SEMA’s Legal Affairs

SEMA News—December 2017


By John Santos

SEMA’s Legal Affairs

Some legislative initiatives can have a huge effect on the automotive aftermarket, impacting the way products are made, distributed and marketed. Because of those risks, SEMA’s government affairs department—which also includes the SEMA Action Network and the SEMA Political Action Committee—was created to continually fight unjust legislation that hinders the association’s members and the aftermarket industry as a whole. The publications below covered some of SEMA’s recent efforts to stamp out legislative threats.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod MagazineThe Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act ensures that transforming motor vehicles into race cars used in competition does not violate the Clean Air Act. When it was reintroduced in the U.S. Senate this year, Hot Rod was quick to inform its readers about how to reach their representatives in an effort to support the act.


Ford Muscle

Ford MuscleIn an article for Ford Muscle, Lauren Camille reported on how SEMA was able to successfully shut down HB 2877, a bill proposed in the state of Oregon that would have charged the owners of 20-year-old vehicles $1,000 every five years. A bill like HB 2877 could prevent vehicles such as Camaros or Trans Ams from earning classic-car status.


USA Today

USA TodayMarco della Cava wrote an article on replica cars for USA Today readers and mentioned the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, a law that SEMA has pursued that will enable small automakers to construct up to 325 replica cars annually of vehicles that are at least 25 years old.


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