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Product and Catalog Showcase

Advanced Measurement Systems Inc.   AMP Research

Advanced Measurement SystemsAdvanced Measurement Systems is the collision-repair industry’s leading innovator, specializing in laser measurement systems. From our established best in the industry, Eclipse (seen on “Graveyard Carz”), with red laser smart targets, 3D Graphics and 32-ft. range, to our new SPECTRE with a first certified measurement results! As seen on “Motorhead Garage,” SPECTRE has 3D graphics, passive targets and features a cordless, single-line green laser scanner, Bluetooth compatibility and an extended 40-ft. range. Both systems offer self-calibration 4x/second, measurement certification and list prices lower than the competition.

SEMA Booth #16121


PowerStep for Vans and CUVs

AMP ResearchThe AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Board has always been designed with passengers in mind—to provide the most natural stepping platform into and out of the vehicle. The latest PowerStep for vans and CUVs is designed to deploy out from the vehicle for an ideal stepping platform.

Regular hinged and sliding doors now trigger the PowerStep to deploy, which then hides safely out of sight when the doors close for improved ground clearance, aerodynamics and appearance.


Bushwacker   Bushwacker

SkyView Soft Top

Skyview Soft TopBushwacker has perfected the flare market and is now taking Jeep soft tops to the next level. There is no need to ever remove your soft top, with the exclusive fold-back/fold-forward design that allows you to have a sunroof open air feeling for your front and rear passengers. The SkyView is made of durable black 30-oz. heavy three-layer twill material with a soft finished interior. The windows are thick, 40-mil. tinted with oversized zippers.

  Color-Matching OE-Style Flares

Color-Matching OE-Style FlaresBushwacker is expanding its popular OE-style fender flare to a color-matching offering.

These Bushwacker fender flares offer a clean OE trim design that blends with the truck, while providing fender and door protection from road debris.



Bushwacker   Competition Wheel
Aluminum JK Tube Flares–Uncoated

Aluminum JK Tube Flares–UncoatedBushwacker Aluminum JK Tube Flares are now available without the powder coat finish, making them ready for paint or powder-coating. The flare design provides the strength and durability of steel, but without the weight. These aluminum fender flares increase tire clearance and protect your Jeep from road debris. Custom LED side marker lights are included and mount in a tucked location away from trail dangers.


Spine Wheel

Spine WheelThe Spine wheel from the RTX Off Road series truly defines the spirit of a pickup truck wheel. With eight spokes, a deep lip, machined bolts on the edge of the lip and milled portions in each spoke, it is offered in 17-, 18- and 20-in. diameters with four different finishes for all makes and models of pickup trucks.

The dimensions are perfect for a pickup on OEM suspensions and tires.

Competition Wheel   Distinctive Industries
Assassin Wheel

Assassin WheelThe Assassin wheel is part of the R-Spec series and it redefines the notions of pushing the limits and audacious styling. The machined accents on the spokes and the inside lip accent the visual highlight of the wheel that is the lip with the inserted rivets. Offered in 20-in. diameter with a 9-in. width for front fitment and an aggressive 10.5-in. for rear fitment, the Assassin is a perfect choice for a lowered car with large fenders.

  Front Door Panels

Front Door PanelsDistinctive Industries’ ’70–’77 Ford Maverick Front Door Panels are a correct reproduction of the original. It offers original Corinthian-grain vinyl with woodgrain inserts (where applicable) and correct dielectrically heat-sealed patterns. All door panels are perimeter stapled to poly-coated “autoboard” for maximum adhesion and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Design Engineering Inc.   Eagle Abrasives Inc.
Boom Mat Black Underhood Thermal Acoustic Lining

Underhood Thermal Acoustic LiningBoom Mat now offers its popular Underhood Thermal Acoustic Lining in black. With a cool carbon-fiber look, it insulates the underside of the hood to protect paint while reducing noise and vibration for a cooler, quieter and more comfortable ride. Made of 1/2-in. thick, high-quality industrial acoustical-grade material, it is mold and mildew resistant and easy to install. Simply peel and stick. Size: 32- x 59-in. (13 sq. ft.) size. Part number 050129.


