The ADAS Market

SEMA News—May 2019


By Mike Imlay

The ADAS Market

A Look at Who’s Making What in a Dynamic New Category

  ADAS MarketAdvanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) comprise a new and fast-growing aftermarket category, with many companies already offering a variety of safety-performance innovations to meet rising consumer demand.

Has your business felt the impact of the rapidly increasing number of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) coming into the market? If not, it’s just a matter of time, since the OEMs are racing to add a wide range of the safety-performance technologies to their latest platforms.

Consequently, today’s automotive consumers now regularly weigh such factors as active and passive collision avoidance, lane keeping, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot detection, backup cameras and parking assistance when making their purchase decisions. And, while doing so, many are also reflecting on the lack of such functionality in their older rides—creating a major aftermarket opportunity.

“ADAS is certainly an exciting and growing market today,” said Tony Frangiosa, president and CEO of InstallerNet, parent company to American Road Products. “The safety category is projected to be one of the aftermarket’s technology growth categories.”

Founded 12 years ago, InstallerNet is dedicated to the installation of aftermarket technologies for enterprise-level businesses and the development of new aftermarket ADAS products under the American Road brand.

“I think the ADAS category and a lot of its growth and driving definition is the result of several different things happening right now, one being the OEMs talking a lot about the technologies available in the safety space when you buy a new car,” Frangiosa observed. “That exposes the technology at a very high level, and what we’re trying to do is deliver new-car technologies to vehicles that are already on the road today. Several years ago, car ads were about horsepower and performance. Today it’s about technology.”

Frangiosa isn’t alone in his assessment. SEMA Market Research estimates the current value of the ADAS aftermarket at just under $1 billion and expects that dollar value to increase at a 9%–10% compound annual growth rate through 2021, when it will reach $1.51 billion. But with that growth will come challenges, many of which are already being felt by the collision-repair industry in particular.

“The reality is that ADAS is an industry-invented category,” said Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1, a provider of information solutions for automotive professionals. “It includes all those things that help keep vehicles safe on the nation’s highways. Blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking are just a few features that fit into that category.

ADAS MarketPresently, rearview or backup cameras and mirror displays are among the simplest and most ubiquitous aftermarket ADAS products. However, industry leaders say that rapidly advancing technologies promise more complex innovations and increasing integration with OEM systems in the near future.  

“Those features and the ADAS category have been evolving for more than 10 years. In fact, by 2008, considered to be the older end of the ‘aftermarket sweet spot,’ ADAS-related features were found on some mainstream as well as luxury models from 18 manufacturers. Those systems are already being attributed with having saved tens of thousands of lives through accident avoidance, and consumers generally really like them.”

The problem, said Johnson, is that the presence and positions of radar, lidar, cameras and sensors are highly variable across makes and models. Moreover, seemingly minimal adjustments to window glass, bumpers, wheels and tires and other vehicle assemblies or electronic systems can throw ADAS features out of compliance, exposing drivers and passengers to accidents—and repairers and installers to liability.

“Even unknowingly, a technician may shift a camera or radar unit out of calibration during the course of a component replacement or alignment procedure,” he noted.

Thankfully, suppliers are developing modern, up-to-date scan tools to initiate many of the calibration procedures specified by OEMs.

“In fact, a scan tool that supports ADAS and some time are all you need to calibrate many vehicles on the road today,” Johnson said.

In addition to technological barriers, the aftermarket is also facing marketing hurdles.

“The challenge for the ADAS category continues to be consumer awareness and that ADAS products are available to add to existing vehicles and not just new vehicles that come equipped from the factory,” said Joe Dentamaro, vice president for vehicle security at Voxx Electronics, which strives to continually educate its authorized dealers about the features and benefits of ADAS products.

  ADAS MarketThe tremendous potential of the ADAS aftermarket has been on full display at recent SEMA Shows, with companies like Brandmotion—an early leader in cameras, blind-spot monitoring, collision-avoidance and parking-assist systems—acquainting eager streams of buyers with the latest in these emerging technologies.

