SEMA Town Hall Meetings: Atlanta, Georgia

SEMA Town Hall Meeting in Atlanta, GA was a successful way to kick off the first of the SEMA Town Hall series for 2013. Around 98 members/non-members attended this event and had the opportunity to network with industry leaders and got the chance to discuss the industry during an open forum discussion. Main topic covered during the panel discussion:

How to encourage young people to get involved?

Marla Moore and the other panelists gave great examples of involvement by joining SEMA networks and SEMA's educational programs. Joining a free SEMA network: YEN (Young Executive Network), SBN (SEMA Businesswomen Network) and ETTN (Emerging Trends and Technology Network) are great outlets for young professionals to get more involved. For the younger generation, Scooter and Nate touched on the subject that, during the SEMA Show, SEMA brings over 300 schools to the show. SEMA encourages students to work in exhibitor booths and possible leave the show with job opportunities. For more information on education programs please email Juliet Marshall at

We would like to extend a special thanks to the great folks at Lund International for hosting the event and SEMA Board Director Members, Scooter Brothers (COMP Performance Group), Nate Shelton (B&M Racing & Performance Products Inc.), and SBN Chairman, Marla Moore (Coker Tire Co. Inc.) for their assistance with this first-ever town hall meeting in Atlanta.

Date / Time: 
Friday, May 3, 2013 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Lund International
Facility 2: 
4325 Hamilton Mill Rd.
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