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SEMA News—March 2017


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18 Ford F-150


18 GMC Terrain

2018 Ford F-150

  GMC Terrain
2018 Ford F-150   GMC Terrain

This is the ’18 Ford F-150. The best-selling vehicle will get some cosmetic changes to keep it visually interesting as its tech gets updated underneath.

The front end emulates the Super Duty two-bar design but adds some softer design cues. The tailgate also gets a redesign, with a new handle and a more subdued look without a visible crease.

Many F-150 models should be offered with the 10-speed automatic. A revised EcoBoost V6 engine should provide more power and efficiency than before. A V6 diesel should also appear in time for the facelift, although the plaed gas-electric hybrid version may be further off.


This is the ’18 GMC Terrain. The Terrain continues with a blunter nose that is in line with GMC’s styling of late. It also appears that it will be more truck-like than the Equinox and has a different greenhouse, with less of a negative rake going back.

The beltline seems to follow suit with the recently debuted Acadia, where it rises gradually toward the C-pillar.

Unique LED strips up front also differentiate it from its platform-sharing sibling.

Engines will likely consist of the 2.5L four in the Terrain and possibly a turbo four or small V6.

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