Like many of the larger mobile electronics manufacturers that have expanded into the ADAS category, Voxx also supports its dealers with local market awareness.

“We’ve developed new displays to help promote the category and products and have increased our advertising for the category,” Dentamaro said. “We are also a member of the Vision Zero group and continue to support organizations that promote the importance of this category
to consumers.”

The aftermarket currently specializes in passive ADAS technologies—devices that give audible, visual or tactile warnings to help drivers avoid accidents. By contrast, active systems that automatically take control of speed, direction or braking to avoid dangers remain the purview of OEMs—for now. But Shane Condon, Scosche Industries’ manager of automotive product development, expects that this too will rapidly change.

“While there are many segments of the driver-assist categories that appear to be impacted, there is still plenty of room for innovation to create new and improved solutions,” he said. “For example, backup cameras come to mind here—especially with the average vehicle on the road in the United States being 11 years old. Connected devices or driver-assist devices augmented by now-common tech in smartphones are a definite target area, especially with the anticipated emergence of 5G. As technology and electronics continue to mature and evolve, we expect to see more opportunities around OEM integration and add-ons of both passive and active ADAS systems.”

So who are the manufacturers already carving out a place in this dynamic new category? And what solutions are they bringing to specialty-equipment retailers, installers, repair professionals and, ultimately, consumers? In the following pages, SEMA News presents its first-ever safety-performance product guide, providing a glimpse of some of what’s hitting the market along with an expansive roster of who’s who among ADAS suppliers.

American Road Products/Pearl RearVision Backup Camera

American Road Products/Pearl RearVision Backup CameraNow under the umbrella of American Road Products, the Pearl RearVision backup camera delivers up to a 180-degree field of view, eliminating blind spots and emitting audio alerts when a vehicle comes close to hitting something. The camera also incorporates smart parking guidelines that measure distance to objects and react accordingly. Designed with the wrench-impaired in mind, installation is quick, painless and wireless (thanks to the camera’s use of solar power) and usually takes less than 10 min. The camera displays to the driver’s smartphone, via the Pearl app.

American Road Products
1910 E. Warner Ave., #A
Santa Ana, CA 92705

AT&T Harman Spark

AT&T Harman SparkThe Harman Spark is an easy-to-use connected-car device and app that provides emergency crash assistance, vehicle diagnostics, location information, a roadside assistance manager and more. It can also turn a car into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot.


asTech Remote Diagnostic Scanner Tool

asTech Remote Diagnostic Scanner ToolThe asTech device is a remote diagnostic tool that allows collision shops and repair technicians to have a vehicle scanned before or after repair work is done. asTech scanning ensures that all of the vehicle’s issues have been fully addressed and that all systems are working properly—including factory ADAS systems requiring recalibration. The remote diagnostic device is backed by the power of certified master technicians using OEM factory scan tools to search for, identify and resolve the diagnostic, electronic and computer-related trouble codes resulting from collisions.

2600 Technology Dr., Ste. 900
Plano, TX 75074

BlackVue DR750X-2CH

BlackVue DR750X-2CHSuccessor to the DR650S series, the BlackVue DR750S series strives for a new standard for connected dash cams. According to the manufacturer, the BlackVue offers not only over-the-cloud capability, but delivers image quality rarely seen in a dash cam. Both front and rear cameras feature full HD Sony Starvis image sensors for optimum image quality under any light. Also included are a GPS logger, Wi-Fi, cloud connectivity, and impact and motion detection, plus a stealthy design that never gets in the way of driving.

7F, BYC Highcity Bldg. A, 131, Gasan Digital1-ro
Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, ROK 08506 Korea

BlackVue DR900S-2CH

BlackVue DR900S-2CHBlackVue says that its DR900S series redefines expectations for dash cam video fidelity and storage efficiency. With an 8-MP CMOS sensor in the main camera, the DR900S-2CH captures 4K ultra-high-definition video—four times as many pixels as full HD. The rear full HD Sony Starvis image sensor ensures optimized image quality under any light. Thanks to H.265 (HEVC) compression, videos look better and file size is kept as small as ever. The product also features built-in GPS and dual-band Wi-Fi, along with impact and motion detection.

