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Del Amo Motorsports

Del Amo MotorsportsDel Amo Motorsports’ humble beginnings can be traced back to 1985 in a 6,000-sq.-ft. facility in Redondo Beach, California, offering a single product line. The company now features multiple product offerings across a wide spectrum of machines in four locations throughout Southern California, with the original one now encompassing 45,000 sq. ft.

Ingenuity Fab & Speed

Retail SpotlightWhen the story of Ingenuity Fab & Speed (IFS) began five years ago, Joshua Boucher was building chassis for a local shop. Like many, he was creating custom designs and fabricating parts for each job, pouring his creativity into them. His parents, aftermarket veterans, convinced him that he was giving his genius away. He realized that he had everything he needed to take ownership of his abilities and work for himself, so he incorporated IFS as an LLC in Montgomery, Texas, and hired his parents soon thereafter.

How Steve Saporito’s Dare 2B Different! Has Paid Off

Retail SpotlightBased in Rockledge, Florida, Dare 2B Different! Enterprises is a small operation consisting of owner Stephen Saporito, his wife Zetty Gamboa-Saporito, and fulltime graphic designer Joseph Stuller. Starting his company almost as an afterthought in 2005, Saporito has since grown it into a thriving retailer and manufacturer earning seven figures a year retailing a carefully selected stock of OEM-replacement parts for a variety of applications. In addition, he produces his own Glassskinz-brand rear-window valances. It’s a testament to how far belief in an idea, long hours, perseverance and a willingness to understand underserved markets can take a business. In this interview, SEMA News asked what he does differently.

One Stop Automotive

Retail SpotlightMany entrepreneurs will tell you that they started from the ground up. In the case of Darren Robinson, that means everything you might hope it would. Born in England, he traveled across the ocean and got married in the United States, but he hit a bad patch in the late ’00s when his wife left him and he became homeless. His only possession of value was a decade-old Pontiac Firebird. He was stuck in a foreign country with no home and nor job. The year was 2010, and the American heartland was in deep recession. This is the story of how he persevered to build a successful retail operation.

Retail Spotlight: Race Fittings Solutions Succeeds by Specializing


Now in its sixth year, Race Fittings Solutions is an award-winning speed shop catering to drag racing and street-rod enthusiasts. Headquartered in Hialeah, Florida, the four-employee retail operation offers a case study in how smaller brick-and-mortar retailers can succeed. SEMA News recently caught up with James O’Neal, owner of Race Fitting Solutions, to find out how he does business and what has enabled him to compete successfully against online retailers.

Retail Spotlight: Galpin Auto Sports

Galpin SpotlightWhen the first Galpin car dealership opened in 1946, the vision was to provide excellent customer service and a unique, impactful buying experience to the greater Los Angeles area. Now, decades later, the Galpin name still encompasses its surrounding community as part of its core identity, but it offers far more to its customers than just a place to buy a new car.

Retail Spotlight: Performance Plus Tire

Performance Plus TireIn 1971, Hank Feldman’s family purchased Big House of Chrome in Inglewood, California. When his parents divorced, he had to delay college to help his mother run the business. Under Hank’s leadership, working with his mom and brother, the business grew. In 1992, however, three of their 10 stores were burned, others looted, during the L.A. riots. The Feldmans’ business was $4 million in debt and in no position to rebuild and pay the money back. Ultimately, through smart business and perseverance, Feldman and his company survived.

Retail Spotlight: Butch’s Speed Shop

Retail Store ReviewButch Dean has been an off-road racer since the early ‘60s, spending a large majority of his life out in the dirt under the Las Vegas sun. Years of not having the right product available at his fingertips eventually led him to open his own retail space in 1968. After decades of reformation and adapting to a changing marketplace, that retail space still stands today as Butch’s Speed Shop.

Retail Spotlight

Retail SpotlightHoused in an 80,000-sq.-ft. facility in Placentia, California, with 72 employees, Classic Performance Products (CPP) specializes in manufacturing and selling steering, brakes and suspension components for classic cars. The company’s niche market is mid- to late-’70s and earlier vehicles, with a heavy emphasis on GM, but it also ventures into the Ford and MOPAR arenas, according to CPP President Jim Ries.

Retail Spotlight

Retail SpotlightWorld Motorsports started in the high-performance automotive business as a race team for Toyota in 1999. Chris Rado and Craig Paisley were both Toyota factory-sponsored drag racers, and Rado later continued to road race under Scion factory sponsorship. Since 2013, under the direction of Rado and Paisley, the company has specialized in fabricating, manufacturing, selling and installing products for luxury European cars, including Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Located in a 13,000-sq.-ft. facility in Torrance, California, with 11 employees, World Motorsports has recently expanded the size of its shop by 3,060 sq. ft.


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