SEMA Show Enthusiast Program

A Golden Ticket

A special group of enthusiasts entered the Las Vegas Convention Center on the final day of the 2010 SEMA Show. Despite the trade-only attendance rule, this select group was granted a “golden ticket” through the SEMA Opinion Leader Program.

2009 Enthusiast Program Report

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Responding to requests from SEMA members for market research information, the 2009 SEMA Show included a strong new benefit program for exhibitors and attendees alike. SEMA selected a group of automotive enthusiasts to participate in a market research and feedback session, both prior to and during the Show.

The program included top opinion leaders and consist of car collectors, club members, bloggers and enthusiasts who are active in automotive forums and social media. By taking part in the program, participants revealed valuable insights and offered unique perspectives on their SEMA Show experience.

The program provided feedback on new products, show vehicles and industry trends. Additionally, Show participants benefitted from increased viral messaging about Show activity through social media channels.

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