7F, BYC Highcity Bldg. A, 131 Gasan Digital1-ro
Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, ROK 08506 Korea

Brandmotion FreedomCharge Max

Brandmotion FreedomCharge MaxWith so many aftermarket ADAS solutions relying on mobile-device integration, a good charger can be a vital safety enhancer. Brandmotion’s new wireless FreedomCharge Max charger uses high-output triple-coil technology and is also equipped with variable-charge technology, which can charge at 5W, 7.5W and 15W. This system can also charge through thick phone cases. It is built with the same efficient packaging as Brandmotion’s original FreedomCharge to allow for integration into a wide selection of vehicles.

21520 Bridge St.
Southfield, MI 48033

Brandmotion SummitView Jeep Wrangler Quad-Camera with DVR System

Brandmotion SummitView Jeep Wrangler Quad-Camera with DVR SystemBrandmotion’s SummitView Jeep Wrangler Quad-Camera with DVR system provides off-roaders with a four-camera system that ties all cameras into a DVR monitor. These cameras assist in parking, general driving and trail riding. The 185-degree-view front-winch camera, two rock cameras and backup camera act like an internal spotter for drivers—helping to pick the right line.

21520 Bridge St.
Southfield, MI 48033

Brandmotion Transparent Trailer High-Definition Full Video Mirror and DVR

Brandmotion Transparent Trailer High-Definition Full Video Mirror and DVRBrandmotion’s Transparent Trailer video mirror allows the driver to use the rearview mirror to see behind the trailer being towed via a high-definition camera mounted on the rear of the trailer. This can be highly useful not only for towing but for vehicles with a blocked rear window. It includes a DVR, front and rear cameras, and touchscreen controls to pan camera view.

21520 Bridge St.
Southfield, MI 48033

Brandmotion Radar Blind-Spot System With Cross-Traffic Detection

Brandmotion Radar Blind-Spot System With Cross-Traffic DetectionBrandmotion provides this radar blind-spot monitoring system that stands out because it works like an original-equipment-based solution. It is based on components that meet OEM standards, and Brandmotion says that it works closer to the systems found on new vehicles than any other system available. Moreover, Brandmotion’s RDBS-1500 is designed to eliminate 95% of false triggers common in other systems.

21520 Bridge St.
Southfield, MI 48033

Brandmotion Trailer Rear Vision System

Brandmotion Trailer Rear Vision SystemDrivers of 20-ft. and longer trailers can use some extra assistance when backing up. This Brandmotion camera kit allows a camera to be installed on the rear end of the trailer to assist in backing up, and alternative kits allow for another camera to be installed inside to keep an eye on cargo. The quick-disconnect weatherproof harness is designed to make installation easy while providing a clean OEM look.

21520 Bridge St.
Southfield, MI 48033

Car Mate USA d’Action 360 Dash/Action Camera

Car Mate USA d’Action 360 Dash/Action CameraThe d’Action 360 is a 360-degree dash camera that can convert into an action camera (with battery add-on) and can record up to 4K. Additional add-ons provide even more functionality. The parking sensor add-on allows the unit to sense impact while the vehicle is parked. An off-battery add-on allows the user to take the d’Action out of the vehicle to do double duty as an action camera.

383 Van Ness Ave., Ste. 1603
Torrance, CA 90501

FenSens 100% Wireless Smart Backup Camera System

FenSens 100% Wireless Smart Backup Camera SystemFenSens aims to make parking simple and safe with its patented smart wireless backup camera system and hands-free automated mobile app experience for Android and iOS. Designed for the everyday car driver, the affordable FenSens installs just like any license plate frame in less than 5 minutes, without any wiring. (A four-month rechargeable battery operated with a wired unlimited power option is included.) Four security screws help deter theft, while a QuickLaunch button launches the related phone app. The driver can also launch the device hands-free using voice commands or automatically when the car is in reverse using the optional wired adapter.

