SEMA Legislation

SEMA News—May 2018


By John Santos

SEMA Legislation

In any given year, scores of legislative and regulatory issues arise that may impact the automotive aftermarket and SEMA-member businesses. Staying up-to-date on everything happening in Washington, D.C., and in state governments can be a challenge. The SEMA Government Affairs team is dedicated to advocating on behalf of the industry and monitoring legislation and regulations. In addition to hosting a Washington Rally where members meet with elected officials, SEMA issues legislative alerts throughout the year and advocates for the industry in D.C. and in the state capitals. Members can stay up to date on important legislative issues by participating in the SEMA Action Network and the Political Action Committee. Members can also turn to articles such as those below to learn even more about related legislative issues and stay fully informed.


TurnologyIn his op-ed piece, Tom Stahler, a proponent of the RPM Act, described his attempts to personally contact California lawmakers to discuss the bill and the tepid responses he received. He also encouraged readers to support the bill by contacting their members of Congress using SEMA’s online form.

The Shop

The ShopImmediately after the U.S. tax code was overhauled, SEMA hosted a free webinar and put together information on the changes the new law would bring to U.S. businesses. The Shop relayed the information to its audience of performance, restyling and customizing professionals.

Hemmings Daily

HemmingsIt has been two years since the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act was approved, but replica-car production remains on hold due to the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Daniel Strohl reported on the causes of the holdup and what SEMA and other proponents are doing to expedite its implementation.

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“Please sign up for SEMA SAN. It’s free to receive information on important legislation regarding the auto industry.”Blacktop Magazine, via Facebook


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