2016 SEMA Town Hall Series Kicks Off in Miami, Florida

Townhall Recap - Miami, Florida

SEMA’s 2016 Town Hall series kicked off in sunny Miami, Florida at the National Performance Warehouse. The event had a great turnout with over 90 member and non-members in attendance. Attendees were given tours of the facility, networked with local industry professionals, and participated in a facilitated discussion with SEMA’s President and CEO, Chris Kersting.

The format of the Miami Town Hall was the first of its kind featuring a live polling system. Kersting led attendees through a series of questions while getting real-time feedback from the entire crowd. This system better allowed him to tailor the discussion to the specific needs of the Miami group. The floor was shared between Kersting and attendees allowing them to ask questions relating to the current challenges their businesses are facing. Top concerns included finding talented employees, managing product data, and product development. SEMA’s current solution for all three led the group into engaging discussions on the new SEMA Career Center and job portal, the SEMA Data Co-Op, and the current efforts and initiatives at the SEMA Garage.

Another major topic of the evening was the ongoing efforts to combat the EPA’s proposed motorsports regulations which will prohibit vehicles from being modified for racing. Kersting reviewed that while over 160,000+ supporters have signed the petition, the next step to keep the motorsports industry thriving is to visit SEMA.org/rpmletter to let your congressmen know where you stand on the issue before the potential regulations become a law.

The event concluded with an open question and answer portion where Chris welcomed attendee questions and feedback. To learn more about the SEMA Town Hall series and how you too can attend, please visit www.sema.org/townhall.

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