383 E. Laurel Rd.
Bellingham, WA 98226

Cobra Drive HD Dash 2316D Dual-View Camera System With iRadar

Cobra Drive HD Dash 2316D Dual-View Camera System With iRadarIn addition to continuously recording the road ahead and behind a vehicle, this dash cam connects to the Cobra iRadar app to warn the driver of upcoming red-light cameras, speed cameras and police-enforcement locations. On top of that, the app embeds location, date and time information into the videos so that the user’s side of the story is always protected.

Cobra Electronics
650 W. Cortland St.
Chicago, IL 60707

Gentex/Voxx Electronics Full Display Mirror (FDM)

Gentex/Voxx Electronics Full Display Mirror (FDM)Available through Voxx Electronics, the Gentex FDM is an intelligent rear-vision system that uses a custom camera and mirror-integrated video display to optimize a vehicle’s rearward view. The FDM features bi-modal functionality, operating as either a standard mirror or streaming HD video for optimal rear vision when toggled into display mode. The mirror further boasts integrated HomeLink car-to-home automation, with three programmable buttons to operate garage doors, security gates, home lighting and more. The unit’s 60-FPS camera incorporates powerful FPGA-based video processing and comes with brackets for easy rear-window mounting. Gentex is also a tier-1 supplier for OEM ADAS-related products.

Voxx Electronics
180 Marcus Blvd.
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Hudway Glass

Hudway GlassHudway Glass claims to be the world’s first vehicle accessory turning a smartphone into a head-up display (HUD). It is designed as a lightweight phone mount allowing a smartphone operate as a HUD. Its tinted plastic lens has mirror coating for crisp, easy-to-grasp reflection. That way, drivers can see both the road ahead and directions reflected on the lens right in front of their eyes. There’s even a Hudway mobile app for Android and iOS that helps drivers anticipate approaching turns in such low-visibility conditions as fog, rain, snow and darkness. The company also offers Hudway Go, a specialized navigation app for use with Hudway Glass and Hudway Cast, a portable HUD that wirelessly connects to a smartphone to control calls, messages, navigation, and music in a driving-friendly way.

13701 Marina Pointe Dr. #125
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Pioneer ND-BC20PA Universal Rearview Camera and Kit

Pioneer ND-BC20PA Universal Rearview Camera and KitSimilar to Pioneer’s ND-BC2 with lots of cool new features, the ND-BC20PA is designed to provide enhanced views and tools to aid in parking. Manufactured for use with Pioneer audio-visual and navigation products that feature a rearview camera input, the unit boasts an adjustable (normal/high) viewing angle for easy assessment of parking space width and depth, and lens correction for undistorted rearview imaging. Camera-position compensation also rotates the image for optional rearview without changing camera position, even if the camera is not installed in the middle of the rear and aimed horizontally. Additional features include a wider viewing angle (135 degrees horizontal and 100 degrees vertical), 1/4-in. color CCD with 270,000-pixel resolution (491x512 pixels) and 1.5~10,000-lux automatic luminance control with automatic low-light lux mode. At approximately 1-in. square, the compact camera unit also includes composite video output.

Pioneer Electronics USA
2050 W. 190th St., Ste. 100
Torrance, CA 90504

Pioneer ND-BC2 Universal Rearview Camera

Pioneer ND-BC2 Universal Rearview CameraPioneer’s universal rearview camera is designed for use with Pioneer audio/visual and navigation products featuring a rearview camera input. Features include a wider viewing angle (135 degrees horizontal and 100 degrees vertical), 1/4-in. color CCD with 270,000-pixel resolution (491x512 pixels) and 1.5~10,000-lux automatic luminance control with automatic low-light lux mode. At approximately 1-in. square, the camera unit is compact, and there’s a 6-m. cable included for composite video output. Newer applications include the AVIC-Z1, AVIC-Z2, AVIC-N3, AVIC-D2, AVIC-D3, AVH-P7800DVD, AVH-P6800DVD and AVH-P5700DVD. The camera is also compatible with older Pioneer models, such as the AVIC-N2, AVIC-D1, AVIC-N1, AVH-P7600DVD, AVH-P7500DVD, AVH-P6600DVD and AVH-P6500DVD.

