MRN Introduces Rep Matching Program

SEMA Member News—March/April 2016

MRN Introduces Rep Matching Program

  MRN Rep Matching Program

MRN invites all manufacturers’ reps who belong to SEMA-member companies to join the MRN. There is no cost to join, and the benefits are plentiful. Visit to join today!


The primary objective of the Manufacturers’ Representative Network (MRN) is to provide a forum for manufacturers’ representatives for the purpose of increasing their impact as an industry, exploring issues of common interest and concern, increasing their collective knowledge, and elevating the overall image of the profession. MRN directs its efforts toward addressing key industry issues while developing strategies and programs designed to meet the special needs of manufacturers’ representatives. The network is progressing toward providing tangible programs and creating business opportunities for its membership.

The MRN has rolled out a new benefit entitled the MRN Rep Matching Program, which is intended to more easily connect manufacturers seeking representation with reps seeking new opportunities. Reps will be notified when a manufacturer is openly looking for representation. This is a mutually beneficial program for manufacturers and reps.

SEMA-member manufacturers may sign up for the new program at The form takes less than five minutes to fill out, and when the “submit” link is clicked, the manufacturer’s information is sent to reps who are looking to represent you in the geographical region you have indicated. This process allows the manufacturer to skip the headaches of placing ads and spending time and resources searching for an independent sales rep. Instead, reps will come to you!

MRN-member reps also have a sign-up form at The form takes less than 30 seconds to fill out, and you will automatically begin to receive notifications directly to your inbox when a manufacturer is looking for representation in your region. This program will boost your network for new sales opportunities as well as give you a chance to showcase your agency.

Top 10 Reasons for a Manufacturer to Hire an Independent Sales Rep

  1. Results Driven. Our success is your success. Reps are highly motivated to sell your products because they make money when you sell products.
  2. Cost Effective. Reps allow you to better utilize your time and resources by minimizing the labor and travel expenses of hiring your own employees.
  3. Territory Expansion. You get the instant benefits of territory and customer knowledge that take years to learn.
  4. Relationships. Reps already know the companies you want to do business with. Take advantage of strong, preexisting relationships that have been cultivated through trust and action.
  5. Quick. Hiring a rep is the quickest way to get results and to get your “feet on the ground” and selling.
  6. Access. Your products and services will have better exposure with your customers because reps are already doing business with them.
  7. Sales Calls. Focused and increased face-to-face time with your customers equals greater sales.
  8. Training. Field training and professional development sets reps apart. Reps will educate your customers about the features and benefits of your programs and services.
  9. Feedback. Get instant and accurate feedback on your products and programs.
  10. Industry Knowledge. Receive an insider’s perspective that allows you a clearer understanding of the ins and outs of your industry.

Join MRN

MRN invites all manufacturers’ reps who belong to SEMA-member companies to join the MRN. There is no cost to join, and the benefits are plentiful. MRN members gain a voice within SEMA. They also receive educational and training resources, networking opportunities and facilitation between reps and manufacturers. Visit to join today!

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