Media Flock to SEMA Members in UAE

SEMA News—August 2016


By Monika Earle

Media Flock to SEMA Members in UAE

As worldwide interest and enthusiasm for vehicle customization grows, SEMA is right there in some of the most promising international markets to help its manufacturers deliver the products sought by enthusiasts around the world. One of the most exciting markets is in the Middle East where SEMA organizes a trade-only SEMA section at the annual Custom Show Emirates in Abu Dhabi. Approximately 40 U.S. manufacturers were able to meet one-on-one with pre-vetted buyers from 10 countries in the region. SEMA’s international activities are garnering regional media attention, as seen below.

The automotive-based blog noted that the Custom Show Emirates was the only event in the region that had official SEMA participation and was attended by retailers and wholesalers from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and India.

For SEMA members looking to expand into the area, the event is “designed to create opportunities for U.S. manufacturers to meet buyers from [Gulf Cooperation Council] countries” is vitally important.


The Jordan TimesThe Jordan Times

The Jordan Times reported on the growth of the event, stating that there was increased attendance and participation and, most notably, “a pavilion of some 50 companies representing the Specialty Equipment Market Association.”

The article continued by noting how unique the show was, thereby resulting in a “crowd-pleasing Abu Dhabi custom car show.”
The Gulf TodayThe Gulf Today

The Gulf Today also noted that the 2016 Custom Show Emirates was bigger and more exciting than it had been the previous year, quoting organizers as saying that “if you are a motoring aficionado, you cannot miss this landmark motoring event.”

Among the highlights that made 2016 better than ever were activities such as the SEMA Garage and the SEMA Pavilion. also reported that the Custom Show Emirates was among the biggest custom car and bike shows in all of the Middle East.

The website further detailed how the Show serves as a business-to-business and business-to-consumer platform that connects suppliers and retailers of aftermarket products with SEMA members. The inclusion of the SEMA Garage also wowed the crowd.



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