ETTN Motorsports Tech Roundtables

SEMA Member News—March/April 2016

ETTN Motorsports Tech Roundtables

  ETTN Roundtable
SEMA Director of Networks Bryan Harrison kicks off the ETTN Motorsports Tech Round Table where automotive professionals received expert guidance on emerging motorsports technical trends.

The mission of SEMA’s Emerging Trends and Technology Network (ETTN) is to identify, understand and communicate emerging trends and technologies that affect or improve the automotive aftermarket, delivering them in a concise manner to business professionals. The network seeks opportunities to gain knowledge from the many niches that SEMA members are involved in.

The ETTN has a renewed focus on the technical-engineering standpoint of the industry, which its members feel is an important demographic. The membership gains value through community events, SEMA Garage activities and partnering with other SEMA councils and networks to educate the membership on how technological advancements can affect niche markets.

For the first time, ETTN joined forces with the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) to host the Motorsports Tech Roundtable. The event offered expert guidance and open conversations on emerging technical trends in the motorsports industry that can impact product development and testing presently and in the near future. The event took place at the MPMC Media Trade Conference (MTC), which gives manufacturers a chance to showcase their latest products to the media.

The ETTN found that this was also the perfect opportunity to facilitate conversations with top industry talent and innovative minds. ETTN involvement proved to be a vital strength in helping to identify, understand and anticipate the direction of the future of connected-car technologies within motorsports.

“The MPMC MTC is second to none,” said Jay Jayasiri of Modulus Engineering. “As an ETTN member, I took part in one of the motorsports tech roundtables on the Future of Motorsports and Performance Technology, which was led by SEMA Vice President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak. It met and exceeded my expectations. The event provided me with the opportunity to connect and network with industry leaders who are passionate about the forward advancements and integration of these technologies with our passion in motorsports.”

Six roundtable groupings offered a wide variety of key topics. The following are synopses of the topics.

Table One — Emissions Compliance for Street Performance Products

Expert: Peter Treydte, Compliance Center Manager, SEMA

Discussion: Emissions regulations from EPA and CARB and how to make products comply with the law. Special focus on CARB Executive Orders and how the SEMA Compliance Center can help with the process.

Table Two — The Future of Motor-sports and Performance Technology

Expert: John Waraniak, Vice President, Vehicle Technology, SEMA

Discussion: The latest powertrain technologies and product innovations being used in racing and adapted to production, as well as the career paths, talent pipelines, direction, relevance and importance of motorsports and technology to the future of motor racing and the performance industry.

Table Three — Advancements in Product Design, From Idea to Prototype

Expert: Robert Simons, Vice President of Engineering, Edelbrock LLC; Mike Spagnola, Vice President, OEM and Product Development, SEMA

Discussion: Leveraging new technologies at the SEMA Garage to bring motorsports products to market faster and with confidence.

Table Four — Becoming an OEM Motorsports Accessory Supplier

Expert: Erin Gilhuly, TRD Business Administrator, Toyota Motor Sales

Discussion: Designing, engineering and manufacturing motorsports products with the goal to become an OEM accessory supplier.

Table Five — MPMC Membership

Expert: Chris Douglas, Vice President of Marketing, COMP Performance Group; Rich Barsamian, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Advanced Clutch Technology

Discussion: The latest MPMC programs and how they can benefit your business.

Table Six: The Use of Technology in Competition

Expert: Kevin Wells, Competition Director, Formula D

Discussion: How technology is used in the rules and regulations of motorsports, through the eyes of Formula D.

The ETTN is open to all SEMA members and is free to join. The network’s main discussion platform will be the ETTN LinkedIn group, which makes joining the conversation easy. ETTN Chair Regis Finn hopes to reach out to members of other industries.

“We want to strategically tap in to their resources for speakers and seminars,” Finn said. “There’s something to learn from listening to different opinions and industries.”

Finn’s vision is to educate members on how to leverage trends in business, customer relations, products or brand and vehicle technologies for their own businesses.

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