International Media Votes Are In

SEMA News—February 2019


By Linda Spencer

International Media Votes Are In

Best 2018 SEMA Show New Products Debuted for Global Enthusiasts

  International Media Votes Are InCaleb Thompson (facing camera), director of Offroad Addiction TV in New Zealand, spoke throughout the International Happy Hour with U.S. companies whose products he thought would be particularly well received in the small but passionate New Zealand market. Thompson chose products for the large and growing racing and off-road enthusiast communities and passionate local DIYers.

The SEMA Show is an increasingly international platform for companies to display their latest products and promote their brand awareness to not only a U.S. audience but also to buyers and media from 135 countries. In recognition of that global trend, a select group of 30 leading enthusiast media from 19 countries served as Global Media Awards (GMA) judges.

The GMA are now in their 12th year. Each of the panelists selected 10 products from the 3,000 entries in the New Products Showcase that they believed would resonate best with their readers back home. After the dust settled and the 2018 SEMA Show was in the books, 170 companies returned home with prestigious global awards.

Since its humble beginnings in the ’60s, the SEMA Show has evolved and developed, not only multiplying many times over in size and in the vast range of products and from 100 booths to 2,500 but also (perhaps most striking of all) in how global the Show has become, and exhibitors are increasingly taking advantage of its international reach.

Procharger superchargers from Accessible Technologies were tapped by journalists from China, Australia, the United Kingdom and Argentina as part of the GMA. Ken Jones, CEO, explained the importance of the SEMA Show’s global reach: “International sales are an important part of our business, and we appreciate the recognition from international publications.”

Products from Holley (which owns a number of brands, including MSD, Mallory, Racepak and Powerteq) were selected by seven journalists from a diverse group of countries that included Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.

“We always look forward to learning how our newest products will fare at the SEMA Show and were excited to learn that we were selected to receive that many for 2018,” said Blane Burnett, the company’s advertising and PR supervisor. “To know that our products are well-received not only stateside but also globally is a testament to the hard work and time that our product designers, engineers and managers have invested.”

According to Ron Coleman, CEO and President of COMP Performance Group, which won four awards: “The real value of the award—and really the program itself—is that it gives American manufacturers a rare opportunity to see the way the rest of the world views our products, and it opens doors to new markets and customers.”

Global Media Awards“The GMA awards mean a powerful seal of quality, because the product has been selected by experts from around the world,” said Marcos Jardim, founder and CEO of first-time exhibitor Digipower, which won three GMAs. “It will certainly open doors for Digipower, since our products have been approved by a team that has a worldwide mindset and is highly attuned to consumers. After this SEMA Show, we intend to grow substantially through the networking we have established.”  

Cooper Tires also won four awards. “Both our customers and consumers have been very excited about these new products,” said Jessica Egerton, director of brand development for Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., referring to the company’s newly released Discoverer AT3 tire lineup, [which] targets three unique segments of consumers with truck tires developed to meet their specific needs. “It’s an honor to also be recognized with four Global Media Awards from SEMA, proving that these exciting new products have resonance beyond the United States.”

Of the 2019 GMA-winning companies, 23 were first-time exhibitors. Journalists from Brazil and Canada selected three of first-time exhibitor Digipower’s products for the prestigious awards.

“The 2018 SEMA Show was very special for us,” said Marcos Jardim, Digipower founder and CEO. “We are very excited with this amazing experience. I am so proud to have the hard work of our entire team recognized at the biggest automotive trade show in the world. Our engineers, sales and marketing department as well as the entire company received these awards like an injection of adrenaline. It means a powerful seal of quality, because the product has been selected by experts from around the world. It will certainly open doors for Digipower, since our products have been approved by a team with a worldwide mindset who are highly attuned to consumers.”

Fellow first-time exhibitor Henkel Corp. won two GMAs for the Teroson Sprayable Seam Sealing System.

“Our business covers all three pillars of the automotive aftermarket: mechanical, collision and windshield replacement,” said David Givens, the company’s marketing communications specialist. “Entering the New Products Showcase really helped us display our highly innovative products, which service the collision-repair industry. We are happy that the global media saw the innovation in our products and recognized it for us.”

International journalists also selected exhibitors headquartered overseas. Nic Cooper, founder and CEO of Australian-headquartered Turbosmart, reflected on the company’s haul of four 2018 awards.

“We wear this as a badge of honor,” he said. “These awards mean so much to our business. We know that the industry out there has so much to choose from when it comes to selecting aftermarket performance products for their cars, and this helps set our business apart from the competition. Being recognized by media providers who keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry while critiquing and testing the products is no small feat. Those individuals work tirelessly to stay up to date with the latest technology available in the market, and they make a living from providing the best advice to their customers. So being considered the best by our media partners is invaluable to us. ”

  Global Media AwardsEach of the GMA judges had the opportunity to meet with the 10 companies whose products they selected. Pictured from left to right (facing the camera) Christofor Willhans, Billsport Classic Magazin, Sweden; Nabil Moustafa, Strive Arabia, based in the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon; and Zlatko Mulabegovic from Top Performance in the United Arab Emirates.

No company received as many GMAs this year as Chevrolet, which won awards from journalists in Australia, Argentina, Honduras, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

“We are very pleased and honored to have our two newest powertrain offerings, the LT5 and ZZ6 EFI crate engines—as well as four of our vehicle-specific parts, including our Colorado ZR2 upper control arm and ball-joint system and rear long-travel DSSV shocks and our collapsible cargo organizer and highway safety kit, both for the all-new Chevrolet Blazer—recognized by the global media,” said Kris Mayer, director of the Chevrolet Performance Channel.

“It’s great to know that the performance and capability the Chevrolet Performance team works hard to deliver to our customers resonates with enthusiasts across the globe,” added Roger McCormack, Chevrolet director for accessories and performance parts marketing, planning and strategy.

SEMA News had the opportunity to talk with 22 of the journalist judges about the reasons behind their 2018 selections and insights into why each of the products would be a good fit for their markets.


Simon Christie, 4WD TV

AeroLidz: “AeroLidz is a wind-deflector unit for LED light bars. It is simple, inexpensive and easy to fit. Light bars can often cause an annoying whistling sound during driving. AeroLidz stops the noise without reducing performance. Light bars are highly popular in Australia, and this is a simple fix for the common whistling issue. AeroLidz can also be customized with semi-opaque inserts.”

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, Baja Boss: “The Baja Boss is the latest innovation from Mickey Thompson. It offers a high-performance tread face combined with a reinforced sidewall. Australian off-road conditions are among the toughest in the world. An innovative tread design, improved performance and stronger sidewalls will give Australian 4WD drivers far better and safer driving characteristics on- and off-road and added confidence with the tougher sidewalls and carcass that will greatly reduce the risk of punctures and ruptured tires in remote areas.”

Cooper Tire, Discoverer AT3 XLT: “The Discoverer AT3 XLT is a freshly designed light-truck tire developed and tested in the Australian outback. It’s an all-terrain tire offering superior lifespan, reduced stone chipping, and improved performance for 4WD conditions. Touring is popular in Australia, and given the harsh conditions, this tire is well suited to the needs.”

ARB 4x4 Accessories, Jack: “This jack uses modern alloy and hydraulic technologies to create a safer and more easily used high-lift-style off-road jack. Given the popularity of 4WD activities in Australia, there are numerous applications for a lightweight, safe and functional jack.”

Factor 55, Loop Guard: “Loop Guard offers a finalization of protection and safety for closed-system winching. The innovation, design and construction of this winch rope protector make it an ideal addition to any 4WD winch setup where performance and safety are critical. The Guard protects the rope from debris and damage, keeping the user safe and the winch operational. It’s the ideal addition for Australia, where winches are popular and are regularly used.”

Global Media Awards“The real value of the award and the program itself is that it gives American manufacturers a rare opportunity to see the way the rest of the world views our products, and it opens doors to new markets and customers,” said Ron Coleman of Comp Performance Group.  

Power Wiper: “Power Wiper is a long-overdue innovation in windscreen wiper technology. The wiper protects the windscreen, is far more effective at cleaning it, and offers extended performance in extreme weather and conditions. Australians have a high need for a windscreen care system that can deal with dust, bugs, mud, extremes of weather and heavy rain. The Power Wiper is a functional solution.”

Xprite, Rouge Series 8 Switch: “The Rouge Series 8 Switch fills a gap in the market for a simplified switch and relay solution that suits the needs of 4WDrivers. Supplied with it’s own loom, switch array and MOSFET relay system, this unit is easy to install, has reliable high-current switching for 4WD accessory needs, and durable water- and dust-proof electronics for reliable operation in extreme conditions.”

Ditch Hitch, Son of a Hitch: “Son of a Hitch is an innovative recovery device that reduces the risk of one part of the dangerous 4x4 recovery issue. Providing a durable, high-load and multi-angle recovery hitch, the Son of a Hitch is a step toward safer off-road recoveries. With 4x4 recoveries still regularly resulting in user deaths, a safer option is a welcomed device for off-road users at many levels.”

Spider Tarp, Spider-Cord With Hook and Carabiner: “4WD utilities, trailers and the carrying of equipment and gear are all highly popular in Australia. There have been several stretchy cord securing devices on the market for many years, but the Spider Cord brings together more features and functionality than any other similar product. It’s tough, reliable, safer to use, and adjustable in length. It’s ideal for the diversity of strapping uses encountered often by 4WD and off-road enthusiasts.”

AAC, Trigger 4 Plus: “Trigger 4 Plus is an innovative 4x4 accessory switching device that negates the need for difficult dash and firewall wiring. While retaining the functionality of well-accepted dash-mounted switches, it offers multiple operative functions via a smartphone and under-bonnet switching as well as the dash mounted, which can also be detached and operated remotely. For ease of installation, functionality and reliability, the Trigger unit is one of the best 4x4 wiring and accessory operating systems on the market.”