Super Assilex System

Super Assilex SystemThe hottest sanding system everyone is talking about….Super Assilex—the perfect sanding medium for today’s advanced painting technology. Fast and uniform coverage with extremely shallow scratches—a result from the combinations of Ultra Flexible bonding and Super Sharp abrasives. Ideal for light sanding on all types of surfaces that demand shallow scratches, uniform finish and still can be done in the shortest time.

Design Engineering Inc.   Elongator Tailgates

DEI Easy Loom Split Line Sleeves

DEI Easy Loom Split Line SleevesDEI Easy Loom Split Line Sleeves are available in new sizes from 6 ft. to 20 ft. length and 5mm to 38mm in diameter. No splicing is required. A time saver for wrapping wires, cables or hoses, they can be used for installing aftermarket lights, replacing OEM wire looms or to cover a wiring harness. They are heat and chemical resistant and maintain integrity at a continuous 375°F temperature. Great for dressing up an engine bay.


All-in-One Tailgate System

All-in-One-Tailgate SystemIntroducing the first-ever all-in-one tailgate system that can stretch your truck bed, extend and lock at 180° and 210° and ramp load just about anything with wheels. So move over sliced bread, because the next big thing is here. This is about a truck doing something no truck has ever done before. This is a truck doing more than anyone could’ve imagined. This is the Elongator—built for more.

Equalizer   Equalizer

Glass-Removal Tools

Glass-Removal ToolsEqualizer is the leading manufacturer of auto glass removal tools. Our catalog contains all the products you will need for a successful auto glass removal and installation, such as: widshields, vents, black glass, roof glass, quarter glass and door glass. We offer a wide variety of products ranging from air-powered, electric and battery powered cut-out knives to hand-tools for trim and panel removals. We also carry a variety of wire and cord-removal tools to eliminate body, paint, moulding and glass damages when working on cars. No matter the job, skill or budget, we have the right tools for you!


The Raptor

The RaptorThe Equalizer Raptor is a cord and wire auto glass-removal device designed from the ground up to dramatically improve the power of the vacuum cup with the integration of our AirForce Constant Vacuum Cups. This technology has been specifically developed by Equalizer to create a quick placement and constant vacuum to the glass so the Raptor stays in place and resists sliding.

The Raptor is powerful, small, light and easy to maneuver on all types of auto glass.

Gema   Lord Corporation

GemaGema is a pioneer in powdercoating-equipment technology, offering customers the confidence and expertise that comes with being the industry’s global leader. Gema equipment is durable, flexible and engineered to last, providing increased performance, greater efficiency and a better return on investment. Product offerings include manual and automatic spray guns and booths, fast color-change equipment, gun movers, control systems and other ancillary equipment.



Fusor Aftermarket RepairLord Corporation’s Fusor Aftermarket Repair adhesives is a full line of high-performance adhesives, sealers and foams designed to meet your restoration and collision-repair needs. We are the “adhesive experts” offering OEM-approved, superior products through an extensive distribution network. We offer technical training to ensure successful application and reduced cycle times.

Stop by SEMA Show booth #16523, to learn more.

800-234-FUSOR (3876)



Summit Ridge 2.0 Running Board

Summit Ridge 2.0 Running BoardLUND continues to advance style and functionality with the new Summit Ridge 2.0 Running Boards.

Replacing the popular Summit Ridge, the new Summit Ridge 2.0 is made from 304 stainless steel and designed to complement the modern lines of today’s trucks and SUVs.

  Universal Roof Rack

Universal Roof RackAdd more storage to your truck or SUV without the weight. The all-aluminum design is reinforced and can mount to SUV roof cross bars, or truck door jambs using a no-drill mounting kit. The product includes a 40-in. dual-row LED light with a wiring kit and light cover. The rack is designed for mounting rear LED lights as well.

