A Look At The Racing and Performance Powertrain Market

A Ford 408 engine by Blueprint Engines. Just one of the broad varieties of crate engines available from the engine builder.By Mike Imlay

Racers, street performance enthusiasts, four wheelers, restorers and boat owners all need engines, which means that, at some point, they tap into the performance niche occupied by engine builders and, more often than not, the specialty shops that install replacement engines. It’s a segment composed of small businesses, not-so-small businesses and by OEM crate-engine distributors—all offering powertrain solutions.

In fact, use of ready-made drop-in crate engines with known horsepower and torque specifications has become a driving force in the marketplace in recent years. In particular, the GM LS series has become...

NASCAR's Kyle Busch Launches “Rowdy Edition” Toyota Camry Dream Build

Kyle Busch—whose 104 career wins across all three of its top series make
him one of NASCAR’s top drivers in terms of diversity—is now hoping to
head to the winner’s circle in a different kind of race: the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge.
Busch—one of four racing stand-outs pitted against each other in the
vehicle-modification build competition—is diving into a ’12 Toyota Camry
SE and remaking it into the “Rowdy Edition” Camry, named after Busch’s
nickname on the racing circuit, “Rowdy.”

Gale Banks to Moderate Speed Freaks Panel Discussion February 18

The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, presented by the Automobile Club of
Southern California, will host a Speed Freaks Panel Discussion about
what it’s like to plan and drive some of the world’s fastest vehicles,
Saturday, February 18, from 2:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m. Open to all with paid
museum admission, the panel discussion will be held before the annual
Sidewinders Award Banquet.


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