YEN Wants to Send You on the Hot Rod Power Tour

SEMA Member News—March/April 2016

YEN Wants to Send You on the Hot Rod Power Tour

  YEN Hot Rod Power Tour
Each year, YEN select-committee members choose 10 YEN-member applicants to participate in the Hot Rod Power Tour. Visit for dates and details.

SEMA’s Young Executives Network (YEN) is gearing up for its annual participation in the Hot Rod Power Tour. For the past two years, 10 YEN members have embarked on the Hot Rod Power Tour—an epic, week-long, cross-country journey that generates awareness of the hobby and industry.

YEN is a volunteer organization that is made up of automotive industry professionals under the age of 40—the industry’s future leadership. YEN members participate in the Power Tour to broaden their outreach by networking with young enthusiasts, industry professionals and students of the automotive aftermarket industry across the nation.

For more than 20 years, Hot Rod has been hosting a pilgrimage that invites gearheads of all ages and backgrounds to drive across the country together and show off their rides. It’s a “run what you brung” type of event that attracts all makes, models and years of vehicles. The event raises awareness of the industry and gives participants a unique opportunity to network with thousands of enthusiasts and professionals during the journey.

There’s no GPS needed on this trip. The Power Tour takes participating hot rodders through scenic backroads and small rural towns. It stops in designated locations along the route, where thousands of local vehicles show up for the traveling car show, but a large number of vehicles also make the long haul and participate in the entire Tour, totaling more than 2,000 miles. Matthew Davis of Premier Performance Products was a YEN participant in 2015.

“I was lucky enough to participate in the YEN Power Tour last year as one of the 10 selected young executives,” he said. “I was brand new to the organization but was grateful for the opportunity to go, and it really opened my eyes to what our industry has to offer.”

YEN Participation

Each year, YEN select-committee members choose 10 YEN-member applicants to participate in the Power Tour. These lucky young executives are in for the rides of their lives!

Five participants are chosen as drivers and get to bring their own cars on the journey, while the other five participants get to ride shotgun. The prize package includes a stipend to cover costs for both drivers and YEN-selected copilots. They also receive free VIP entry into the Power Tour, entry to the opening-night hospitality party, premier parking in the YEN Corral, gift bags and SEMA swag.

Candidates must work for a SEMA-member company and must be YEN members. Candidates must live and work in the United States, and all vehicles must be insured and have current registration.

Hot Rod announced the 2016 Power Tour dates as June 11–17. YEN will begin collecting applications for YEN participants at the end of February. Visit for dates and details.

Join YEN

YEN’s mission is to cultivate young talent in the automotive aftermarket through implementation of education and networking. YEN does this by taking advantage of the resources available for virtual networking and in person at industry trade events. YEN members are entrepreneurs who are leading top businesses and actively pursuing a higher level of professionalism in the automotive specialty-equipment market. The current membership roster represents some of the top technology, marketing and sales, operations and executive minds in the automotive industry.

Membership in YEN provides young executives with an opportunity to network with other SEMA members in various market segments as well as with influential industry leaders. It also gives members a unique chance to listen, learn and provide the industry with input from youthful voices. YEN membership is open to all SEMA-member company employees under the age of 40 at no cost. Visit to become a member and enhance your career today.

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