Madico Window Films   Motor Guard

ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film

ClearPlex Windshield Protection FilmClearPlex by Madico is an optically clear, impact-resistant, exterior film product that is applied to a vehicle’s windshield to absorb the impact of rocks and other road debris, leaving windshields in pristine condition. From luxury automobiles to truck fleets, ClearPlex protects the integrity of vehicles by reducing the need for windshield replacement. Additional benefits of the film include the ability to block 99%-plus of UV rays and faster run-offs of rain and snow.


Motor Guard - Flexible Sanding Blocks

Motor Guard - Flexible Sanding BlocksIn three shapes, these firm and flexible bars handle detail sanding applications. Packaged in a see-through pegboard display of all three blocks, the AP-6 Flexi-Block. The assortment is a perfect addition for a display area. These new blocks are constructed of a dense yet flexible compound that allows bending to suit body profiles while maintaining a firm and durable backing for highly effective sanding. The new blocks are available in three styles, the Rectangular Block (FB-1) for flat sanding and tight corners, the Double D Block (FB-2) with radiused sides for sanding inside contours, and the Curved Block (FB-3) for complex body lines and details.

ProCharger Superchargers   ProCharger Superchargers

’17 Camaro ZL1 LT4 (Includes 1LE Models)

’17 Camaro ZL1 LT4ProCharger now offers air-to-air intercooled superchargers for 6th-Gen ’17 ZL1 Camaros with the LT4 engine, including the track-focused 1LE models. Offering easy bolt-on installation with gains of 100+ hp vs. the factory PD blower at the same boost level, and easy upgradability to more boost and 1,200+ max hp, ProCharger is regarded as the Ultimate Power Adder. Includes OEM fit and finish with no permanent modifications needed; a centrifugal head unit along with both a custom sheetmetal intake manifold; and a front mount intercooler. The result: consistent, repeatable power gains.

SEMA Show Booth #23819


’17 5.3/6.2L GM Truck/SUV

’17 5.3/6.2L GM Truck/SUVProCharger, the supercharging leader for nearly 25 years, now offers air-to-air intercooled supercharger kits for ’16–’17 5.3L and 6.2L GM trucks/SUVs. These robust intercooled system utilize a highly efficient self-contained P-1SC-1 head unit that adds 45%–50% more horsepower with just 8 psi. Higher boost levels and horsepower gains are possible with a Tuner Kit and custom tuning. Satin, polished and black finish options available for brackets and supercharger.

SEMA Show Booth #23819

ProCharger Superchargers    ProCharger Superchargers
’18 Mustang GT and GT350 (Includes R Model)

’18 Mustang GT and GT350 Bolt on 300 hp, taking power to 735+ hp, on an otherwise stock Mustang GT running premium pump gas with a ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger System. With easy installation using basic hand tools and no permanent modifications, the supercharger and drive system are capable of supporting even higher hp levels with additional engine and fuel-system modifications. Using the same main bracket, 1,200+ hp potential is within reach. There is no bolt-on modification or combination of modifications that deliver the kind of raw performance, reliability, and consistency right out of the box as a ProCharger.

SEMA Show Booth #23819


’17 SRT Grand Cherokee and 5.7L

’17 SRT Grand Cherokee and 5.7LOffering more than 700 hp on tap and 0–60 times reduced a full second from stock—performance that rivals even the ’18 Trackhawk for both power and acceleration—is it any wonder that ProCharger is the ultimate bolt-on modification for the SRT Grand Cherokee and 5.7L? With basic hand tools and an afternoon in the garage you can have a supercharged SUV that puts exotic hyper-cars to shame at the stoplight—all fully reversible and with no permanent modifications. Thanks to the worry-free air-to-air intercooler and highly efficient supercharger, reliable, high-horsepower performance is only a phone call away.