Pioneer Electronics USA
2050 W. 190th St., Ste. 100
Torrance, CA 90504

Mitchell 1 ProDemand Driver Assist Quick-Reference Software

Mitchell 1 ProDemand Driver Assist Quick-Reference SoftwareMitchell 1 ProDemand repair information software makes it quick and easy to diagnose, calibrate and repair ADAS systems. Users select a vehicle, click the Driver Assist Quick Link button, and get immediate access to a table that consolidates all of the ADAS information for the vehicle in a single location. ProDemand delivers the full picture of the ADAS features and components, so techs can simply click to select the repair and calibration information they want without multiple lookups. ProDemand also identifies the components of an ADAS feature that will require calibration, special tools or scan tools in order to complete the job.

Mitchell 1
14145 Danielson St.
Poway, CA 92064-6886

Rostra 250-8184 180-Degree Camera (With Digitally Corrected Image)

Rostra 250-8184 180-Degree Camera (With Digitally Corrected Image)Available for immediate shipment, Rostra’s 250-8184 series 180-degree camera requires a discrete 22mm hole to first be drilled in any flat surface of the vehicle. After that, the camera snaps into place simply and securely. Parking grid lines are standard but can be deactivated by cutting a small loop cable on the camera’s harness.

Rostra Accessories
3056 NC Hwy. 5
Aberdeen, NC 28315

Rostra Quad-View LCD Monitor

Rostra Quad-View LCD MonitorThe Rostra Quad-View monitor provides drivers with a heightened sense of security while on the road through real-time audio/visual feedback from multiple cameras placed around a vehicle or trailer. The monitor accepts connections with up to four cameras, with options for viewing one, two, three or all four cameras on the screen at the same time.

Rostra Accessories
3056 NC Hwy. 5
Aberdeen, NC 28315

Scosche 5.8-in. OBD GPS Combo Head-Up Display

Scosche 5.8-in. OBD GPS Combo Head-Up DisplayTaking one’s eyes off the road for even a second can be dangerous. This add-on HUD allows drivers to reduce the amount of times they do so by adding speed (in mph or Km/H), engine rpm, and status indicators right to the windshield. The device also lets the user program alerts for when the vehicle reaches certain speeds, temperature and voltage. The display is projected in a multi-color 5.8-in. high-bright LED. The unit will automatically adjust the LED brightness for day/night-time driving and works on all ’01-or-newer vehicles. Installation is plug and play, with an OBD cable included for newer models and a 12-volt adapter for vehicles ’00 and older.

Scosche Industries
1500 Pacific Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93033

Rostra AHD Monitor and Camera

Rostra AHD Monitor and CameraRostra AHD monitors and cameras provide support for video input and output of up to 720p resolution and include the ability to display video from classic analog video input sources such as RCA connections. In addition, 12-24 operating voltage means that these cameras and monitors are ready for use on light-duty and heavy-equipment vehicles.

Rostra Accessories
3056 NC Hwy. 5
Aberdeen, NC 28315

Scosche OBD-II Plug-and-Play Backup Camera/Monitor Kit

Scosche OBD-II Plug-and-Play Backup Camera/Monitor KitThis Scosche backup camera kit features a 5-in., 480p TFT color LCD monitor, a 170-degree wide-angle camera lens, and an automotive-grade adhesive mounting pad to secure the monitor to the top of a vehicle’s dash or console. The ultra-compact camera mounts to the top of a vehicle’s rear license plate frame using the existing screws, while built-in weather resistance keeps the camera safe during rain. The unit also incorporates low-light visibility for clarity night or day. Installation is quick and easy, with no cutting or splicing of wires, and the unit works with all ’08 and newer vehicles as well as most ’01–’07 models with an OBD-II interface.

