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SEMA News—June 2019


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’22 Ranger Raptor Mule

This is a mule for the next-gen Ranger Raptor, caught testing in Metro Detroit.

Shots of a current-gen Raptor testing with a gasoline engine poses the question: “Is this just a powertrain mule for the next-gen Ranger Raptor?” Apparently, the answer was “yes.” This mule doesn’t offer much in exterior changes, but it does appear to have the next-gen interior, suspension (hidden by camo bristles) and powertrain (had a gas engine and now features dual exhaust).

Powertrain options aren’t known at this point; other engine options for the Ranger Raptor could consist of a version of the 2.7L EcoBoost V6, also found in the F-150. (This mule sounded like it had a V6.)

Ranger Raptor
Ranger Raptor

Ford Mustang Bullitt

The Mustang Bullitt just debuted at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, so this seems a bit early for a refresh. Spy shooters recently caught a glimpse of a camo’ed GT and had speculated (per sources) that it may be a mule for a Mustang hybrid. That could be a solid option, but it’s confirmed that this Bullitt was packing a 5.0 V8, as the driver made a point of revving the engine as he drove by.

The only real changes that can be seen are the placement of the foglights, which appear to sit a couple inches higher on the front fascia, and the area below the foglights, which now appears to angle in toward the grille. Around back, there are virtually no changes.

If this is a refresh for the Bullitt, expect an official debut by the end of the year.


’21 Jeep Wrangler

Caught testing in Auburn Hills, Michigan, the Wrangler PHEV is finally becoming a reality. Jeep has not yet revealed which engine the PHEV system will be paired to, but rumors point to the 3.6L V6 from the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid as the likely candidate.

The plug-in port will most likely be located on the driver’s side. The photographer witnessed the Wrangler traveling at about 25 mph (in EV mode) before the engine kicked on.

Going forward, it could be offered as a pure EV as well. According to FCA’s business plan revealed in 2018, there will be four Jeep nameplates offering a pure EV powertrain, at least globally. Wrangler could be among those four.

Expect an official debut by the end of 2019, most likely at the L.A. Auto Show.



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