Simon Telford, Street Magazine

Turbosmart, ALV Anti-Lag Value: “This product brings a technology that has traditionally been the domain of high-end motorsports into the reach of the weekend racer, and it will have particular appeal to the Time Attack and hill-climb scenes.”

TurboZentrum GmbH, Carbon Titanium Turbocharger: “While this product is not officially on the market—and the price point will be far out of reach of most builders—the innovation in this lightweight turbo is of significant interest to performance enthusiasts worldwide. The possibility that the carbon-fiber compressor housing may be sold separately in the future is intriguing and would have considerable appeal in the high-end show-car scene.”

Continental Tire, TrueContact Tour: “While Australia is primarily a giant desert, most of us live on the coast and experience some wildly varying weather conditions. The TrueContact would be a good fit for family motoring in Australia, with its focus on long wear, wet-braking performance and fuel efficiency.”

Edelbrock LLC, E-Force Supercharger for the ’18–’19 Ford Mustang 5.0L Coyote V8: “Supercharging the Mustang has proven popular Down Under since the nameplate arrived on Aussie shores in 2015. An option from a trusted name like Edelbrock will be welcomed by the market.”

Turbosmart, Gen-V Power-Gate 60 Compressed Gas With Sensor Cap: “With cars being built specifically for Street Machine Drag Challenge, along with the growth of radial drag racing Australia, the market is beginning to see the benefits of using C02-controlled wastegates to assist with traction-control strategies in large-horsepower/small-tire combinations.”

  Global Media AwardsThe International Happy Hour is the largest industry networking event, bringing together exhibitors with international buyers and media.

K&N Engineering, Roto-Molded Air-Intake System: “The engineers at K&N that I spoke to at the SEMA Show described the roto-molded production process as being akin to the process involved in making chocolate Easter bunnies. But aside from that delicious comparison, this type of production allows the engineers to create bolt-in intakes with the best possible airflow. Aussie customers will also appreciate the OE appearance of the kit, at least to the casual observer.”

CFR Performance, LT1 Gen V Cast Manifolds for Engine Swaps: “The LT1 engine is still relatively rare on Australian shores, but that will change quickly over the next couple of years. CFR has gotten in on the ground floor with its cast block huggers for the LT1, suitable for those who are doing an LT1 swap into a tight space and/or want to pursue a retro dress-up program.”

NRG Innovations, Quick-Release Kit: “I really dug the old-school look of this quick-release steering wheel. I think it would have great appeal to weekend Cobra, hot-rod and musclecar racers who want the convenience of a quick-release wheel that maintains a vintage vibe.”

XClutch, ’18 Ford Mustang Twin-Disc Performance Clutch Upgrade: “The Mustang tuning scene is expanding in Australia and will only grow over the next couple of years as more second-hand cars come into the market. Aussies love supporting Australian-made product when they have the option (and appreciate local after-sales service), so the XClutch will have considerable appeal.”

Trent Nikolic, Car Advice

GC Cooling, 12-in. Dual Fan Assembly: “I love clever, universally applicable solutions for the aftermarket, and this product fits the bill. It looks sturdy, too. Australia, like the United States, has plenty of hot-climate issues for older cars, and these systems will always work well in Australia.”

Baer Inc., ’65–’69 Mustang SS4 13-in. Front Brake System: “I’m fitting Baer brakes to the ’66 Chevrolet C10 that I’m currently working on in Australia. The product is tried, tested and built to the highest standard. Bolt-in options like this for owners of iconic cars like the early Mustang work all over the world.”

Antigravity Lithium Batteries, Antigravity Batteries RS-30: “When you’re building custom cars, you often need to mount batteries in strange and inventive places. Products like this one make that easy, and the fact that we all need batteries for our vehicles means that it will be popular all over the world.”

Napier Enterprises, Backroadz Truck Tent 19 Series: “This is such a clever product that works in terms of ease and simplicity. Any aftermarket product that is so easy to use will always be popular with people who might not be experts. We love an outdoor lifestyle in Australia, and that’s why I think it has relevance for our market.”

Holley/MSD, EFI 12.3-in. Pro Dash: “I saw this and immediately knew that I needed to order one for my project. My ‘66 C10 will run an LS3 and a six-speed automatic, so the Pro Dash will be the perfect complement. Australians love the Holley brand already, and this product will only add to that popularity.”

Chevrolet, LT5 Crate Engine: “Crate engines from the big companies are always the best option if you can afford them. This one is especially the case, and Australians have a real soft spot for Chevrolet products and Chevrolet engines, given our long association with the brand through Holden.”

Lund International, Roll-N-Lock Qwikrak Rec Bars: “A high-quality product that will work really well in our dual-cab pickup-dominated market in Australia. Keeping your gear safe with a quality device is always the key concern for buyers, and I love the way this one looks in addition to the way it works.”

Specialty Auto Parts USA Inc./Proform, Slim-Fit Radiator System: “Like quality fan assemblies, radiators are vital for any restoration or conversion. In Australia, our climate means that we need to focus on keeping our old-school cars cool, and this is a quality product that will do just that. The fact that it is so versatile fitment-wise is the big factor for me.”

SOTA Offroad/Weld XT, Super Single III—Legacy Series: “Australia is a huge off-road market, and the Weld brand is already well-respected. This wheel looks tough, but it’s also built to Weld’s usual high standards and would be popular among our off-road audience in Australia. Modifying dual-cab trucks and SUVs is only getting more popular in our market.”

Chevrolet, ZZ6 EFI Crate Engine: “This crate engine provides an amazing factory-backed, brand-new option for anyone who wants a modern engine in an older vehicle. We love the Chevrolet brand in Australia, and being able to buy a brand-new motor direct is a huge bonus for us.”


Caleb Thompson, Offroad Addiction TV

Horizon Hobby, 1/5-Scale Losi 5ive-T Bnd: “Losi makes some great products. They have taken fun to a whole new level with the size, speed and realism of their RC vehicles. I think this would fit our market, as we are a petrolhead country. We love going fast, and the off-road scene is constantly growing. Perfect for the off-road racing guys to keep themselves entertained while rebuilding in the off season.”

Innovative Components Inc., All-in-One Thread Detective Thread Identifier Tool: “Thread Detective is a perfect addition to the toolbox/workshop wall. Any product that makes life easy in the workshop is worth having. I think this would be a good fit in our market due to us running majorly metric fasteners. Every DIY person I know has a bucket of bolts, and this would make life a lot easier to separate the metric/imperial fasteners.”

Global Media AwardsThirty journalists from 19 countries each selected 10 products from the 3,000 on display in the New Products Showcase that they believed would resonate best with their readers back home. Australian-based Simon Christie from 4WD TV was looking for functional products to improve the off-roading experience. While it was difficult to narrow his selections down to just 10, he chose new products from the winches, wind deflectors, tires and off-road jacks categories.  

Amsoil Inc., Severe Gear Easy Pack: “Amsoil Severe Gear Easy Pack is a lifesaver. We are hard on our rigs, and having Severe Gear oil in an easy pack is certain to help us want to keep up with maintenance. Being able to fill quickly, easily and mess-free is exactly what we need. This product would do well in our market, as we have a huge farming community nationwide, a bunch of avid four-wheelers, and plenty of racing—which means we need quality oils to help keep us out there doing what we love.”

Boxo USA, BX289-R2 12-Piece Metric “Stripped Bolt” Ratcheting Box/Open End Wrench Set: “Boxo stripped-head ratcheting wrenches are the perfect little addition to a toolbox. There’s nothing worse than spending hours trying to remove a stripped bolt with vise grips. This product would work well for us, not only for the serious mechanic but also for the DIY person. We love our vehicles and have a huge DIY mentality.”

NFS Sport International, Chain Reaction: “I liked the products from Chain Reaction, mainly because my wife did, and any product that keeps our wives happy means we can have more time in the shed or out doing what we love, and that is a good thing. We have a lot of ladies who like getting out and getting dirty, so some nice ‘lifestyle’ jewelry would fit well.”

Factor 55, Extreme-Duty Kinetic Rope: “Factor 55 extreme-duty rope was one of my favorite new products. I love advocating for safe recoveries, and the kinetic ropes are a lot safer than other products on the market. Factor 55 has gone above and beyond to create a product that was fit for purpose as well as making sure it maintained the quality it is known for. This product has potential to do well in our market, as people need to get better recovery equipment as well as stronger/safer equipment.”

HornBlasters, 100-Watt Public Address Unit: “The HornBlasters PA was a cool product. Aside from being able to have fun with it, I saw some serious uses for the unit such as using it in competition to communicate to a navigator outside the vehicle. We like to have fun and goof off every now and then, so this product ticks the boxes for that.”

Baja Designs Inc., LP9 Pro LED: “I personally love good lighting, and the team at BD has done a fantastic job at creating a top light that has a lot of potential. We love night driving/wheeling at home, so this light has the potential to attract the attention of people who are serious about quality and light performance.”

MIG Buddy/GeorgeB Design, Welding Gun Holder: “MIG Buddy was an easy pick for me. I love to fabricate, and I love products that make my life easy. While I could fabricate this product, it would be a no-brainer for me at the price they were asking. We have tons of DIY people at home. This is a simple, effective product at a very good price point.

True Spike Lug Nuts, Shotgun Shell Lug Nuts: “True Spike Shotgun Shell lug nuts were one of my picks because sometimes it is nice to put some bling on your ride to make it stand out. This product looks well made and will help you stand out in a crowd. We have a decent car scene as well as trucks and wheeling rigs that would love to get this kind of product on their rides.

Alastair Ritchie, NZ Hot Rod Magazine

Moton/AST Suspension, AST 5100 for Ford Mustang S550: “The new Ford Mustang is currently one of the biggest-selling sports cars within New Zealand. Combined with the abundance of factory supported/optioned power-up products, a quality adjustable damping product will be an attractive after-sales option. AST has developed this inverted replacement strut kit, complete with easy, owner-adjustable rebound and ride-height features. This will be quite a step up from the OEM offerings on the bumpy but entertaining roads of New Zealand.”

