Collision Repair & Refinish New Products

SEMA News—July 2016

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Collision Repair & Refinish New Products

Innovations to Restore and Repair Damaged Vehicles

The Collision Repair and Refinish category of the 2015 New Products Showcase featured 125 product entries, up 44% from the 2014 Show. Exhibitors introduced specialized tools, the latest equipment and innovative supplies for technicians to use in professional paint and body shops, many of which were developed to help repair shops cope with the ongoing move to low VOC repair methods. On the following pages, we’ve assembled a listing of Collision Repair & Refinish new products from the new Products Showcase of the 2015 SEMA Show.

Glasurit Color Advance BoostersBASF Corp.
Glasurit Color Advance Boosters

Glasurit Color Advance Boosters are designed to reduce the number of coats required to achieve hiding (up to 50%), reduce consumption and speed repair processes.

PN: 80-M035K; 80-M696K; 80-M640K; 80-M589K; 80-M527K


Smart BenchEquip Automotive Systems Inc.
Smart Bench

Smart work bench with a cabinet, a vise, air, light, cord reels and pre-staged utility locations with 220-volt three-phase power.

PN: EQ-686190


Primer FilterBASF Corp.
Glasurit UV Light-Activated Primer Filler

Reduce materials while increasing productivity and profit with 151-70. Glasurit 151-70 is a one-component, ready-to-spray UV coating that dramatically cuts cycle time and cures in natural sunlight or in just three minutes under UVA lamps.

Winner of the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

PN: 151-70


R-M Onyx HDBASF Corp.
R-M Onyx HD

Mix as either waterborne or solvent-borne with a single set of toners—all while being VOC compliant across all of North America.

PN: HB040


R-M PowerFill Plus PrimersBASF Corp.
R-M PowerFill Plus Primers

National Rule direct-to-metal primers that build high, cover better, sand easier and increase productivity. Available in white, black and gray.

PN: RMP25 White, RMP26 Grey, RMP27 Black


Big Throw polisherWizards Products
The Wizard 21 Big Throw Polisher

The Wizard 21 Big Throw Polisher comes in a sturdy and descriptive box to help the customer identify and clearly understand usage of the product.

The bright and vibrant graphics enhance the well-known Wizards Products brand and will work as a great selling tool for any store, shop or retail location.

PN: DAP0121


Air Prep KitTsunami Compressed Air Solutions
Air Prep Kit

Verify that the air system is supplying the quality of compressed air required for the job.

The Tsunami Air Prep Kit provides the ability to test humidity, dew point, air temperature and cfm.

PN: 21999-0938


Revo SpeedFirestone Industrial Products
New Ride-Rite Extreme-Duty Kits

Dramatically reduce curing time with Revo Speed. It quickly cures filler and coatings completely from the inside out, saving significant time and money. This fast-positioning model is best suited for bodyshops that perform large volumes of repairs on one to four panels and can accommodate all sizes of passenger vehicles.



10-ton WorkstationStar-A-Liner/Signature Frame Machines
Simultaneous 10-ton Workstation

The 10-ton workstation is portable, with patented technology that offers simultaneous operation with flow control and a 10-ton pressure gauge.

Four single-acting ram ports and one dual-acting ram port, accessories and chain compartments, onboard water separator and automatic oiler. One pump does the work of five. Save on maintenance. Only one pump to service.

PN: 15-041


2000 SeriesGoldenstar Spray Gun
2000 Series

The new Goldenstar 2000 Series spray gun has stainless-steel construction, nozzle sizes varying from 1.3 to 2.5, and each gun comes with an outstanding three-year warranty.

These guns provide the finest atomization, excellent transfer efficiency and a fully adjustable wide spray pattern located conveniently on the side. Available in HVLP and MRP.

PN: GOL-2000

Rotor/Caliper Restoration KitKBS Coatings
Rotor/Caliper Restoration Kit

Tired of seeing those rusted rotors or calipers through custom wheels? KBS Coatings has the answer: the KBS rotor/caliper restoration kit.

This exciting new kit includes everything needed to clean, prep, prime and coat those rusted eyesores and bring them back to a showroom appearance.



Deck Leverage PulleyStar-A-Liner/Signature Frame Machines
Deck Leverage Pulley

The Deck Leverage Pulley has revolutionized the down pull with its patented technology. The 360° head allows for unlimited down pulls from the deck to the vehicle. It’s easy to use.

No fastener plates and no bolts. This product protects the deck of the machine while reducing cycle time. This is a high-quality and lifetime product.

PN: 15-001


True Flex Hand SanderShoot Suit-Detro-R&H
True Flex Hand Sander

The True Flex automatically conforms to curves. When the radius changes, it changes along with it. Easy one-handed operation.

Designed for exceptional finish sanding.

PN: 6004


Axis Shape CreatorMobile Solutions
Axis Shape Creator

The SFS Axis Shape Creator (patent pending) allows the user to quickly create shapes out of various fabrication materials for a custom installation.

Use any arc, sweep, straight edge, corner radius, chamfer edge or straight accent to highlight an installation.

PN: Axis Shape Creator


Rage Ultra XtraITW Evercoat
Rage Ultra Xtra

Rage Ultra Xtra body filler can be adjusted to meet extended work-time requirements under various temperature conditions (up to 40 minutes at 75°F). This allows large quantities of filler to be mixed and spread, which increases productivity.

The product can be mixed with Rage Ultra for more flexible work times in various temperatures. Patent pending.

PN: 100144


Orbit Micro SanderAstro Pneumatic Tool Co.
Onyx Random Orbit Micro Sander, Velcro, 3mm Orbit

Smallest, lightest and most powerful random orbit sander in its class. Ensure a better finish with a 3mm orbit without the bulky size.

Reach smaller areas and tighter contours with less fatigue. Spot-focuses sanding needs instead of sanding entire areas.

PN: 321


Cadillac CT6 Dedicated Fixture SetCelette Inc.
Cadillac CT6 Dedicated Fixture Sets

In partnership with General Motors, Celette developed equipment to restore Cadillac CT6 chassis back to manufacturer specifications post-collision. The chassis is made up of a variety of steel and aluminum components.

Celette’s dedicated fixtures eliminate potential human error and ensure that vehicles’ frames are restored for ultimate customer safety.

PN: 2646.5A


Gensei Carbonio 360Walcom ThermoDry
Genesi Carbonio 360

Walcom Geo Carbonio 360, made with carbon fiber, is an innovative, high-performing and extremely lightweight spray gun.



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