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SEMA News—April 2013


Spy Photos

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2015 Hyundai Genesis

  2015 Hyundai Genesis   2015 Hyundai Genesis 
When It Hits: Although the shots reveal a great deal of the exterior and interior of the Genesis, an official release date is not yet known.
Latest Details: Hyundai recently unveiled the HCD-14 concept car at the Detroit North American International Auto Show, and elements of that car can be seen in this Genesis prototype. While aspects of the HCD-14 concept are apparent—such as the headlights and taillights—Hyundai will use a traditional interior design instead of the organically shaped interior of the HCD-14.

Chevrolet Silverado HD Chassis Cab

  Chevrolet Silverado HD Chassis Cab    Chevrolet Silverado HD Chassis Cab 

When It Hits: Chevrolet has placed an on-sale date of early 2014 for the Silverado HD Chassis Cab.
Latest Details: This massive next-generation Silverado HD Crew Cab Chassis Cab, as well as the rest of the upcoming revamped HD lineup, will incorporate the changes recently unveiled on standard-duty Silverados. The focus of the changes: more power and better fuel economy. Interior changes are anticipated, but the shooters have been unable to get photo confirmation.

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