Motion/AST Suspension, Air Jack (New 2019 Design): “Air jack products have potential applications among many classes of circuit racers and drifters throughout New Zealand. While the price point will not suit grassroots competitors, there are many high-end race vehicles that could benefit from a quality set of air jacks. AST’s latest offering is an improvement on previous versions, with increased robustness, build quality and sizing to suit more applications.”

Whistler Group, D28RS—Dash Cam With GPS and Wi-Fi: “Having studied this market in recent times, I think that this new product is packed full of features found in more-expensive products and includes a very well-thought-out quick-removal feature, making it super easy to store away from the prying eyes of opportunistic thieves. I think this is an important feature missed by many manufacturers of aftermarket dash- and window-mounted electronics.”

Car Mate USA/Razo, d’Action 360 Dash/Action Camera: “This is probably my favorite product find for SEMA 2018. This unique dash cam is packed full of the usual features you would want in a high-end dash cam but with a couple of unique and well-thought-out features. The 360-degree camera can see not only out the front but also down the sides of your vehicle and will record any questionable activity in areas other dash cams can’t see. The ability to pan around within the recording allows owners to see faces and pick out license plates. The price point is higher than most dash cams but for a good reason. It also doubles as a full-featured, image-stabilized action camera.”

Speed Dawg Shift Knobs, Dodge Drag Pack 1320 Racing Stripe Shift Knob: “I simply loved the look and features contained within this seemingly simple product. MOPAR enthusiasts in New Zealand would love this. Having chatted with the designer, I think that the engineering effort and quality involved in manufacturing this product to MOPAR’s expectations is staggering. There is so much more to this than meets the eye.”

BorgWarner, EFR-9274: “BorgWarner has been in the business longer than most, and with their continued development in the aftermarket EFR series, the engineers have somehow continued to push the envelope and improve an already class-leading product. Having seen the record-breaking results and comments this year from a Time Attack racer lucky enough to have one of these new EFR turbos pre-release, I think that they have come up with something special. The turbo-mad New Zealand racing fraternity will be very excited about this new range.”

Dakota Digital, HDX Universal Competition Analog Instruments: “It’s a surprise to see a new instrument cluster product that really delivers on all fronts. This race-oriented product is classical in many ways but also delivers so many user-configurable options over a crystal-clear digital platform. I can’t think of anything I’d want to add. New Zealand has such a variety of race-car builds across so many classes, a product of this nature will be popular with the data-hungry high-end builders.”

Turbosmart, Kompact-EM Universal Blow-Off Valve: “Turbosmart has come up with a universal series of BOVs that, for the first time, are not brand-specific, have better flow and thermal performance than ever before, while at the same time can be integrated into many OEM applications. This special combination will deliver one of the easiest OEM performance upgrades ever. This is the product turbo-mad New Zealand tuners have been waiting for.”

Brandmotion, Radar Blind-Spot System With Cross-Traffic Detection: “Following on from the popular new-vehicle OEM blind-spot detection systems, Brandmotion has produced an effective aftermarket solution for most models from 2007 on. Easy to install and packs additional features, including cross-traffic detection, this product will be popular in the accident-prone, traffic-jammed cities of New Zealand.”

Flaming River Industries Inc., Variable Angle Gear: “In a country like New Zealand with relatively easy modification regulations, bigger engine swaps are common among hot-rod and musclecar builders. With the resulting lack of space in many cases, this new product will erase one of the many challenges in making something go into a space it wasn’t designed to fit. Flaming River really has thought through the design challenges involved and has come up with an all-in-one solution.”


Perry Mack, 4WD Magazine

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, Baja Pro X: “The Baja Pro X is a monster of a tire that is not for street use—and Canada is almost 10 million square kilometers of off-road. The tire is a rock crawling, mud-dropping, unstoppable tire for off-road vehicles with the horsepower to climb trees—they just need the traction.”

Curt Group, Echo Wireless Brake Control: “This is the first Bluetooth-enabled, portable brake control that wirelessly connects to your smartphone to control and monitor trailer brake activity. There is no permanent installation required. Many Canadian families own two vehicles as well as a boat, RV and a small landscape trailer. The mobile brake controller allows them to switch between vehicles and safely tow everything with one portable device.”

J.W. Speaker, Evo J3 Heated LED Headlight With Built-In Turn Signal for Jeeps: “Two things make these new lights a ‘must have’ accessory. First is the poor quality of Wrangler OEM headlamps (my kid’s Easy Bake oven has a more powerful light). Second is the popularity of the Wrangler as a daily driver and a weekend off-road adventure vehicle. The Evo J3 is a DOT-compliant headlamp that allows the driver to set beam height, strength and width from inside the vehicle via a mobile device, making it perfect for the daily commute and nighttime trail runs.”

Metra Electronics Corp., Heise 50-in. RGB Dual-Row Light Bar: “One of the popular aspects for Canadians owning a truck is the ability to personalize it. These powerful lights allow the driver to alter the RGB accent lights on the fly through a mobile app.”

Rigid, SAE Amber Series: “The amber color penetrates the frequent fog and dust experienced by Canadian drivers. Best of all, they are Society of Automotive Engineers and Department of Transport/Transport Canada approved, which means that they are legal for street use. The police can’t hassle you for having powerful off-road-only lighting when you need top-grade lighting to get home.”

TeraFlex JK/JKU and JL/JLU Wrangler Nomad Wheel: “In Canada, we can travel hundreds of kilometers on forest service roads to get to our favorite isolated fishing holes and off-road trails. Maximum comfort means airing down every time you get off the pavement. With the Nomad wheel, simply twist a knob and the tire will air down to a pre-set pressure as low as 10 psi. Wow. Just walk around to open the valves and walk around once more to close them. The cherry on top is the beefy thermoplastic rash ring to protect the wheel from hungry rocks.”

Focus Auto Design Inc., Tough Visors (Ford): “Canadians live in a land of extreme weather. These visors deflect rain, snow, sleet, wind and hail away from the windows of your vehicle. The design is attractive, they are easy to install, and the acrylic top layer over ABS construction makes them almost bulletproof.”

Atturo Tire Corp., Trail Blade Boss—Wider Series: “Big, aggressive tires are popular for trucks. The knife-inspired tread design of the Trail Blade Boss makes it one of the most aggressive-looking tires on the market. Now that it is available in 15-in. widths, it is arguably the most aggressive-looking tire.”

Morryde International Inc., Trail Kitchen: “Overlanding is experiencing a massive surge in popularity in Canada, along with smaller towables. Morryde’s compact kitchen system takes up minimal space to provide maximum storage in the cargo area in the back of a Jeep Wrangler or any vehicle with a flat floor. Trail rides and overlanding are obvious uses, but the 5.5 sq. ft. of counter space also make it perfect for tailgate parties. New options include a sink with on-demand water, a cutting board, a secondary power system for your fridge/freezer, and a multi-drawer cabinet.”

ACC, Trigger 4 Plus: “Long Canadian nights on the trail or worksite require a lot of off-road accessories. That adds up to a horrendous number of wires coming through the firewall, unless you have this new wireless accessory controller. Once installed, the accessories can be controlled from inside or outside the vehicle with the convenient RF remote or with a mobile device using the Trigger ACS Plus app for iOS and Android phones or tablets.”


Baokun Lyu, FB Life

  Global Media Awards“Launched globally this summer, the Discoverer AT3 tire lineup targets three unique segments of consumers with truck tires developed to meet their specific needs,” said Jessica Egerton, director of brand development for Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. “Both our customers and consumers have been very excited about these new products. It’s an honor to also be recognized with four Global Media Awards from SEMA, proving that these exciting new products have resonance beyond the U.S.

Cooper Tire, Discoverer AT3 4S: “The new Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S with Adaptive Traction Technology is an all-terrain tire designed to take you anywhere in any weather. It allows for real-time handling and a comfortable driving experience. The Discoverer AT3 4S offers you a strong grip to the roads in summertime or cold winter. Compared with the last-generation tire, it increases handling power by 15%. This tire raises braking capability an additional 5% on wet roads, and the durability is about 17% longer. Everybody understands that it is difficult to drive on snowy roads; the Z-pattern tire increases frictions on snowy roads.”

Daystar Products, GMRS Radio Kit for JK Wrangler: “The complete two-way radio kit mounts between the sun visors for an unobstructed rear view. Features a General Mobile Radio Service two-way radio, a high-output dual antenna, a patent-pending mount, coax cable, switches and a 5-watt handheld. Sends and receives up to 13 mi. Water-, dirt-, mud- and shock-resistant. It is very convenient to use in rescue efforts on off-road trips. It is only $916.99 USD for both the radio and the hand-held.”

The Fuelbox, Dog Box Fuelbox: “We have to say that this product is practical and designed smartly. It is not only a tool storage box but also has a 35-gal.-capacity fuel tank. The most heart-warming thing is that it has a dog box with ventilation, including louvers, on the side. It effectively takes care of your concern with your dog damaging your car or leaving a bad smell. The only shortcoming is that it is very costly.”

Falcon Shocks, Falcon JL Wrangler 3.3 Fast-Adjust Piggyback Shock Absorbers: “Falcon-series 3.3 fast-adjust piggyback shock absorbers offer adjustability with a three-position knob that changes damping settings from soft to firm. A middle setting incorporates an eight-position micro adjust dial for more precise tuning between soft and firm. The shocks deliver increased stability, ride quality and comfort. With the increasing number of JL vehicles in China, this inexpensive and fast-adjust accessory will sell well there.”

Rock-Slide Engineering, Next-Generation Step Slider: “With a waterproof motor and wiring, it opens automatically when the door is opened and retracts when the door is closed. It is fast, quiet and maintenance-free. It slides under the upper door step. There are a big number of Wrangler enthusiasts in China. To raise the height is almost a must for Chinese Wrangler owners. This product provides a lot of convenience for getting on and getting off the vehicles without damaging the off-road functionality.”

