2011 SEMA Show

Vegas Rolls Out the Red Carpet for SEMA Showgoers

The 2011 SEMA Show
is coming to town, and Las Vegas is rolling out the red carpet to make
sure everyone not only has a great time, but is also treated like a
high-roller. Over the next several weeks, SEMA will introduce discounts
negotiated with numerous venues across town just by letting them know
you are in Las Vegas for SEMA. For many offers, it will be as simple as
showing them your badge.

Days Until the 2011 SEMA Show: 102

SEMA Show's New Website and Exhibitor Manual
SEMA has a much-improved website this year, and it’s important you know
how to navigate the website as you plan for the upcoming Show. Please
note that the link to the “Exhibitor Manual” is located at the bottom of
the page in the box entitled “Exhibitors” and at the top if you click
on “Exhibitors” and then “Exhibitor Manual” about halfway down the
drop-down list. For a direct link, go to www.SEMAShow.com/esm.


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