SEMA Garage Is Your One-Stop Shop

SEMA News—September 2016


SEMA Garage Is Your One-Stop Shop

By Monika Earle

The automotive consumer and trade media have taken note of the many benefits offered by the SEMA Garage and how manufacturers looking to streamline their research-and-development processes and increase profitability are turning to the SEMA facility. A full-service photo cove, training center, 3D scanning and printing and a complete Technology Transfer program are just some of the many services offered by the Garage.

The articles below represent just a portion of the coverage detailing the utility of the SEMA Garage. If you haven’t already read these articles, you won’t want to miss them.

Mustangs and

Although this publication is targeted to consumers, Rob Kinnan’s article featuring the SEMA Garage is valuable to those who own a shop or parts company. Kinnan stated in his article: “If you own a shop or parts company and have been on the fence about joining [SEMA], here’s another reason to do it.”

Kinnan went into detail about the different services available in the Garage and also included vehicle photos taken in the SEMA Garage’s photo studio.


Unless you’ve actually visited the SEMA Garage in person and have seen the services firsthand, it can be difficult to fully comprehend all the amenities available.

MOPAR Max did a great job of telling the behind-the-scenes story of the SEMA Garage and how both industry businesses and consumers benefit.

This is a must-read for anyone who has never stepped foot in the building. After reading it, you’ll want to contact the SEMA Garage to schedule your own personal tour!


When Hellwig released an entire product line for the new ’16 Toyota Tacoma, RV Business highlighted the company’s product.

What made the story unique was that Hellwig worked with SEMA and Toyota to preview the vehicle before its public release, thereby making it possible for consumers to have completed products quickly.

SEMA works with automakers throughout the year to provide manufacturing members with exclusive access to vehicles before their public release.

Heard in Social Media

“The SEMA Garage is a great reason to be a SEMA member. The emissions dyno, the computing power, the FARO arm, 3D programming and 3D printing, two photo booths, classrooms, etc.”—Ed Tillrock via Twitter

“ICON recently had the chance to spend some time in the SEMA Garage going over the all-new ’16 Nissan Titan, and from what we’ve seen so far, this truck is looking solid!”—ICON Vehicle Dynamics via Twitter

“Ready for the SEMA Garage and our first California emissions certificate.”—Mallett Cars via Twitter

“Our mustard truck shot by the amazing Travis Haight in the SEMA Garage studio.”—Max Grundy via Facebook


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