Brandmotion, Radar Blind-Spot System With Cross-Traffic Detention: “Brandmotion provides one that works like an original-equipment-based solution. Based on components that meet OEM standards, it works closer to the systems found on new vehicles than any other system available. It is very easy to install the sensor. The indicating lights are on the front window frames. It keeps the car nice and neat. It detects as far as 12.19 m. and greatly reduces false triggers. The indictors alert the driver with speakers and flashing lights when the vehicle is in a blind spot and the wheel is turned. This accessory greatly raises the safety level for older-model vehicles.”

Rightline Gear, Moki Door Step: “This door step is small and convenient. You can easily hook the door step over the U-shaped door latch. It provides easy access to your vehicle’s roof for loading cargo or cleaning the roof. This smartly designed door step sells for less than $50 USD. With the development of self-drive pleasure trips, this product can provide a great deal of convenience for SUV and pickup owners.”

TeraFlex, JK/JKU/JL/JLU Wrangler Nomad Wheel: “TeraFlex Nomad cast-alloy wheels feature a reinterpretation of the classic six-hole design. Engineered with a ‘form follows function’ philosophy resulting in a technical look, the TeraFlex Nomad Wheel is the only wheel compatible with the company’s all-new proprietary rapid air-down valve to quickly air tires down to a preset pressure as low as 10 psi. As Chinese enthusiasts have a great passion for off-road activities in the desert, this accessory will sell well in China.”

TeraFlex, JK/JLU Wrangler Alpha HD Tire-Mount Kit: “Designed to accommodate up to a 37-in. tire, the TeraFlex JL/JLU Alpha heavy-duty adjustable spare tire mounting kit will secure a spare tire over the most extreme trails and rugged terrain. Using the factory tailgate hinge mounting points spreads the load of the spare tire over a larger area for maximum strength and durability. What is more, this product is a spare-tire mounting point for a rearview camera. It takes care of concerns about the backup view after you upgrade your spare tire to a heavy-duty one.”

Warn Industries Inc., VRX 45-S: “The Warn VRX 45-S winch works as hard as you do. Ideal for UTVs, it features a 4,500-lb. pulling capacity, all-metal construction, a clutch dial design based on the Warn 4WD Hublock, a durable metal geartrain, full IP68 waterproof sealing, and lightweight, easy-to-handle synthetic rope. The life-long warranty for the mechanical part and three-year warranty for the electronic part ensure its market share in the Chinese UTV market.”

Haixiao Liu, China 4WD Magazine

Max Trac Suspension, ’18 Jeep Wrangler JL 3-in. Coil Spring Lift Kit: “The Wrangler JL has been introduced into the market in China. Chinese customers are eagerly awaiting good, upgraded accessories for this new model.”

ProCharger Supercharger Systems, ’18 Jeep Wrangler JL 3.6L Supercharger System: “With the development of off-roading trips, Chinese Wrangler owners have an increasing need for power. A supercharger is more economical and safer than other engine upgrades.”

Tire Stickers, BFGoodrich Tire Lettering: “BFGoodrich tire lettering has been a leader in tire lettering.”

Daystar Products, GMRS Radio Kit for JK Wrangler: “Rescue is a common practice on off-road trips. This product gives the rescue people lots of flexibility when they leave the rescue vehicle. The rescue people can communicate with the rescue vehicle when they are very far away from each other.”

Stohd Outdoor, ExoSkeleton Utility Half Door: “Chinese Wrangler owners tend to have half doors when they travel in summer. This product helps the customer save lots of space.”

ARB 4x4 Accessories, Jack: “Chinese off-road enthusiasts like state-of-the-art and practical products.”

Rock-Slide Engineering, Next-Generation Step Slider: “This product is more beautiful and reliable than Chinese products.”

Sprintex, Jeep Wrangler JL Supercharger: “With the development of off-roading trips, Chinese Wrangler owners have an increasing need for power, and a supercharger is more economical and safer than other engine upgrades.”

TeraFlex, JK/JKU/JL/JLU Wrangler Delta Brake Kit: “Off-roading trips in the desert are one of the most popular events for Chinese Wrangler owners.”

ACC, Trigger 6 Shooter Jeep JL Edition: “Modification is becoming more and more popular with Chinese Wrangler owners. The electronic controller is a good accessory to manage all of the upgraded accessories. On the top of that, it saves money by making it wireless.”


Tomi Eronen, Amerikan Rauta

Classic Industries/OER, ’69–’78 MOPAR Power Window Switches: “Since MOPAR muscle has always been the big thing among car restorers in Finland, it’s good to have high-quality, OE-style parts available.”

Specialty Auto Parts USA Inc./Proform, Chevy Orange Center-Bolt Valve Covers With Ribbed Bowtie Design: “Even though the LS craze has been coming XL for years, the Chevy SB is still the Chevy SB. These bring old-school vibes to a late-model small-block.”

COMP Performance Group, COMP Cams Thumpr NSR (No Springs Required) Cams for Dodge Gen III/IV Hemi Engines: “More and more builders are choosing these next-generation Hemis for their builds, and I’m sure that they are getting more hungry for power. This is an easy upgrade for that.”

Cooper Tire, Discoverer AT3 4S: “Trust me, there are a lot of people driving their 4x4s in the wintertime with all-season tires, and the older version of Discoverer has a good reputation among Finnish 4WD guys. I think this one could sell well.”

QA1, F-100 Suspension Systems: “The Heidts Mustang II front suspension has been very popular with the modified Chevy truck guys, and souped-up Ford pickups are coming big time. The Crown Vic front-end swap has been so popular that it’s time to have the correct aftermarket solution.”

NotcHead, Lid Prop: “Too many show-car builders are still using all kinds of sticks and cheap-looking, self-made lid props to keep their hoods open at the shows. This is a great and not-too-expensive way to get rid of them.”

Dakota Digital, RTX ’55–’57 Chevy Car Instruments: “A classic look and modern technology for one of the most iconic classics, also in Finland. Do I have to say more?”

TKO Clamping Systems, Custom Hose Clamps: “Affordable and nice-looking part to get that clean look.”

Flaming River Industries Inc., VDOG Variable Angle Gear: “This is the answer for a problem that many builders have been fighting with for a long time.”

CFR Performance, Vintage Finned Tall LS Valve Covers, Black Satin: “Nowadays, it’s pretty much all LS everything, but these engines are not exactly the most beautiful ones as standard, so easy ways to make them look better are welcome. Really like the vintage look!”


Jérôme André, Action 4x4 Magazine

Up Down Air Systems LLC, 4 Tire Setter and Equalizer: “This impressive system solves off-roaders’ most common headache on tracks and renders tire-pressure management a breeze. It simultaneously inflates or deflates all four tires to the same pressure four times quicker than normal. How come no one invented this before?”

Tire Stickers, BFGoodrich Tire Lettering: “Forget the decades-old technique to whiten your tires’ lettering with a white marker. Tires Stickers revolutionizes the process with laser-sharp branded lettering or custom wording. Their tire calculator even designs the letters to the perfect size.”

Cooper Tire, Discoverer AT3 4S: “Zigzag sipes, grooves in the ribs and a saw-tooth pattern transform the new-generation Discoverer AT3 off-road and particularly on snow—a must in Europe’s alpine terrains. Cooper’s AT3 4s cannot come soon enough to our side of the pond.”

Fab Fours, Brake System: “Bigger tires and additional equipment like more massive bumpers and suspension systems do take a toll on 4x4s and trucks’ stock braking systems. Fab Four’s beefy calipers and oversize rotors bring back much-needed biting power and are safe to modify or armor an SUV.”

Fox/BDS Suspension/Zone Offroad/JKS Mfg./RT Pro, Factory Race Series 3.0 Internal Bypass Remote DSC RR.

Gtechniq, Halo: “Great Britain’s Gtechniq has shown its responsiveness to the booming paint-protection film and vinyl markets by introducing a convincing, dedicated, flexible coating at the 2018 SEMA Show. With Halo, PPFed or wrapped vehicle owners can finally enjoy the peace of mind and glossy finish of an ultra-durable, scratch-resistant ceramic coating. Smashing.”


Chet Kjetil Sveistrup, AMCAR Magazine

United Pacific Industries, ’32 Ford Passenger Car Original-Style Stainless-Steel Grille Insert Without Crank Hole: “The ’32 Ford grille is perhaps the most iconic front grille to survive the passage of time. And just like fine art, it gets better the more you look at it. Certainly among hot rodders, this grille is used not only on ’32s but also on a wide variety of Model A rods and even some hot rods that never started out as Fords to begin with. United Pacific remanufactured grilles, sheetmetal and other products are considered among the very best.”

Classic Industries/OER, ’69–’78 MOPAR Power Window Switches: “Power window switches for late ’60s and early ‘70s MOPARs are products that are needed as more and more of those cars are being restored, even in Norway. When door panels are replaced during an interior restoration job, you want to include the switches as well. Those are details available for many makes and models, and MOPAR owners will welcome these original-style switches.”

PML Inc., Cadillac 368, 425, 472 and 500 Valve Covers, Raised ’49 Cadillac Script: “The ’49 classic valve covers with raised ‘Cadillac’ script are perhaps one of the most beautiful of their kind. They will give even more modern 368, 425, 472 and 500 engines a classic and timeless look. The Cadillac script was common up until ’67 models, and we are sure many enthusiasts will consider this beautiful touch for their engines.”

Holley/MSD, DIS Kit Chevy Big- and Small-Block: “This DIS kit converts a conventional distributor and coil setup into a modern coil-per-plug system. It reduces spark energy loss caused by sparkplug wires and gives the engine a modern and contemporary look.”

Edelbrock LLC, Pro-Flo 4 Sequential-Port EFI Systems: “The EFI system is a complete setup, with intake manifold and injectors. Also often included is a plug-and-play single connection distributor designed to work specifically with Pro-Flo 4. A system like this will monitor air/fuel ratios, ignition curve, idle speed, acceleration fuel, coolant fans and so on.”

