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John’s Trim Shop

John's Trim ShopThe year was 1953 when John Fehring opened his namesake 2,400-sq.-ft. automotive upholstery shop in Bayton, Texas. There at John’s Trim Shop, Fehrin’s son Ron learned the family trade. But as times changed and the van craze hit in the ’70s and ‘80s, Ron grew interested in more than car and truck interiors. His dad let him expand the business (provided, of course, that Ron invest his own money).

Envy Motorsports

Envy MotorsportsBob Southard has spent the majority of his life entrenched in the automotive industry, working primarily as a distributor. A self-professed “Jeep guy” and lover of just about anything with a seven-slot grille, Southard was determined to open a shop capable of providing Arizona customers with excellent service, whether their vehicles were Jeeps or otherwise. Southard specializes in marketing and online work, and he eventually found the missing puzzle pieces he needed to open his business: a master tuner and an installer, both crucial pieces to the shop he always envisioned.

Apex Customs

ApexWhile pursuing his biochemistry degree, car enthusiast Tyler Copenhaver worked his way through Arizona State University by part-time bartending and scavenging, restoring and reselling classic cars. When his Scottsdale neighbors complained about the “heaps” in his driveway, he found commercial space in Phoenix. He soon noted a gap in the customizing market: a one-stop shop that would eliminate the need to tow a project car from tire shop to body shop to engine builder to whatever else was required.

Retail Spotlight: Galpin Auto Sports

Galpin SpotlightWhen the first Galpin car dealership opened in 1946, the vision was to provide excellent customer service and a unique, impactful buying experience to the greater Los Angeles area. Now, decades later, the Galpin name still encompasses its surrounding community as part of its core identity, but it offers far more to its customers than just a place to buy a new car.

Retail Spotlight: Butch’s Speed Shop

Retail Store ReviewButch Dean has been an off-road racer since the early ‘60s, spending a large majority of his life out in the dirt under the Las Vegas sun. Years of not having the right product available at his fingertips eventually led him to open his own retail space in 1968. After decades of reformation and adapting to a changing marketplace, that retail space still stands today as Butch’s Speed Shop.

Retail Spotlight

Retail SpotlightHoused in an 80,000-sq.-ft. facility in Placentia, California, with 72 employees, Classic Performance Products (CPP) specializes in manufacturing and selling steering, brakes and suspension components for classic cars. The company’s niche market is mid- to late-’70s and earlier vehicles, with a heavy emphasis on GM, but it also ventures into the Ford and MOPAR arenas, according to CPP President Jim Ries.


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