Restyling & Car Care Accessories

SEMA News—July 2016

Restyling & Car Care Accessories

By SEMA News Editors

The 2015 Car Care And Restyling New Products

Fresh, Innovations to Restore and Repair Damaged Vehicles

The Collision Repair and Refinish category of the 2015 New Products Showcase featured 125 product entries, up 44% from the 2014 Show. Exhibitors introduced specialized tools, the latest equipment and innovative supplies for technicians to use in professional paint and body shops, many of which were developed to help repair shops cope with the ongoing move to low VOC repair methods. On the following pages, we’ve assembled a listing of Collision Repair & Refinish new products from the new Products Showcase of the 2015 SEMA Show.

Mystic Spray WaxWizards Products
Mystic Spray Wax

Wizards’ nano technology takes users far beyond outdated Carnauba waxes with instant bonding and relentless water beading on all paint types. Outstanding gloss, clarity, depth and durability in a new 8-oz. travel size.

PN: 1233


Mystic Nano WaxWizards Products
Mystic Nano Wax

Ultra finish with extreme gloss, slickness and protection. Use as a standalone or as a finishing/waxing step using the Wizard 21 Big Throw Orbital Polisher.

PN: 11039


Mystic Cut CompoundWizards Products
Mystic Cut Compound

Wizards’ smart-abrasive technology provides progressive cutting action and extreme gloss finishing in one bottle. Cuts, polishes, finishes and shines without the gritty mess. New 8-oz. size labeled for the Wizard 21 Big Throw Polisher.

PN: 11038


EZ-ReachWD-40 Co.

With an 8-in. flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape, WD-40 EZ-Reach helps users reach the unreachable in tight spaces, around engines and more.

PN: HB040


Lamb Chop Four-Piece KitBraun Automotive
Lamb Chop Four-Piece Kit

Lamb Chop kit comes with four brushes, a foam pad cleaning brush, a ½-in. nylon brush, a horse-hair upholstery brush and a wax pad applicator cleaning brush.



Big Throw polisherWizards Products
The Wizard 21 Big Throw Polisher

The Wizard 21 Big Throw Polisher comes in a sturdy and descriptive box to help the customer identify and clearly understand usage of the product.

The bright and vibrant graphics enhance the well-known Wizards Products brand and will work as a great selling tool for any store, shop or retail location.

PN: DAP0121


Impostor Wheel SkinCoast to Coast International
Impostor Wheel Skin

The Impostor series is a chrome-plated ABS liner that fits over and onto the OEM wheel it was designed for.



Rain-X Latitude Water-Repellency Wiper BladesAero Detailing Products
Fusion Polymer-Infused Carnauba Wax

Aero-Fusion is a polymer-infused Carnauba soft paste wax that brings together the innovative technology of polymer and the deep, luscious shine of Carnauba. Aero-Fusion provides gloss and paint protection for up to six months. Aero-Fusion was formulated for aircraft but is said to be perfect for cars.

PN: 9001


Rain-X Latitude Water-Repellency Wiper BladesITW Global Brands
Rain-X Latitude Water-Repellency Wiper Blades

Rain-X Latitude water-repellency wiper blades deliver the proven wipe quality of Rain-X Latitude blades but now have water-repellency benefits for even better driving visibility.

PN: Various


Seat GapperDash Designs
Seat Gapper

The Seat Gapper (patent pending) compresses to fill the gap between the front seat and center console to stop objects from falling down.

The elastic strap fits securely over the seatbelt receptacle. A convenient cell phone/accessory pocket stores pens, pencils and even a cell phone.


Grille OverlayCoast to Coast International
Grille Overlay

GI131 is a four-piece CCI grille overlay that fits directly over and onto the ’15 Ford F-150 XLT grille.

CCI grille overlays provide installation professionals with a quality restyling option for dealer installations and retail customers.

PN: GI131


Impostor Wheel SkinCoast to Coast International
Impostor Wheel Skin

The Impostor series is a chrome-plated ABS liner that fits over and onto the OEM wheel it was designed for.



Gumout 3-in-1 Power Sports Fuel-System TreatmentITW Global Brands
Gumout 3-in-1 Power Sports Fuel-System Treatment

Gumout’s 3-in-1 Power Sports fuel-system treatment is specially designed for sporting vehicles throughout the season.

Gumout says that 3-in-1 is perfect for jet skis, motorcycles and ATVs.

PN: 510048


Lip KitAll-Fit Automotive
Lip Kit

The universal All-Fit Automotive Lip Kit. Built to flex and form to any shaped bumper or side skirts, yet durable enough to withstand and protect from curbs and scrapes.

While scraping, the All-Fit Lip Kit flexes underneath the bumper to protect the vehicle and then returns to its original shape afterword. Also, use as fender flares. Lower, enhance and protect.



Arches Tread Brite Running BoardWillmore Manufacturing Inc.
Arches Tread Brite Running Board

The Arches aluminum running board is created by mounting laser-cut and CNC-formed .080 Tread Brite to a polished, 3-in., stainless-steel tube. It’s Willmore’s newest addition to its powerhouse line.

PN: C14515RC-TB


Metal Polishing KitBuffPro
Metal Polishing Kit

The BuffPro metal polishing kit includes one BuffPro buffer, one heavy-cut wool pad, one polishing wool pad and one SLW finishing wool pad.

Also includes 1 lb. each of Nuvite NuShine II graded metal polish system, grade-F9 heavy-cutting compound, grade-C polishing compound and grade-S finishing compound. Includes free shipping.

PN: 80018003


Saddleblanket Car Seat-Cover FabricChina Shinetex Ltd.
Saddleblanket Car Seat-Cover Fabric

Fire repellent (FR-FMVSS302), made of polyester/pp, strong fabric, durable for car seat cover.

Contact China Shinetex Ltd. for UV-finish, water-repellent coating lamination or any other specification needed.

PN: 4


Nylon Stretch Fleece Fabric Car CoverChina Shinetex Ltd.
Nylon Stretch Fleece Fabric Car Cover

Fire repellent (FR-FMVSS302), made of nylon, with fleece backing to protect car paint. Width 160 cm to 185 cm. If needed for outdoor use, contact China Shinetex Ltd. Company will do UV finish, water repellency or any other specification needed.

PN: 1


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