Lock’er Down Security Products, EXxtreme Console Safe: “Lock’er Down Security safes come in many sizes and are made of 12-gauge steel. The safes provide secure storage for personal property, whether it is your laptop computer, documents or other valuables. As a typical traveler, you always feel a little insecure when leaving valuable items in your car or truck. The Lock’er Down safe will give any smash-and-grab crook a tough challenge.”

Holley/MSD, Holley Sniper EFI Quadrajet—Classic Gold Finish: “This bolt-on fuel-injected throttle body system does not require any additional adapters, sealing plates or intake manifold swaps. As more and more of these systems become available, we predict that the days of the carburetor are numbered—at least for those of us who are not always committed to a stock original appearance. This throttle body is the classic gold-finish version. They also come shiny or with a black ceramic coating.”

Brandmotion, Transparent Trailer With High-Definition Full Video Mirror and DVR: “When looking in the rearview mirror, your tow-behind trailer might appear to be ‘lost’ as an optic illusion lets you see straight through it. The genius idea of mounting a camera on the back of the trailer and displaying the image onto your rearview mirror gives you the same full view as you would have without the trailer ever being there.”

Flaming River Industries Inc., VDOG Variable Angle Gear: “The VDOG variable angle gear from Flaming River is ideal for cab-over vehicles and street rods with tight firewall clearances. It has an aluminum housing and an output shaft that has compatibility with universal joints. The unit is gear driven and has no chains or sprockets. It can be mounted in either a horizontal or a vertical position. Flaming River is well known for its steering columns, and the VDOG variable angle gear fits well with its other related steering products.”

TrailFX, Vintage Bedmat: “It is a 3/8-in. thick rubber bedliner with a surface imitating the wood and grooves you would find on an old pickup. Not only does it protect your truck bed but also looks good at the same time. Even if you have real wood underneath, this would be the perfect product. Easy to remove and put back on.”


Vitaly Gavinskiy, Off Road Drive

ICON Vehicle Dynamics, ’18–Up Jeep Wrangler JL 2.5-in. Suspension System: “I really like this suspension kit for the Jeep JL. Good quality of labor and materials. It will be great for many markets around the world where Jeep presents the new Wrangler JL.”

ProComp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/Poison Spyder/G2 Axle/LRG Rims, 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 6-in. Suspension Kit: “An inexpensive version of ProComp’s suspension lift kit for 2019 Dodge Ram looks great as always. Unfortunately, it will be useless for the Russian market because we do not have official sales of the Dodge Ram.”

Antigravity Lithium Batteries, Antigravity Batteries RS-30: “It is a really good and fresh idea to build a car battery based on lithium cells. The battery can give very high output current and take charging energy fast. The main problem with this product is its extremely high price—seven to 10 times higher than regular lead-acid batteries and four to seven times higher then top brands of AGM. Let’s see….”

Powermaster Performance, Corvette/Camaro Upgrade: “This nice and shiny alternator can be used not only for fast Corvettes but also for mud trucks that require a lot of energy for powerful lights and winches. Let’s see how waterproof and dirt-proof is it.”

Fox/BDS Suspension/Zone Offroad/JKS Mfg./RT Pro, Factory Race-Series 3.0 Internal-Bypass Piggyback DSC: “As always, Fox shocks look great and work perfectly. Especially adjustable bypass shocks. Required in all markets.”

SuperATV, GDP 8-in. Portals: “Sometimes you need extra clearance on rocks or in deep mud. In my opinion, portals for heavy off-road trucks are not a good choice because, together with higher clearance, you’re getting much less durability of the transmission. But ATVs and UTVs are much lighter. Let’s see how this idea will work. The idea isn’t new but is fresh in the ATV market.”

ARB 4x4 Accessories, Jack: “Very nice and extremely expensive jack. It is about 15 times more expensive than the original HiLift but two times lighter and requires much less power to lift a car. But the main reason to use it, of course, is safety. Unlike HiLift, with this jack you do not hit your arm, shoulder or head if you make a mistake.”

Greenball Corp., Kanati Armor Hog: “I didn’t see a lot of new off-road tires at the 2018 SEMA Show, but this one looks good and has a reasonable price.”

Dynatrac Inc., ProRock 44 for Jeep Wrangler JL: “Dana 44 from Dynatrac is good for all Jeeps. I believe, it will be great in the version for Wrangler JL also.”

ProComp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/Poison Spyder/G2 Axle/LRG Rims, PXA65: “Very nice and strong bead-locking wheels from ProComp. Strong and competition proven.”


Christofer Willhans, Bilsport Classic Magazine

CFR Performance, 13-in. Finned Coolant Tank: “You can cool liquids in many different ways, but this one also has a shape that is pleasing to the eye. Also fairly easy to place in/on/under a vehicle.”

Maradyne/SuperTrapp/PMAS, 5.2-in. Oil/Transmission Cooler Fan: “When it´s hot outside or you are pulling a heavy load, this fan will help cool the transmission tremendously. It will give the transmission a longer life, and the investment is low.”

Unisteer Performance, Chevy II/Nova Electra-Steer Column Kit: “I like this one very much, as it could also be used on any car or on any front-end combination, plus it´s small and can be hidden under the dashboard.”

E-Motion USA, Custom Truck/SUV Steering Wheel for New Ford Ranger: “When you consider that you will spend the next 100,000 miles or more in your truck, why not let your hands ‘rest’ during duty time?”

KNS/Grand General Accessories Manufacturer, LED Safety Star License-Plate Topper: “An almost antique option with a twist that many in the hobby in Sweden still would like to add to the license plate.”

Holley/MSD, Mallory Unilite, Three-Bolt Ford Flathead: “Love this one. It’s got the look of the old days but with the best new parts inside for top working condition. And we in Sweden love that old engine.”

JMD Perfortubeshop, Oval Pie Cuts: “It´s a good product for a beginner in the hobby. He or she can form complicated curves easily and will also be a good welder in the end.”

NRG Offroad, SFI Quick Release: “This product will be useful many times, but I would buy it as an insurance against theft if I had to leave the car in an unsecured area.”

Flaming River Industries Inc., VDOG Variable Angle Gear: “This is a great idea. I sure would love to see this one in the Swedish hot-rod and street-rod market.”


Mike Rysiecki, Auto Italia and Performance Ford Cars

Innovative Components Inc., All-in-One Thread Detective Thread-Identifier Tool: “I thought that the ‘All-in-One Thread Detective’ would be particularly valuable for classic-car restorers faced with the mixed-fastener challenge when ‘nouveau’ classics emerge from their sometimes neglected low-maintenance years.”

SuperStik, SuperStik: “I was also pleased to see that there is now relief for us frequent engine-oil level checkers who find that modern sealed crank systems mean that OEM dipsticks can give inconsistent and often illegible results. SuperStik is a highly engineered dipstick with a valving system designed to deliver accurate and repeatable oil level readings.”

NewArc Tech LLC, SRS-3 Portable Wheel Straightening System: “Here in the United Kingdom, especially coming out of the winter period, our poorly maintained roads mean that NewArc Tech’s portable wheel straightening system could provide wheel refurbishers with more opportunities to save a damaged wheel rim.”

Ford Motor Co., 2.3L Mustang EcoBoost Oil-Air Separator LH, Coyote Billet Steel Gerotor Oil Pump Gear Set, and Ford Performance Mustang Magneride Handling Pack: “I picked Ford Performance Parts for their three new Mustang add-ons. Since the arrival of the RHD Mustang, we have a growing and vibrant community of musclecar owners in the United Kingdom who are eager to have access to the same range of performance parts as North American enthusiasts.”

Chevrolet LT5 Crate Engine: “Chevrolet’s LT5 crate engine appealed for its delightful neatness, compactness and its turnkey packaging, all ready to drop straight into the latest restomod project.”


Luis Zschocke, New Tune UP

ProCharger Supercharger Systems, ’18–’19 Mustang GT Stage II ProCharger System: “This product attracted my attention for two reasons. First, the brand is recognized and we use it a lot in our country. Second, the sales of the Mustang 5.0 set a record in Argentina this past year, so there will definitely be a demand for such a product.”

Edelbrock LLC, E-Force Supercharger for the ’18–’19 Ford Mustang 5.0L Coyote V8: “The Edelbrock brand is very well positioned. We in Argentina sell the 5.0 engine for hot rods, musclecars and quarter-mile cars, so products such as this one will be well received.

Speedmaster, Ford 5.0L 5.0 Coyote Billet-Aluminum Electric Water Pump: “I liked this Speedmaster product because it is made for the Coyote 5.0 engine and often quarter-mile competitions and is ideal for improving cooling features and saving power.”

Wilwood Disc Brakes, Forged Narrow Superlite Radial-MC4 Rear Parking Brake Kit: “The Wilwood brand is widely accepted in Argentina, and we use it in all our projects. This kit with a handbrake is a solution for our work, because all street vehicles must have a handbrake by law in our country.”

Manton Pushrods, Gen V GM LT1/LT4 Roller Rocker Arm and Billet Valve Cover Kit: “This set of rocker arms and valve caps for the LS motor is of superlative quality, and I think the benefits of this product will be highly valuable despite its price.”

QA1, GM Carbon-Fiber Driveshafts: “QA1 is a very well known brand and is very popular here in our local market. I like this product very much, and I hope to try it on my next project.”

Chevrolet, LT5 Crate Engine: “This GM engine seems a great solution for many of our projects, providing a lot of power at a reasonable cost and with the reliability that this family of engines owns. It is also sold with all its accessories, which simplifies our work.”

Dart Machinery Ltd., Race Series LS 10° 368cc CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head: “The quality of the product and the increase in performance of these cylinder caps attracted my attention. In Argentina, LS engines are very popular. I hope to soon install one of these to check out its performance.”

