ETTN Benefits Portfolio

SEMA Member News – July/August 2016

By Katie Carson

ETTN Benefits Portfolio

  ETTN Benefits
The ETTN provides programs and facilitates conversations on the latest automotive aftermarket trends and technology to drive the industry forward.

The Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN), a community of engineers, product developers, programmers, designers and company owners, has been one of the fastest-growing SEMA networks since its inception in 2013, reaching more than 100 members within the first six months. The foundation for this community is to identify, understand and communicate emerging trends and technologies to help members improve. The leadership of the group understands that, in today’s world, technology and automotive trends are ever evolving, and it can be difficult for professionals to stay up-to-date. ETTN has put together programs, events and opportunities for its members to remain active in their industry and understand the latest trends.

ETTN Tech Alerts

The network is excited to announce that it is rolling out a new program entitled Vehicle Technology Resource Alerts, powered by ETTN. The ETTN is working closely with SEMA Vice President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak to produce monthly updates on new technologies hitting the market. These resource alerts are strictly informational and are designed to inform the membership of new trends and provide the facts. Content for each alert will vary but can include photos, links to articles and videos.

Once a month, the ETTN will alert its members about the latest trends driving our industry forward. Look for the Vehicle Technology Resource Alerts through ETTN outlets that include LinkedIn, SEMA eNews and Facebook. The alerts will be housed and archived on the SEMA Garage website at The goal is to capture technology trends from all facets of the market and provide an added benefit for automotive engineering professionals.

Tech Talks

To support the ETTN’s education initiative, the network is rolling out an inaugural event in 2016. The network plans to host an education session that will take place at the SEMA Show. The session, entitled ETTN Tech Talk, will consist of three tech talks within an hour’s time. Each will feature concise, targeted and impactful discussions on product developments from industry trendsetters and leaders. Session information will be available through SEMA eNews, the ETTN homepage and social-media channels.

Industry Networking Event

The ETTN is hosting its annual event at the SEMA Show for network members and individuals who share a passion for technological trends. The event, entitled ETTN Happy Hour, will take place on Thursday afternoon of the SEMA Show in the New Products Showcase among the hottest new products on the market. Industry professionals will network and make connections while enjoying food and beverages.

The event is a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in joining ETTN to meet select committee members to discuss how they can get involved and learn more about what the network does. The network will also recognize outstanding ETTN members by giving out awards during the event. Look for more event information in the coming months in SEMA eNews and ETTN’s Facebook page.

Motorsports Tech Roundtable

The ETTN Motorsports Tech Roundtable had a booming debut earlier this year with a variety of motorsports professionals in attendance. The event took place during the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council’s (MPMC) annual Media Trade Conference week in Santa Ana, California. The network is ultimately looking to team with SEMA councils that represent various niche markets of the automotive aftermarket industry to facilitate events and deliver the latest trends and technology for those markets.

The Motorsports Tech Roundtable offers expert guidance and open conversations on emerging technical trends in the motorsports industry that can impact product development and testing presently and in the near future. Experts in the industry host table topic discussions on their fields of expertise, where they dispense valuable information to attendees, offer guidance and become a valuable resource. Be sure to attend the 2017 event, which will take place at the end of January.


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