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The 2013–2014 SEMA engine project was based on a Dart LS Next cast-iron block—a 434ci engine combination that is dyno-proven to generate in excess of 700 hp utilizing a single four-barrel carburetor on pump gasoline.SEMA-Member Companies Donate Parts for Scholarship Engine—a 700-plus-hp Dart LS Next Package

Launched two years ago, the SEMA Scholarship Engine Project has enjoyed support from nearly two dozen manufacturers and the talents of noted engine builder Ed Pink. The first year saw a 347ci small-block Ford engine go on the auction block, while a 405ci small-block Chevy was built last year. Both engines featured Dart SHP iron blocks and SHP aluminum cylinder heads.

Top 3 Reasons To Join YEN

YEN is growing very rapidly and is one of the best ways to open yourself to networking and education opportunities. I encourage any young person in this industry to sign up. You will then be plugged into a network of young executives that is over 800 strong, and you can start getting involved by joining our Member Resource Pool, attending a YEN Mixer or attending the big YEN reception at SEMA. It doesn’t matter the extent to which you get involved at first; it just matters that you take that first step to find out how rewarding the experience can be.

—Lee McGuire, Director of Marketing & Operations, Skyjacker Suspensions

SEMA Indicators

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No one can foretell the future, at least not with any degree of certainty. But a prudent look at marketplace indicators can often provide insights that savvy businesspeople might interpret for a strategic advantage. What follows is a look at some of the signposts along the current business roadway.

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Companies in the specialty-equipment industry with job openings to announce, or individuals would like to spread the word that they are seeking employment, are encouraged to post the details in SEMA's Auto Job Section. Not only are the postings available anytime, day or night, but the latest listings and a link to the entire SEMA Auto Job section are highlighted each week in SEMA eNews, the association's electronic newsletter that is delivered weekly to more than 100,000 industry professionals.

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