Wilwood Disc Brakes, SX6R Big-Brake Dynamic Front Brake Kit: “I have been very satisfied with the performance of previous installations of Wilwood brakes. This new set promises to be even better.

COMP Performance Group, TCI Wireless EZ-TCU: “This controller seemed very novel, and as we are already using FAST and TCI products, I hope to try this new version soon. These types of systems are the ideal accompaniment for our projects.”


Eduardo Bernasconi, Revista Fullpower

Holley/Powerteq Group, Dashpaq+: “This would be a good fit for some vehicle builds in Brazil.”

Tein USA Inc., Defi Sports Display F: “This looks like a really complete dash to use in a street or racing project. It’s beautiful, and consumers in Brazil will be amazed to see it in a special car.”

Green Filter USA, Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman 201 Performance Air Filter #7345: “Green Filters would be well received in Brazil.”

Holley/MSD, Holley Sniper EFI Quadrajet—Classic Gold Finish: “We already have some musclecars, classics and vintages receiving EFI instead of carburetors. This new Holley will be well accepted.”

K&N Engineering, Tuning Electronic Carburetor Injection (ECI): “This is a good cutting-edge product and will be an asset in maintaining a well-controlled engine.”

Optima Batteries, Battery Case: “We have Optima batteries in Brazil, but it’s hard to find the cases. This project will clearly find demand in our market.”

Holley/Powerteq Group, Reaper Stage Kit: “Holley is a well-respected brand and Brazilians must know the new products and technologies they’re offering instead of the old Quadrajet (which is pretty famous in Brazil). The reaper stage kit is one of the products that could be offered not only here but in South America.”

Digipower, Speed: “We have a few foreign brands selling this kind of product here, and Digipower has the power to make it big in Brazil.”

Tomioka Racing, BMW N54 16T Turbocharger Upgrade: “We have some specialized companies that work with turbocharger upgrades, but primarily for VW and Audi. BMW turbo engines are already popular here and a good platform for upgrades. This product can meet the needs of this group of enthusiasts.”

Digipower, Vortex1: “Turbo cars are selling more and more in South America. The Vortex 1 will help the owner to get some data from the engine and increase performance. It’s a good moment to invest money to reach the consumer.”


Daniel Garcia Solis, Trocas/V8 Muscle Cars

Chevrolet, All-New Chevrolet Blazer Highway Safety Kit: “For $95, it includes a variety of tools that can help us on our way. I am always in favor of this type of product that can be marketed in any market of the automotive industry. It is a very complete kit and good quality. I think it should not be absent in our cars, so we will travel in complete safety. I think you can find good market in Mexico.”

AutoMeter, BEX-1500/BEX-3000 Battery Extender: “Very striking presentation of this product for the market. I like the idea that the battery extender is compatible with all kinds of cars and is a smart and portable battery. As with other security kits, this might be necessary on a journey. The extra battery can help in different ways. The cost of $49.95 can be worth it if we see ourselves in need of an auxiliary battery. I think it can work very well in the automotive markets.”

Boxo USA, BXB010 122-Piece Metric Tool Set in Hand-Carry Blow-Mold Case: “The tools are fundamental parts in the workshop for any technician, so having a case like this with enough accessories to work will always be necessary. This is high quality and portable. It is a good option if you look for quality and price. I think it could have a favorable impact on our country.”

Champion Oil, Professional-Grade Fuel System Cleaner: “In Mexico, we are very concerned about the price increase of gasoline, so we are always looking to reduce consumption and pollution. Although there are several similar products already used by consumers, it will always be good to have more alternatives. As this product is a fuel saver and injector cleaner, we will have to fight a lot in this market, because there are renowned brands that are leaders. However, if the price and quality are competitive, it could be a good alternative.”

Papago Inc., Go Safe 366: “Good product. Go Safe 366 is essential to record all the information in case of something sinister like a robbery or an accident. It’s a camera that can easily be scanned through an application on a smartphone while the car is parked. The only drawback is the somewhat high price, which could limit the size of the potential market.”

Lokar Inc., Goolsby-Edition “Lucille” Billet-Aluminum Accessories: “Lokar is a company that has been dedicated to producing innovative modern auto parts but with a special touch of the classic. This type of product offers classic-car restorers an option if they do not get an original replacement. In the same way, it could give the classic car a touch of modernity. An investment that is well worth it for those who do not skimp on keeping their classic cars as new.”

ITW Evercoat, Optex Color-Changing Body Filler and Putty: “This product for the restoration of cars can be a good option for the technician because it is a paste or filling that is applied in the bodywork and it changes from pink to green and orients to the technician of the workshop. The paste is totally catalyzed for sanding. Proceed to fully cover the defect of the car, then apply paint and finish with professional work.

Mayhew Tools, Orange Handle Dominator Pry-Bar Set: “Good tools are the basis of giving good customer service. I also think that having bars that can facilitate the work of the technician is fabulous. The handle is comfortable and long, with a hardened cap that you can hit with a hammer. More resistance and durability, and it will not bend so easily.”

Loctite, Teroson Sprayable Seam Sealing System: “This type of restoration product is necessary for work at home or on a larger scale for professionals. I think it may well be marketed in Mexico with a good introduction price and also marketing to make it known. Loctite is a well-known brand that gives a warranty on its products.”

Westin Automotive Products Inc., Wind Deflectors Merchandising Display: “The idea is to make good marketing of the product to be more eye-catching to consumers. This type of display has the ability to offer several boxes and be in a space of opportunity to buy in the store where it is offered. However, the product itself draws attention because it is a simple option to be placed in a car model.”


Henry Pierini, AutoZulia International

Antigravity, Lithium Batteries XP-10-HD: “It is a lightweight and compact multifunction antigravity battery kit capable of recharging all types of vehicles. It can also be used as a charger for lap-tops, tablets, GPS devices, cameras and smartphones. This product would be very useful in Venezuela, because it offers practicality and diversity of functions to guarantee the operation of both the vehicles and the equipment that we use in the daily work of our companies.”

The Fuelbox, Dog Box Fuelbox: “It’s a multifunctional product. It is a reinforced aluminum case that can be used as an auxiliary fuel transfer tank with a capacity of 35 gal. of petrol or diesel. It can be used as a tool storage box, and it is also a great option for a comfortable and safe space or kennel for the transporting of pets. This is one of the most potential products in the Venezuelan market because it offers important functions for the driver of the vehicle. A great innovation.”

OTC Daihen Inc., DTX-2200 AC/DC TIG Welder: “It is a powerful, compact and lightweight, portable welder that possesses an innovative, technologically advanced single-phase power source, making it an optimal choice for all qualified soldering applications and maintenance jobs. It is a very useful product, because its low weight and current consumption make it accessible in domestic work, and it offers great reliability and safety.”

Papago Inc., Go Sage 366: “This is a state-of-the-art dual-board camera designed for safety during travel. It has a technology that generates great definition in capturing Super HD images and videos. Includes high-signal recognition, stop-and-go and driver-fatigue warnings. I think it is an accessory of high quality and assistance to the driver to avoid road accidents.”

HaulGauge: “It is a weight detector that monitors drivetrain effort and vehicle acceleration. It has an app so that the user can calibrate the acceleration and effort of the car’s motortrain from his cell. This product would be of great help to drivers in Venezuela, because through it, they would know the capacities of the towing loads and could make decisions about what is most convenient for their vehicles.”

BOLT Lock, Locking Recovery Hook: “It is a swivel hook made of aluminum capable of providing great security when towing a vehicle. It is designed to roll the tow strap 99% faster and memorize the ignition key, providing more safety and convenience. It is a product of great quality and a potential market in Venezuela, as it would facilitate the work of transport companies of various commercial items.”

ITW, Evercoat Poly Magic Polymer Protective Coating: “It is an advanced high-gloss polymer spray for use on wet or dry surfaces. Simply spray and clean. Its static-resistant formula helps repel dust to maintain a deep shine in and out of the car, and it’s formulated with a UV protector to help protect the surface from the damaging effects of the sun. It is a product of great value, as it offers durable protection against strong solar rays for the body surface and materials inside the vehicle.”

Optima Batteries, Battery Case: “Optima battery packs are designed with a light, non-conductive material for excellent resistance. It uses vehicle OE clamping for trouble-free installation and insulation to protect the battery from hostile environments. This product is of paramount importance because of the damage that the battery suffers even when it is being used. This battery holder or base offers greater safety and resistance that prolongs its useful life in addition to protecting the battery from shocks that can deteriorate it.”

Aeromotive Inc., Trifekta Phantom: “It is a fuel pump designed to extend the power of the vehicle for street applications. In Venezuela, this product would function as an alternative for the efficient use and distribution of fuel in the car.”

Flaming River Industries Inc., VDOG Variable Angle Gear: “It is a steering controller that allows axis control at an angle of 90 degrees from the column to the steering mechanism. It is a product with great possibilities of commercialization in Venezuela, because it would help high-end car drivers to maintain control in the direction of their cars and on the track.”


Nabil Moustafa, Strive Middle East

Spec-D Tuning, ’13–’16 Scion FRS Optic LED Light Bar Sequential Taillights: “The idea of having a sequential LED taillight is becoming more popular in the region, especially with the implementation of sequential taillights on new high-end sports cars. I believe that this product has potential in our region.”

Up Down Air Systems LLC, 4 Tire Setter and Equalizer: “The product already exists in the region. However, the market is not overwhelmed with such product. The community of off-roaders is growing fast, and having the desert or snow, you need to inflate and deflate your tires all at once to be able to go and have more fun.”

AeroLidz: “I have selected AeroLidz as I see high potential in this product in our region. As an off-roader myself, I think it is a good idea to have a tube that can reduce noise, and also I can customize the colors and designs of my LED bar. There are lots of off-roaders in the region who would like to create a unique identity with an LED bar.”

