WTC Provides Technical Data

SEMA Member News—March/April 2016

WTC Provides Technical Data

  WTC Ride Guide
The WTC’s “Ride Guides” help retailers match their customers’ needs with the right wheel and tire plus-sizing packages. The guides are based on researched data on plus-size wheel and tire performance.

SEMA’s Wheel and Tire Council (WTC) held its annual general membership meeting at SEMA headquarters in Diamond Bar, California, in early February. Current and aspiring members, council leadership and SEMA staff met to discuss key council priorities in the coming year, including vehicle data, retailer benefits and industry outreach. Council members also discussed the need for acquiring reliable and detailed measurement data on new vehicles, and SEMA Garage staff discussed OEM measuring sessions, the Tech Transfer program and additional resources available through SEMA to supplement the current WTC Wheel Measurement Database.

Automakers supply SEMA with comprehensive vehicle data, and the association shares the information through the Tech Transfer program. WTC is collaborating with Tech Transfer to determine the quantity and quality of dimensional data related to wheels and tires that will specifically benefit WTC members. As dozens of new and pre-release vehicles come through the SEMA Garage Measuring Sessions each year, there is a great opportunity to obtain reliable 3D scan data with the Garage’s in-house FaroArm. The assembled members shared input on what data points and minimum specifications would be of most benefit to the wheel-and-tire sector pertaining to new-vehicle 3D scans of the wheelwell area.

The WTC is also focused on bringing value and providing benefits to the members who make up the retail sector of the wheel-and-tire marketplace. With the right data, sales personnel are able to better reach their customers. WTC is able to supply retailers with clear, accurate data through SEMA’s researchers and developers so that they can sell with confidence. By the end of 2016, the WTC will have a set of three “Ride Guides” to support retailer members.

WTC Poster
The WTC’s Aftermarket Wheel Installation Guide provides retailers and installers with information about parameters, such as load ratings, fit checks, clearance, balance and more to ensure that technicians have the information to do the job right.

Aftermarket Wheel Installation Guide: Know that your technicians have the right information to do the job right. For over a decade, these guidelines have been distributed by manufacturers and displayed and adhered to by wheel retailers and installers.

“Ride Guides”: Use the data in the “Ride Guides” to match a customer’s needs and wants with the right wheel and tire plus-sizing package. “You don’t want customers leaving your store with doubts about their purchases,” said Wayne Williams of Exsell Marketing and chair-elect of WTC. “This resource is loaded with opportunities to genuinely transfer confidence to your customers based on valid, researched data on the differences between plus-size wheel and tire performance.”

Coming Soon: Wheel Maintenance Guide: Clean, protect, maintain and show off your wheel investment with information provided by the leading chemical and cleaning experts in the SEMA community. “This guide will be a fantastic tool that offers tips and guidance to ensure that the proper wheel cleaner is chosen,” said Mike Pennington, director of training, events and consumer relations for Meguiar’s Inc. “It’s great to see SEMA developing and distributing this information. It will certainly be beneficial to all—consumers and sales staffs alike!”

The WTC is always looking for engaged and passionate professionals in the industry to volunteer their time and expertise to contribute to these and other important projects. Opportunities to volunteer are available at any time, but if you would like to take a leadership role in the council, serving as an elected volunteer leader in the WTC select committee may be for you.

The nomination period for the 2016 council elections opened February 23 and closes March 21. Go to to nominate an outstanding industry member (self-nominations allowed) to serve on the select committee. Once the WTC elections task force has reviewed the nominations, a final ballot will be e-mailed to the key contact for each council member company. Cast your vote and make a difference in the future of the industry.


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