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Small-Company Marketing

Part 1: Attending Consumer Events

Street Performance Council (SPC) - SEMA CouncilWhether yours is a young manufacturing company, retail store or repair shop, you know that a good marketing plan is vital to the growth of your business. In this series of articles, we will address the ins and outs of marketing, beginning this time with the importance of attending consumer events.

Consumer events put you in front of potentially thousands of new customers where you can hear firsthand what people think of your products or services. Feedback can help you improve existing products or give you ideas for new ones, and walking an event can open your eyes to developing trends.

Joint Reception a Sterling Success

Street Performance Council (SPC) - SEMA CouncilIf you’ve read previous Street Performance Council (SPC) articles in SEMA Member News or happened to overhear conversations about SEMA volunteer work, you know that collaboration between the various SEMA councils is an important goal and objective of Tyler Tanaka as incoming chairman.

This has also been an initiative of SEMA Chairman of the Board Paul “Scooter” Brothers, and Tanaka was pleased to report that the SPC Select Committee answered that challenge with the first joint SPC/Young Executives Network (YEN) council reception at the 2011 SEMA Show.

SPC Chair-Elect Brian Reese Sets Goals

Street Performance Council (SPC) - SEMA CouncilBrian Reese will become the chairman of the Street Performance Council (SPC) at the conclusion of Tyler Tanaka’s term as the current chairman. Under Tanaka’s tutelage, Reese will spend the next two years learning the ropes and developing the skills to steer the council’s Select Committee.

SEMA Member News recently took advantage of the opportunity to ask Reese about his goals now and in the coming years, and we opened the discussion by looking at the decision to combine the SPC reception with the Young Executive Network (YEN) reception and move them to a new night.

2011 SEMA Business Technology Symposium Yields Insights

Street Performance Council (SPC) - SEMA CouncilTo help kick off its annual Leadership Days, held July 27–29, SEMA introduced automotive businesses to the latest technological trends and opportunities with the Business Technology Symposium (BTS). Held at the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach, California, the day-long gathering presented participants with solid education, proven strategies and best practices from experts in the fields of online marketing, multimedia sales and eCommerce.


Street Performance Council (SPC) - SEMA CouncilCollaboration is a frequently used term, but rarely do we get the chance to participate professionally in true collaborative efforts. I have made it one of the Street Performance Council’s (SPC) goals to better partner with SEMA, our sister councils and outside organizations in order to bring about the advancement of our unique individual groups.

A Few Words With the New SPC Chairman

Street Performance Council (SPC) - SEMA CouncilThe next chairman of the Street Performance Council (SPC) has been involved with the organization since it was a fledgling committee trying to get attention for tuner manufacturers and enthusiasts. Tyler Tanaka, vice president of business development for PostRelease, a developer of next-generation interactive entertainment and rich Internet applications, has been an active participant in the automotive aftermarket for more than 20 years. Foreseeing the importance of forums and social networks, he became an early adopter and firsthand user. SEMA Member News recently engaged in a Q&A session with this forward-thinker.


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