bimonthly publication distributed exclusively to SEMA-member companies.

Why Get Involved?

WTC's strength and success depend on industrywide support. Through cooperative action, WTC-member companies can ensure the growth, prosperity and longevity of the custom wheel industry.

How Do You Get Involved?

WTC invites all manufacturers serving the aftermarket wheel industry to join in meeting these critical goals. To become active in WTC, your company must first be a SEMA member. Join SEMA now. WTC participation also includes an annual dues supplement, the proceeds of which are used to fund council-specific programs and activities ($150). For more information, contact Allan Keefe.

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