Scosche Industries
1500 Pacific Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93033

Senzar Blind-Spot Detection Systems

Senzar is an ADAS product line sold by Novus Radar Technologies after years of experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing products for automobile, recreational and commercial brands. Senzar systems are simple to install either DIY or through automotive shops. Senzar applications include taillights, motorcycle, recreational vehicle and trailer systems. Blind-spot features include coverage of left and right adjacent lanes, up to 75 ft. of range; automatic activation when the vehicle exceeds 15 mph; automatic lane-change alert when the turn signals are used in vehicles exceeding 15 mph; and alerts of left and right adjacent lanes with an estimated impact in less than 2 sec.

Novus Radar Technologies
150 Arovista Cir.
Brea, CA 92821

Ventra VDR-600 Vehicle HD Dual CH Recorder

Ventra VDR-600 Vehicle HD Dual CH RecorderVentra offers the VDR-600 two-channel-capable vehicle HD recorder as a turnkey solution for safety, security and fleet management. The system records 1080p HD video, audio, driver/vehicle ID, speed and route. A built-in vandal-resistant lock and password protection provide enhanced security from unauthorized access. The product can also add an optional second camera for driver, side or rear recording.

Ventra Technology
1578 W. San Bernardino Rd. #E
Covina, CA 91722

Scosche OBD-II Plug-and-Play Backup Camera Kit with License Plate Frame

Scosche OBD-II Plug-and-Play Backup Camera Kit with License Plate FrameThis backup camera kit by Scosche features a 5-in., 480p TFT color LCD monitor, a 170-degree wide-angle camera lens, a 3M mounting pad for dash positioning of the monitor, and a standard U.S. license plate frame with camera housing for easy installation. Six IR LEDs in the frame enhance low-light visibility, and the camera angle is adjustable. The camera is designed for simple OBD-II plug-and-play functionality.

Scosche Industries
1500 Pacific Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93033

Voxx Electronics ADVBSD20 Blind-Spot Detection Sensors

Voxx Electronics ADVBSD20 Blind-Spot Detection SensorsThe Voxx ADAS product line includes blind-spot detection sensors, which can alert to both people and objects. Voxx sensors are also equipped with rear cross-traffic detection for vehicles approaching from the left or right when the car is put into reverse. The waterproof IP67-rated sensors are designed to be positioned behind the bumper for simple professional installation, and they activate at 20 mph via built-in GPS technology. Audible warnings and/or visual interior LED indicators alert the driver.

Voxx International Corp.
180 Marcus Blvd.
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Whistler D24RS Dash Cam

Whistler D24RS Dash CamSaid to be the world’s smallest dash cam, the Whistler D24RS is half the size of a credit card, according to the company. This diminutive size means that it’s easily concealable on a windshield and won’t obstruct the view. Yet despite its compactness, the D24RS boasts a 1.5-in. screen and all the features drivers have come to love about a dash cam—including auto accident detection, loop recording, full HD resolution and enhanced night vision.

Whistler Group
1716 S.W. Commerce Dr., Ste. 8
Bentonville, AR 72712

Voxx Electronics ACA800 License-Plate-Mounted Backup Camera

Voxx Electronics ACA800 License-Plate-Mounted Backup CameraThe Voxx backup camera features a compact design, a 150-degree viewing angle, selectable normal/mirror imaging, selectable on/off parking lines and multiple mounting options. IP67-rated waterproof, the camera also offers <.3 lux low-light sensitivity and 670x490 resolution.

Voxx International Corp.
180 Marcus Blvd.
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Whistler MFU-440 Radar Detector Plus Built-in Dash Cam

Whistler MFU-440 Radar Detector Plus Built-in Dash CamThe MFU-440 is a radar detector and dash camera all in one unit. But perhaps more importantly for the ADAS category, the MFU-440 includes Whistler’s patent-pending “anti-falsing” technology in the form of field disturbance sensor rejection. This allows the unit to filter out the false alerts that can be received from a newer vehicle’s blind-spot and lane-departure detection systems.