Rock-Slide Engineering, Next-Generation Step Slider: “This product can be really useful for those who own an SUV and wish to upgrade and make it more comfortable to enter and exit for their children and wife. It is also useful for girls who want to go off-roading. This feature will give them ease of access to their vehicles and also is useful for everyday shopping or night driving when wearing a dress.”

MGP Caliper Covers, Officially Licensed MOPAR Caliper Covers: “I talked to the guys and gave them the advice to go for customized designs such as the UAE eagle on the caliper. Since they are licensed by MOPAR, they have great potential with customized designs with a warranty.”

Oracle Lighting, Vector Series Grille for the Jeep Wrangler JL: “Having a huge community of off-roaders and especially Jeepers in our region, and the need to customize the Jeep and having it unique in our region, this product gives a new and fresh perspective for the front of the Wrangler. Owners of Jeeps in our region change the looks on their vehicles very frequently to keep them fresh and unique.”

Orbis, Ring-Drive: “One of my favorite products on display. The idea of transforming a front/rear-wheel drive into a 4WD is simply mind blowing. To additionally gain 50 extra hp is definitely of interest to all performance enthusiasts, especially drag racers and autocross racers.”

AE Distributing, R-Plate Pro: “I believe that this product has great potential in the region. However, some legal issues must be resolved in order for this product to be accepted on the roads.”

Xtreme Mudder, XM-335: “Trucks, SUVs and 4x4s are very popular in our region, whether for off-roading or even showing off. Having the possibility to upgrade up to 28-in. rims will be a sight to see on the roads. I believe this product has potential, especially because it has an impressive design and a wide range of sizes.”

Zlatko Mulabegovic, Top Performance

C&R Advanced Cooling Technology, Water-to-Air Charge Air Intercooler: “In our region, efficient cooling products are paramount for building powerful engines and extracting maximum horsepower, thus ensuring the right operating temperatures. C&R water-to-air intercoolers combine compact size with increased cooling performance, delivering lower-temperature intake charges even when ambient temperatures are high. Since they do not depend on the ambient airflow, they can be mounted closer to the turbine, reducing turbo lag and fitting in tighter spaces than traditional coolers. That makes them highly suitable for our region for both street and race builds. With a variety of sizes and capacities, these universal products are designed to fit a vast number of applications. As an avid track driver, I am contemplating a track-oriented car build, hoping to fit the cooling system of the turbocharged VW Golf engine with this product.”

Tein USA Inc., Defi Sports Display F: “Defi instruments have been enjoying immense popularity with both the high-performance tuners and the modified car owners in the Middle East for almost two decades. Their gauges have graced some of the best builds in our region and can still be found on the shelves of local tuning shops. The all-new Sports Display F is a sophisticated product that combines functions usually delivered by OEM instruments as well as multiple single gauges. This integrated multi-information system is designed to replace the individual gauges and offers the option of reading OBD-II and GPS, and it can record your driving sessions. This is the perfect combination that saves space and offers all the required data at a glance. I would use this product for a sophisticated build as a replacement for the OEM instrument cluster and the obsolete dashboard or A-pillar-mounted gauges.”

Green Filter USA, Ground Force Leveling Kits: “Most of the popular off-road vehicles offered in our market require leveling kits in order to achieve the perfect stance. This is the case with the Jeep Wrangler, the Chevrolet Silverado, the GMC Sierra and several other pickup trucks and off-roaders. Furthermore, aftermarket lift kits do not always offer that perfect leveling. The materials used are of higher specification than the equivalent OEM parts, improving the firmness of the chassis, and they are durable and safe for extreme off-road use. I would happily stock this product in our custom shop. It’s an inexpensive solution to a common problem.”

Guniwheel, Guniwheel: “The Guniwheel is by far the most innovative workshop-related product I have come across in a long time, promising to replace the floor jackstands, offer flexibility and revolutionize the way vehicles are stored and moved inside workshops. Traditional jackstands often damage the vehicles and render it immobile until its wheels are fitted back. With Guniwheel, having the wheels and tires off the vehicle won’t mean that the vehicle is stationery anymore. This product is bound to meet with great interest in our region—especially with larger, more modern dealership workshops and leading custom shops. We are ordering some for our own resto shop in Dubai. Looking forward to seeing them in action!”

Mountain Off Road, Jeep Wrangler JL Dead Pedal: “The selection of this product into my top 10 is a no-brainer and is purely practical. I have owned Jeep Wranglers for over a decade and often wished they were fitted with a dead pedal from the factory. The left foot has to rest flat on the floor at an uncomfortable angle, resulting in cramps even after short drives. The dead pedal by Mountain Off Road is a lifesaver and an elegant fix to this important issue that has so far been repeatedly overlooked by the manufacturer. Its design and finish match the interior style of the vehicle while providing the right resting angle for your left foot. While at the SEMA Show, I requested the manufacturers to provide me with a set for my Jeep Wrangler—a much-needed upgrade that’s bound to make my trips more comfortable and relaxing.”

BOLT Lock, JL Hood Lock: “The Hood Lock is another of those aftermarket products looking to address issues found on stock Jeep Wranglers. For starters, highway driving is not a pleasant experience when the Wrangler’s hood starts fluttering as the vehicle’s speed increases. The original hood-locking system is obviously not designed to hold the hood firmly in its place, and that is a flaw that has marred generations of this popular off-roader. The other downside is the inability to lock the hood, making the engine bay exposed to theft and vandalism. The Hood Lock addresses both of the aforementioned issues and is relatively easy to install, as it rivets into existing hood-lock holes and works with the stock hood. This lock also opens with your ignition key, eliminating the need for additional keys on your ring.”

Dannmar Equipment, MaxMoto: “This compact-size portable motorcycle lift is the ideal solution for smaller-size motorcycle workshops as well as for DIY motorcycle enthusiasts. The MaxMoto lift is designed to handle up to 2,500 lbs. and fits inside an average home garage. It does not require a pit in the floor and can be flush-mounted using the supplied anchors and then simply unbolted, rolled away and stored when not in use. The MaxMoto is the perfect compact solution for small to medium-size businesses. And for the first time, there’s a viable option for motorcycle owners who prefer to wrench away in the comfort of their own garages.”

Orbis, Ring-Drive: “This is the simplest way of converting a front-wheel-drive vehicle to all-wheel drive, enabling it to accelerate harder, and it does not require any chassis subframes, custom driveshafts, axles, differential, cutting, welding and what not. Thanks to its electric motors, the Orbis Ring-Drive adds 50 hp per wheel, taking the displayed Honda Civic Turbo to well over 400 hp. Priced at around $10,000, this product is the fastest, cleanest, non-surgical, street-legal method to drastically reducing quarter-mile times. Looking forward to seeing further developments and new applications of this exciting new product.”

Energy Suspension, Rock-Flex Suspension System for the ’18+ Jeep Wrangler JL: “Energy Suspension has been on the leading edge of developing chassis products for many years and has helped improve the drivelines of generations of muscle and import cars. The new Jeep Wrangler JL is more advanced than its predecessor, with a well-designed new suspension. Yet the experts at Energy Suspension believe that there is always room for improvement. The new Rock-Flex suspension system employs Hyperflex performance polyurethane and creates a ride-height adjustable suspension that improves articulation, control, off-road performance and on-road handling. This innovative product addresses all the issues associated with lifting a coil-sprung Jeep, correcting sway bar geometry and caster without additional modifications, allowing the suspension to function properly through its entire range of motion while improving its already impressive street manners. I start most of my projects by replacing the mushy OEM rubber with firm polyurethane bushes, and that’s something we recommend to our clients.”

Flaming River Industries Inc., VDOG Variable Angle Gear: “The VDOG Variable Angle Gear addresses several custom-car builders’ nightmares. Voted 2018 SEMA Best Street Rod Product and Best Engineered New Product, the VDOG is in essence a 90-degree gear box with an oscillating ball joint, allowing 90-degree turns at the firewall. Very popular for LS engine swaps and conversions. This unit allows for maximum adjustability, can be mounted vertically or horizontally, connects with most universal joints and does away with multiple joints. Gear-driven, it maintains the original rack-and-pinion or gear ratio and is the perfect solution with big engine swaps and tight clearances. Our custom and resto shop will soon put this product to the test in the upcoming builds.”


Victor Pardal, IgnitionTV

DeatschWerks, Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators: “Fuel pressure is very important. It could mean the difference between a podium finish or a melted piston in the pits. When it comes to fuel pressure regulators, I invest in the best. I invest in DeatschWerks adjustable fuel pressure regulators.”

Air Zenith, Dual-OB2 Deluxe OBA: “This system makes for a great marriage with the local South African Hot Hatch market that plays such a dominating part in our local Stance Scene. The compact size and hassle-free installation make it very attractive to our customers.”

APR/B&M Racing/Dinan/Flowmaster/Hurst Performance, APR S01 Forged Wheels (20x9 Silver/Machined): “It’s a modern, simple, clean design, enabling you to also see the detail behind the wheel like a large brake disc or upgraded calipers. It works in harmony with its surrounding components to give you a complete art piece on each of the four corners of your ride.”

Thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America, B16 (DampTronic) ’15–’18 Golf GTI/R: “Bilstein has been well represented in South Africa for many years and is generally respected as one of the best suspensions you can buy. The Volkswagen Golf 7 is the best-sold performance hatch in South Africa, which leads itself to being one of the most modified and personalized vehicles on South African roads. Air-Zenith Dual-OB2 Deluxe OBA is a great upgrade for the performance-minded GTI/R owner who wants to enhance the handling on his Volkswagen, especially for those weekend corners.”

BBS of America Inc., FI-R Bronze Forged Aluminum Monobloc: “BBS surely has the biggest cult following in South Africa. It’s a premium brand that shows the rest of the parking lot that you invested on the wheels you ride on. BBS FI-R Bronze Forged Aluminum Monobloc is perfect for the high-end race teams competing in our GTC race series in South Africa or those who want to invest in their supercars to set them apart and above the competition.”

