With Your Help, RPM Act Victory Is Achievable This Year

SEMA News—April 2017


With Your Help, RPM Act Victory Is Achievable This Year

Chris KerstingHere’s the situation: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently considers converting a street car or motorcycle into a race vehicle a violation of the Clean Air Act, and the sale and installation of parts used to convert a vehicle are deemed illegal as well. An amendment to the Clean Air Act, in the form of the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act now pending in Congress, would reverse that EPA position and permanently eliminate any question about the legality of racing conversions.

Legislators introduced the RPM Act last year, prompting enthusiasts and those working in the motorsports parts industry to flood Congress with nearly 200,000 letters in support of the bill. However, the bill was not put to a vote last year before Congress adjourned for the fall elections.

Now that we have a new Congress, the RPM Act is back on the docket, and we need you to again flood the offices of Capitol Hill with messages supporting passage of the law. We have already reached out to key legislators and media to advance this initiative, but when legislators receive direct contact from voters in their states and districts, they take notice.

Our community has a powerful voice when we all speak together. And the current climate in Washington, D.C., is as good as it will ever be to pass this bill into law. That is why each of us, as individuals and companies in this industry, need to act now and get this important legislation signed into law.

A quick and meaningful first step is to again contact your lawmakers and make known how important this issue is to you and the industry. Just visit www.sema.org/rpm. There, you will find an easy way to send letters to your U.S. Senators and Representatives seeking support of the RPM Act. It takes only a minute to complete, and every letter counts!

Another powerful way to impact the political process is to join fellow SEMA members in Washington, D.C., for the SEMA Washington Rally on May 17. The Rally is your opportunity to demonstrate to Congressional lawmakers the importance and strength of the $39 billion automotive specialty-equipment industry.

The Rally affords a unique opportunity for SEMA members to connect face to face with their legislators on Capitol Hill and inform them of the issues that matter most to you, your community and your business. At last year’s Rally, SEMA members were able to personally secure key co-sponsors for the RPM Act from among their Congressional representatives. This year, that kind of work still needs to be done. We urge you to join us in Washington, D.C., in May. To register, contact SEMA PAC and Congressional Relations Director Christian Robinson at 202-751-8507 or by email at christianr@sema.org.

You may be one of the many supporters who took action to send a letter supporting the RPM Act in 2016. Here in 2017, we need your support once again. It is critical that the new Congress hears from you. We need the entire enthusiast community and industry to again contact federal lawmakers to request support for the RPM Act of 2017.

Remember, the RPM Act is the only way we can ensure that the American tradition of motorsports—not to mention the livelihood for millions of industry employees—will be preserved for generations to come.

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