Whistler Group
1716 S.W. Commerce Dr., Ste. 8
Bentonville, AR 72712

Whistler WBU-2000 Wireless Front and Rear Auto Camera System

Whistler WBU-2000 Wireless Front and Rear Auto Camera SystemAs a front and rear camera system, the WBY-2000 is completely wireless and requires no hardwiring or drilling for installation. The monitor can be adjusted to display both front and rear views simultaneously or just the rearview so that the camera can function strictly as a backup camera.

Whistler Group
1716 S.W. Commerce Dr., Ste. 8
Bentonville, AR 72712

Yosky GoNav U08

Yosky GoNav U08Yosky’s GoNav U08 versions 1 and 2 integrate Android OS with a proprietary video display and recording OS into one seamless HD screen. Both U08s combine a high-resolution low-light-capable front camera featuring 1920x1080 resolution with a rear camera boasting 1280x720 resolution for visibility and safety. Video recording is superb and uses H.264 compression format into two removable SD cards. A Waze app (via the integrated Android OS) provides navigation functionality. The GoNav U08 mounts quickly to the existing automotive rearview mirror with no de-installation required, and is connected to the existing wiring harness for power. A single cable connects the rear camera. The U08 also allows electronic speed-limit and road-hazard audible warnings, full voice-interactive intelligence control and WeChat car networking.

Yosky Global
308 E. Avenue D
Killeen, TX 76541

Yosky Q30 Full-Screen Mirror DVRYosky Q30 Full-Screen Mirror DVR

Yosky says that its Q30 represents the newest generation in digital video recording in the form of a replacement rearview mirror. The Q30 offers high-resolution full-screen viewing, with both rear and forward views, as well as significant visibility enhancement in low light or obscured driving conditions.

Yosky Global
308 E. Avenue D
Killeen, TX 76541

The following is a more extensive roster of manufacturers offering aftermarket safety-performance products.

Suppliers At-a-Glance

AAMP Global
Rearview cameras, blind-spot sensors, front cameras, 360-degree cameras and more.

Accele Electronics
Rear cameras and rearview mirror displays.

Rearview and front cameras.
AirPro Diagnostics
Remote post-repair scan tool and ADAS calibration.

Alpine Electronics of America Inc.
Rearview cameras, wiring and mounting kits.


American Road Products/Pearl Automation Inc.
RearVision technology with intelligent visual and audible obstacle alerts.
Post-repair calibration equipment, including a remote diagnostic tool.
Asuka Autotronics
ADAS radar sensors for blind-spot detection and telematics systems.

Connected-car devices with a user’s corresponding cellular data service.

Audionics System Inc./Crux Interfacing
Rear, front and multi-view cameras.

Autoequips Tech Co. Ltd.
CCTV camera systems for rearview and blind-spot detection.

Autostar Electronics/Xiamen Autostar Electronics
Parking sensors and blind-spot detection systems.


Auto-i (Canada) Corp.
Parking sensors and rearview camera systems.
Recording dash cameras.
Radar blind-spot detection, 360-degree cameras and OEM-level rear-vision systems.
Brvision Technology
Backup cameras and parking sensors.

Cammsys Corp.
Rearview and 360-degree cameras and ADAS systems, including driver status monitoring.

Dash cameras and parking sensors.

Chainstar Technologies Co. Ltd.
Microwave blind-spot detection systems.
Radar dash cameras.
Continental Automotive Systems Inc.
TPMS sensors and service kits.

Cyber Concept Technology Co. Ltd./Cybcar America Drive Assist Technology
Blind-spot detection systems. 
Supplier of lidar, millimeter-wave radar sensor, surround monitoring ECU, driving assist ECU and ADAS locator technology.

Dynavin GmbH
Reverse cameras.


E-Lead Electronic Co. Ltd.
3-D around-view monitoring, lane-departure warning and blind-spot alert systems.
Everise Industries
AHD rearview and 360-degree around-view systems.