Mahle Motorsports, BMW N54 PowerPak Piston Kit: “BMW is almost a way of life in South Africa, with certain models like the older BMW e30 having a cult following in South Africa. They’re used in our local motorsports called Spinning (a mixture between drifting and burnouts). The BMW 135i has become an affordable popular car to buy to modify and tune for drag-racing purposes. Many top South African tuners believe that the N54 engine is the next 2JZ of power builds. The BMW N54 PowerPak Piston Kit is the perfect kit for power enthusiasts looking to upgrade their pistons to crank up the boost for more horsepower.”

Turbonetics/Precision Turbo & Engine, Gen2 Pro Mod 8808 XPR Turbocharger: “Drag racing is big in South Africa. I can confidently say that it is the best fan-supported motorsports, with drag racing events being very well attended on a monthly basis. The top drag racers are always looking for the edge over their competition. The Gen2 Pro Mod 8808 XPR Turbocharger is a turbo that will deliver maximum boost with less lag than any other turbo on the market. That means it’s a winning formula for any serious drag racer.

JE Pistons, Forged Piston Kits for Toyota 1JZ and 2ZZ Engines: “Since a decade ago when local South African engine importers landed the 2JZ engine from the Far East, 2JZ has been the most popular engine swap for competitive drifting as well as quarter-mile drags. JE is already a trusted brand in South Africa, being imported by Turbo & Nos (a local performance retail shop) and will perform well as an upgrade for motorsports turners wanting reliability and increased hp out of the 2JZ.”

Level Ride Air Suspension, Level Ride Height and Pressure Ride Control: “Air ride has hit the local custom-car scene hard in the last three years, with 75% of the 2018 Vdub Campfest (the biggest Volkswagen car-show gathering in South Africa) entries being on air ride. The Level Ride Height and Pressure Ride Control is a high-quality unit that will set you apart from the average air installation in Africa. It is very much wanted and needed in our local Stance Scene.”

VP Racing Fuels Inc., Stay Frosty Race-Ready Coolant 64 U.S. fl. oz. (1.892 L): “Being a pro drifter in South Africa, I need to keep my competition car cool, which is not always an easy task with African temperatures reaching as high as 98°F (37°C). Stay Frosty would help me and fellow motorsports competitors keep our engines temps down and our cars performing optimally.”

Neeresh Harrichand, Speed and Sound

Firestone Ride-Rite, AirCommand Wireless App Kit: “Pickups are extremely popular in South Africa, as they are used for everything from towing to transporting goods. Air springs are not currently that popular because they are not very convenient to use. Among other things, this unit takes all the effort and thinking out of using air springs, which leads me to believe that there is great scope for this product.”

Antigravity Lithium Batteries, Antigravity Batteries ATX-30-RS: “Lithium batteries are not freely available in South Africa, so that already tells you that there is a market for it. Given the price point and the tech employed here (namely the re-start feature), I think Antigravity will do well in South Africa.”

AutoMeter, DashLink 2.0: “We have a really large market of tech-savvy performance enthusiasts with new-aged vehicles who would love to view their vehicles’ data on the fly—which is exactly what this unit allows you to do.”

FST Performance Carburetors, Electro-Jet Electronic Carburetor: “Almost every musclecar builder in South Africa uses carburetors, which is all the more reason why I think this will do extremely well, because it offers a lot more tuning capabilities than any other carburetor on the market.”

Full Throttle Battery, FT560: “Compact, high-performance AGM batteries that are well priced happen to be in demand in South Africa. The FT560 Full Throttle battery offers precisely what we are looking for. Needless to say, I think there is huge scope for this product in South Africa.”

eCooLogical, GapShield Tailgate Gap Cover: “Given the size of our pickup community in South Africa, I am sure everyone would find this handy. It prevents material from spilling out, is quick to install, and it lasts forever thanks to the durable materials it is manufactured from.”

Dakota Digital, HDX Universal Competition Analog Instruments: “I immediately saw the potential of this blowing up on South African soil, as it can be used in pretty much everything from our popular Citi Golfs all the way to musclecars.

HornBlaster, Dolphin Air Horn Kit– 2 gal., 145 psi: “We do not have a lot of people using air horns in their cars, but with the right marketing, this could explode in South Africa, as everyone upgrades their current horns.”

Bishop Innovations, Hozeez Retail Display Box: “If you are a true car guy, you would have encountered problems with extension cords, hose pipes or air pipes stuck under a corner of your wheel while trying to work on your car. This product solves that problem, so it is a no-brainer that this will do well globally, not just in South Africa.”

Aeromotive Inc., Signature 5-gpm Brushless Fuel Pump: “Aeromotive’s new brushless fuel pump is a must-have for most high-performance vehicles, as it allows you to replace multiple fuel pumps with a single unit. I think this would do really well in South Africa, as there are a number of folks who end up using up to four fuel pumps in order to get the fuel delivery that this one unit offers.”

Exhibitors Winning Global Media Awards

(In descending order of the number of awards won)

Flaming River Industries Inc.—6
Antigravity Lithium Batteries—4
Comp Performance Group—4
Cooper Tire—4
Fox/BDS Suspension/Zone Offroad/ JKS Mfg/ RT Pro—4
ProCharger Supercharger Systems—4
Rock-Slide Engineering—4
Spider Tarp—4
ARB 4x4 Accessories—3
CFR Performance—3
Dakota Digital—3
Edelbrock LLC—3
Factor 55—3
Ford Motor Co.—3
Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels—3
Moton/AST Suspension—3
ProComp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/Poison Spyder/G2 Axle/Lrg Rims—3
Tein USA Inc.—3
Turbonetics/Precision Turbo & Engine—3
Aeromotive Inc.—2
AutoMeter —2
Baja Designs Inc.—2
Bishop Innovations, Hozeez—2
BOLT Lock—2
Bonding Solutions—2
Boxo USA—2
Classic Industries/OER—2
Dart Machinery Ltd.—2
Daystar Products—2
The Fuelbox—2
Green Filter USA—2
Holley/Powerteq Group—2
Innovative Components Inc.—2
ITW Evercoat—2
J.W. Speaker—2
K&N Engineering—2
Level Ride Air Suspension—2
MorRyde International Inc.—2
Optima Batteries—2
Papago Inc.—2
Rightline Gear—2
Specialty Auto Parts USA Inc./Proform—2
Tire Stickers—2
TKO Clamping Systems—2
The Tuning School—2
Up Down Air Systems LLC—2

Whistler Group—2
Wilwood Disc Brakes—2
AE Distributing—1
Air Zenith—1
Alcon Specialist Brakes & Clutches—1
Amsoil Inc.—1
APR/B&M Racing/Dinan/Flowmaster/Hurst Performance—1
ARP Inc. —1
Atturo Tire Corp. —1
AWA Composites—1
Baer Inc.—1
BBS of America Inc.—1
Bestop Inc.—1
C&R Advanced Cooling Technology—1
Car Mate USA/Razo—1
Champion Oil—1
Cobra Electronics—1
Continental Tire—1
Curt Group: Curt, Aries, Luverne, UWS—1
Dannmar Equipment—1
Ditch Hitch—1
Dynatrac Inc.—1
E-Motion USA—1
Energy Suspension—1
Fab Fours—1
Falcon Shocks—1
Firestone Ride-Rite—1
Focus Auto Design Inc.—1
FST Performance Carburetors—1
Full Throttle Battery—1
GC Cooling—1
Greenball Corp.—1
Heat-Max (2007) Inc.—1
Horizon Hobby—1
Hotchkis Sport Suspension—1
Huf North America—1
Hyperco - MW Industries—1
Icebox Performance—1
ICON Vehicle Dynamics—1
iDrive USA—1
JE Pistons—1
JMD Perfortubeshop—1
KNS/Grand General Accessories Manufacturer—1
Lock’er Down Security Products—1
Lokar Inc.—1
Lund International—1

Mahle Motorsports—1
Manton Pushrods—1
Max Trac Suspension—1Mayhew Tools—1
Metra Electronics Corp.—1
MGP Caliper Covers—1
MIG Buddy/GeorgeB Design—1
Monster Hooks Inc.—1Monti Tools Inc.—1
Mountain Off Road M.O.R.E.—1
Napier Enterprises—1
Newarc Tech LLC—1
NFS Sport International—1
NGR Performance—1
NotcHead—1NRG Innovations—1
NRG Offroad—1
Oracle Lighting—1
OTC Daihen Inc.—1
Patriot Campers—1
PerTronix LLC—1
PML Inc —1
Power Wiper—1Powermaster Performance—1
SOTA Offroad/Weld XT—1
SPA Technique Inc.—1
Spec-D Tuning—1
Speed Dawg Shift Knobs—1
Sprintex Superchargers—1
Stohd Outdoor—1
Swisstrax Modular Flooring—1
Thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America—1
Tire Keeper TPMS—1
Tomioka Racing—1
Top Speed—1
Truck Hero: OMIX-ADA/Rugged Ridge/SuperLift—1
True Spike Lug Nuts—1
TurboZentrum GmbH—1
Tyredog TPMS—1
Unisteer Performance—1
United Pacific Industries—1
VP Racing Fuels Inc.—1
Warn Industries Inc.—1
Wavetrac Differentials—1
Westin Automotive Products Inc.—1
Xtreme Mudder—1
Ying Paio Enterprise Co. Ltd.—1

First-Time Exhibitors Winning Global Media Awards

(In descending order of the number of awards won)

The Fuelbox—2
Innovative Components Inc.—2
The Tuning School—2
AWA Composites—1
Ditch Hitch—1

Falcon Shocks—1
FST Performance Carburetors—1
Heat-Max (2007) Inc.—1
Horizon Hobby—1
iDrive USA—1
JMD Perfortubeshop—1

Lock’er Down Security Products—1
Newarc Tech LLC—1
NGR Performance—1
Power Wiper—1
Stohd Outdoor—1
Ying Paio Enterprise Co. Ltd—1
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