Cool New AI Tools for Social-Media Marketing

SEMA News—December 2018


By Joe Dysart

Cool New AI Tools for Social-Media Marketing

A number of AI-driven social-media marketing suites have emerged to help polish text and optimize promotional campaigns.

As the mist clears on the great promises of artificial intelligence (AI), rubber-meets-the-road AI tools are beginning to emerge for social-media marketers who are looking for a gem-like polish on their text and full optimization of their campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like.

“In today’s competitive market, it is important to produce the best content possible to establish your brand, increase credibility and drive traffic,” said John Lahr, director of marketing and growth at Cortex (, maker of an AI-driven social-media marketing tool suite. “On a daily basis, there are approximately 2.4 million Google searches conducted, 2.3 million blogs published and more than a million websites created. The statistics speak for themselves, and the question still remains: How can marketers produce content that stands out and competes in this ever-thriving market?”

The answer, Lahr said, is AI.

Under the hood, many AI tools include sophisticated editors that rely on machine learning engines that continually read countless articles, posts, ads and other text to unearth the key elements, which ensure that your copy is the clearest, most sparkling and most persuasive possible.

Ideally, the beauty of these AI editors—when they work according to plan—is that they’re designed to continually and relentlessly read the kind of copy you’re looking for as well as keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. If all goes according to plan, the AI suites will ultimately put you in front of your competition by offering a digital alchemy of the best of what you’ve got and the best of what they’ve got.

“The process of understanding your audience and creating content for them takes time,” said Michael Biblan, marketing coordinator for Atomic Reach
(, another AI social-media marketing tool suite maker. “You have to continuously assess what is working and what is not and then use those insights to adapt your content strategy. That is where scoring content comes in: It lets you develop a stronger understanding of what your audience needs, how your content influences them, and how specific types of language effect them.”

The best-of-breed of those packages also come with a number of ancillary tools that social-media marketers have come to expect from such toolkits, including recommendations for the best time to post, the best hashtags to use, the best influencers to get to know and the like. There are literally dozens of AI-driven social-media marketing suites currently vying for your business, and now is the time to take more than a few for test drives to determine which one will work best for you.

Essentially, we are already living in the age of AI. To operate a business these days without AI-enhanced tools is akin to clutching the reigns of your horse-drawn carriage and giving those new-fangled motorcars the wait-and-see. That said, below is a representative sampling of what you’ll find in the world of AI-driven social-media marketing suites.

Sensai (, starts at $39 per month: Sensai is an AI-driven social-media marketing suite that includes an AI editor to help you create quick posts, longer text content and ads on social media. The software’s AI engine studies the audience you’re trying to target on all of the major social-media platforms and comes back with daily insights, suggestions and other recommendations to help you create the best content for your specific needs.

It also produces regular reports and charts for you on how your content is faring on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as all the other major social-media platforms, and it comes with more traditional tools found in social-media marketing tool suites, including post scheduling, best-time-to-post recommendations and hashtag suggestions.

Cortex (, call for pricing: Cortex’s suite also offers an AI editor on your shoulder that analyzes every piece of content you create and suggests enhancements for expert polishing. Cortex is designed to optimize 50 features common to any social-media post, including keywords, hashtags, timing, cadence and even the images to include with your copy.

Like Sensai, Cortex analyzes the posts and other content used by your competitors and ensures that your stuff is just as good—or even better. It will also give you insights on how your competitors’ posts are performing and compare that performance to your own content. And Cortex offers a special alert any time one of your posts—or your competitors’ posts—goes viral.

Driven by AI machine learning, the package is also designed to continually learn so that it will constantly get better at recommending the content that will work best for you on any given social-media platform.

Atomic Reach (, starts at $599 per month: This is yet another AI-driven content editor that closely analyzes any text you create and makes suggestions for enhanced clarity and readability. It also operates on a machine learning engine and is designed to get better at recommending changes over time.

MarketMuse (, call for pricing: Another AI editing suite to check out, MarketMuse also offers search-engine optimization for any text you create, including ensuring that your content pops up high in Google and similar searches and that people are linking to and sharing your content.

InsightPool (, call for pricing: Once you’ve settled on an AI social-media marketing suite that works for you, you’ll want to check out InsightPool. This service continually crawls the web, monitoring the content of more than 600 million influencers—including bloggers, reporters, editors, YouTube stars and the like. Those are the kinds of people who can give your posts new legs simply by a mention or a link.

All told, InsightPool monitors more than 100 social-media networks, enabling you to ferret out all the popular networks that will work for you—as well as the more obscure networks that offer more specialized audiences that are a perfect match for your business.

You can use InsightPool to search for influencers and audiences based on demographics, topics, location and similar variables, and you can use the tool to quickly identify trending conversations on social media that are a good match for what you’re trying to sell or message about.

InsightPool also offers a return-on-investment analysis tool that you can use to generate reports substantiating your social-media marketing efforts to those people in the corner offices. Those reports include success metrics such as total impressions, click rates, and the number of influencers talking about your company.

Joe Dysart is an internet speaker and business consultant based in Manhattan.


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