Wireless parking sensor cameras.

Gentex Corp.
Auto-dimming mirrors, displays, camera systems, lighting and driver-assist functions.

Global Media Industry Group Co. Ltd.
Car interior rearview mirrors with DVR, reversing display auto-dimming and navigation with iGo Primo.

Grace Tech Unlimited
Rear- and side-view cameras.


Gryphon Mobile Electronics/ Gryphon Electronics
PowerAll jump-start power bank and Protruly night-vision safety camera system.

Guangzhou Candid Co. Ltd.
Backup cameras, rearview cameras, wireless cameras and car monitors.

Guangzhou PJ-AUTO Electronic Technology Ltd./Guangzhou PJ-Auto Electronic Technology Ltd.
All-round-view and rearview cameras, blind-spot detection systems and parking sensors.
Hanyang Information & Communications Co. Ltd./ADAS One Inc.
Provider of the HM310 camera system with digital tachograph technology.

Head-up displays, both via an app and universal vehicle accessories.
Hyndsight Vision Systems
Custom-designed HD cameras and monitoring systems.

Innovative Creations
Magnum bumper line with ADAS accommodation.


Integration Electronic Ltd. (Sintegrate)/Linkswell Automotive
In-vehicle safety, entertainment and integration products.
Backup cameras and rearview mirrors.

LinksWell Automotive/Integration Electronic (Sintegrate)
Multi-camera interfaces.
MCY Technology Ltd.
Surveillance technical systems, including mobile cameras, IP cameras, surround-view monitor systems and anti-fatigue driving systems.
Metra Electronics
Solutions for adding cameras to factory radio systems.

Mitchell 1, DBA Mitchell Repair Information Co. LLC
ProDemand OEM repair information software.

Mito Corp.
OE-grade automotive electronics, including Gentex auto-dimming rearview mirrors available with a rear camera and HomeLink displays.
Active OEM and passive aftermarket ADAS systems.

Newest One Tech Co. Ltd.
HD heavy-duty cameras and quad monitors, AHD quad monitors and a radar object-detection sensor.

Pyle Audio Inc.
Wireless backup cameras and monitors.


Rostra Precision Controls
Customized and universal electronic aftermarket cruise-control systems and automotive parking assists.
Rockford Fosgate
Backup cameras, license-plate cameras, tailgate cameras, wireless backup cameras, blind-spot monitors and park assist systems.

Scosche Industries
Dash and backup cameras and head-up displays.


Shenzhen Aotop Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd.
Onboard monitors, rearview cameras, rearview mirrors with GPS navigators and 1080p HD multimedia playback.

Shenzhen Xiaofeida Electronic Co. Ltd.
Car DVRs, 360 surround-view parking systems and microwave blind-spot detection systems.

Sony Electronics
Mobile electronics, portable navigation units, car audio and accessories.
Steelmate Co. Ltd.
Car security systems, TPMS, driving video recorders and parking-assist systems.
Driver-fatigue monitoring and 360-vision systems.
Dashboard camera technology and related accessories.
TDJ Australia Pty. Ltd.
Backup cameras and dash cams.

Toppking Electronics Ltd.
Blind-spot detection systems, parking sensors and car security integration.
Ultronix Products Ltd.
Parking sensor systems and cameras.
Ventra Technology
HD vehicle video recorders and backup cameras.
Vision Automobile Electronics Industrial Co. Ltd.
Lane-departure warning, parking assist, blind-spot detection and forward-collision warning systems.

Vision Tech America Inc.
Rearview camera systems, backup cameras and monitors, mirror monitors and head-up displays.


Voxx International Corp.
Blind-spot detection, wireless cameras, smart rearview mirrors and backup cameras.

Voyomotive LLC
Vehicle telematics systems.

Waylens Inc.
Waylens Horizon 360-degree dash camera system.
Whistler Group
Radar dash cameras with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi.

Yosky Global LLC/Yosky
Electronic automotive mirrors with forward- and rear-facing cameras and articulated DVRs.
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