Wiesman and Smith: New ARMO Leadership

SEMA Member News – July/August 2016

By Katie Carson

Wiesman and Smith: New ARMO Leadership

  Erika Wiesman
Erika Wiesman of Hydro-E-Lectric is the new chair for ARMO.

The Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) has new leadership as of July 1. Erika Wiesman of Hydro-E-Lectric Inc. moves into the chair position, and Tray Smith of H&H Classic Parts is the new chair-elect.

The select committee plays a vital role in the progression of the restoration market, utilizing SEMA resources in the form of programs, legislative updates and opportunities for restoration professionals to connect. The individuals who make up the select committee are volunteer industry professionals who have been elected by their peers to serve their segment.

Wiesman is the co-owner of Hydro-E-Lectric Inc., a company specializing in convertible tops and power-window parts. Wiesman wears multiple hats for the company but mainly concentrates on sales, marketing and company growth. While the company is fairly new to SEMA, its owners saw the value in ARMO and became a member right away, in addition to joining the association.

Smith is the co-owner and vice president of H&H Classic Parts, overseeing all sales, marketing and inventory for the company. Smith has had a rich background of involvement with SEMA, beginning as a volunteer with the Young Executives Network and then transitioning to ARMO.

“I have always enjoyed working within SEMA,” Smith said. “I wanted to help lend my voice to help solve the problems and concerns in our industry.”

Tray Smith
Tray Smith of H&H Classic Parts moves into the chair-elect position for ARMO.

During his first term serving on ARMO’s select committee, Smith was the communications taskforce chairman, and legislative chairman during his second term. He has also served as the booth-car taskforce chairman for the ARMO/HRIA booth at the SEMA Show. SEMA Member News recently spoke with Wiesman and Smith about their work with ARMO.

SEMA Member News: Why are you involved with ARMO?

Erika Wiesman: I want to be a part of something bigger than myself—everyone coming together and putting their differences and competitive companies aside to work on industry issues. Doing something for the greater good of the industry is rewarding.

Tray Smith: I felt that I could make a difference on our council and have enjoyed success during my time with ARMO.

SMN: What have you gained or learned from your council involvement?

EW: I have gained a huge network of businesses and friends. I have learned about how involved SEMA is with legislative issues. There is more going on with our Washington, D.C., office than people realize.

TS: I have had a real-eye opening experience within the legislative world and how it works and how our council and SEMA as a whole can help shape policy at the state and federal levels.

SMN: What do you hope to accomplish during your term?

EW: ARMO has changed direction, and we are trying to bring more value to our members. I would like to continue in that direction as well as to see where we can contribute in engaging the youth in the automotive industry.

TS: As chair-elect, I hope to help our chair continue our current mission.

SMN: Have you had any mentors who shaped the professional you are today?

EW: First and foremost, my dad, Paul Wiesman. Also Dennis Roberts (my chair when I was chair-elect) from Distinctive Industries, and Mitch Williams from RPUI.

TS: Yes, Alex Tainsh from RPUI, the late John Menzler from COMP Cams, Rick Love from Vintage Air, and John McLeod from Classic Instruments.

SMN: What is your favorite quote?

EW: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

TS: “If ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.”

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