SEMA: Your Aftermarket Community

SEMA News—May 2016


SEMA: Your Aftermarket Community

By Katie Carson

  SEMA Aftermarket Community
When a company joins SEMA, it not only gains access to valuable business resources but all of its employees become part of a larger community—one driven by a love for all things automotive.

A love for cars, trucks and SUVs is the motivating force behind SEMA. This trade association consists of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, auto restorers, vehicle builders, restylers and more. SEMA’s mission statement is, “To help our members’ businesses grow and prosper.” This statement was adopted by the SEMA Board of Directors in 1992 and has driven the association ever since.

Founded in 1963 by specialty-equipment companies that saw rising challenges, SEMA has had one core motivation—to better the industry and provide a platform upon which its member companies can utilize its resources to grow. Fast-forward 53 years: SEMA is more than 6,500 members strong and offers a multitude of programs, business solutions and events for the benefit of its members.

When a company joins SEMA, it is not only gaining access to valuable benefits—it is joining a community. This community is made up of businesses facing similar challenges and having similar goals. SEMA enhances this community through recognizing individuals who have made an undeniable impact on the industry, educating its members on the latest legislative and regulatory updates, providing networking events throughout the year and much more.

SEMA Hall of Fame

Individuals who are inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame are the leaders, innovators and creators. They are the enthusiasts who transformed small, burgeoning businesses into an industry worth more than $30 billion annually. They comprise the SEMA Hall of Fame and epitomize the essence of ingenuity in action.

SEMA Industry Awards Banquet

The SEMA Industry Awards Banquet takes place annually on Thursday evening of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Attracting more than 3,000 attendees, the banquet is one of the most anticipated events at the SEMA Show. With a cocktail reception, live entertainment and plated dinners, the evening is about recognizing and celebrating the automotive specialty-equipment industry’s leaders.

Stay Current With SEMA

SEMA Aftermarket Community
SEMA members connect with fellow industry professionals through association-sponsored events throughout the year.

SEMA provides a wealth of industry knowledge to its members. Whether it’s the latest legislative update, upcoming industry events, groundbreaking technology or market research, SEMA has it first. Through weekly SEMA eNews and monthly SEMA News articles, members are able to stay up-to-date on relevant information to help their businesses grow and gain opportunities to connect with other members.

Market research yields information about all facets of the industry. By breaking down buying trends, consumer demographics and financial benchmarking, SEMA research enables members to better angle their businesses to the current trends.

Network, Network, Network

SEMA aims to facilitate conversations between members to exchange ideas, discuss industry topics and to create lasting, personal relationships. The association has found that hosting networking events provides the best environment for those conversations.

SEMA’s councils and networks are an added benefit of which members can take advantage. These groups are geared toward the various niche markets within the industry. Joining a council or network puts members in front of people who share a passion for their specific interests.

SEMA Incorporates Enthusiasts

  SEMA Aftermarket Community
Through SEMA-facilitated conversations, members can exchange ideas, discuss industry topics and create lasting relationships.

While SEMA membership is company-based rather than individual-based, SEMA recognizes that there are great numbers of enthusiasts who are assets to the industry. The SEMA Action Network (SAN) taps into that resource. Any automotive enthusiast is welcome to join and receive updates on legislative movements happening either on the federal or the state level. SAN informs its members of the importance of the issues and provides the facts. SAN members are encouraged to write their legislators in support or opposition of current legislation. It is a great way to help automotive enthusiasts support and protect the industry they love.

Join the Community

SEMA Aftermarket Community
Joining a council or network connects members with other people who share a passion for their specific interest.

SEMA is governed by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time to lead and guide the association. These elected individuals work in the industry and have the tools and passion to steer the industry in the right direction with a focus on providing tools and resources to benefit its member companies and the industry in general.

When a company joins SEMA, it is supporting an organization that is dedicated to the advancement of the automotive specialty-equipment industry and the growth of its member companies. If you are not a part of the SEMA community and are interested in joining, visit for more information.

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