SEMA Show Booth #23819

ProCharger Superchargers   ProCharger Superchargers
’17 C7 and C7 Z06 Corvette

’17 C7 and C7 Z06 CorvetteThe LT engines in the C7 platform are fierce powerhouses, engineered with stout internals and the potential to handle pavement rippling power. Unlock their potential for reliability with a ProCharger. With OEM fit/finish and no permanent modifications needed, on the Z06 ProCharger replaces the factory positive displacement blower with a centrifugal head unit and includes both a custom sheetmetal intake manifold and front-mount intercooler. The result? An extra 115 hp over stock at just 10 psi running premium pump gas. Using the same main bracket, the system can grow with your appetite for power to 1,600 hp and beyond.

SEMA Show Booth #23819


F3X-143 (3,500+ hp) and Racing Bellmouths

F3X-143 and Racing BellmouthsBoth on the street or on the track, for nearly 25 years ProCharger has earned its reputation as the Ultimate Power Adder. Pushing the envelope of what was once thought possible, ProCharger’s latest F-Series head units are now putting out 3,500+ hp (more than three times a Bugatti Veyron). When paired with a precision CNC-machined Racing Bellmouth, your engine will be breathing like never before.

SEMA Show Booth #23819

ProSport Gauges   Racelogic

ProSport GaugesProsport Gauges is the industry’s fastest growing gauge company specializing in affordable high-performance gauges. Our newest series, JDM (Japanese Dual Movement) is now available in 21/16-in.(52mm) size and features easy-to-read dual-display (analog and digital) as well as a fully programmable warning feature built right into the gauge. This high-performance gauge starts at just $80 and includes a 1-year warranty and free tech support for life!


RacelogicVBOX VIDEO HD2 captures stunning video in full 1080p HD with real-time graphical overlay. Supplied in a rugged, water-resistant case, with two cameras, internal GPS logger, backup battery supply, up to 30s video pre-buffer and real-time graphical overlay, VBOX VIDEO HD2 represents the ultimate in tough, reliable motor-sports video loggers. VBOX VIDEO HD2 comes with circuit tools and an intuitive analysis software package designed to help drivers improve their track performance and accelerate the learning process.

Rampage   Rampage
Rock Rage JK Bumper

Rock Rage JK BumperRampage extends its Rock Rage Bumper category with the new winch-ready front bumper for the JK and JKU. Designed with hard lines and raised angled ends for superior off-road abuse. Built with 3/16-in. steel and features an integrated winch plate and round bull bar with light tabs. The Rock Rage Bumper includes reinforced D-ring mounts and 4-in. receptacles that will allow the installation of OE fog lights.

  New Trail Can Colors

New Trail Can ColorsRampage adds two new colors to their popular Trail Cans. The clever toolbox disguised as a traditional 5-gal. Gerry Can is now available in military green and black along with the original red color. The Trail Can utility toolbox provides additional storage for tools and other utility items in a durable, lockable steel container. The hinged top lid and full-front hinged door allow for easy access and full-function storage drawers.

Trick Flow Specialties   Roll-N-Lock

Trick Flow SpecialtiesTrick Flow Specialties doesn’t just sell high performance—they design it from scratch. The parts are fully engineered, tested and dyno proven to deliver phenomenal out-of-the-box power on Chevrolet, Ford and MOPAR engines. Increase your sales today by stocking these premium-quality and affordably priced high performance engine components.

toll-free 888-841-6556
330-633-2504 fax

  Electric Retractable Truck Bed Cover

Electric Retractable Truck Bed CoverThe E-Series electric retractable tonneau cover includes all the advantages of the A-Series, but also opens and closes with a simple push of a button. The wireless key fob allows the cover to stop and lock anywhere along the bed, and also operates the integrated LED bed light. The cover also includes a patent-pending theft-resistant hinge, pressure-sensitive stop and emergency release cable for manual opening.


New Camouflage Patterns

New Camouflage PatternsNew popular Camouflage patterns are now available in the Stampede product offering. Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, as well as RealTree Max-5 and Xtra add to the finish lineup for sidewind deflectors, hood shields and fender flares. Protect and personalize your vehicle with a variety of products and finishes that fit your lifestyle.




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