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- May 2010 

Now More Than Ever, SEMA PAC Needs Your Investment

As the mid-term election year heats up, it is critical that SEMA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) be well-equipped to help elect lawmakers who understand the economic importance of our industry. SEMA PAC pools the financial resources provided by the members to ensure that their concerns are recognized on Capitol Hill. With the involvement of our members, SEMA PAC is better equipped to protect the industry and small businesses from unfair regulations and legislation. 

SEMA PAC Chairman Doug Evans recently said, “In today’s political environment, the threats to our industry are undeniable. You, our members, face an ongoing battle against harmful policies that threaten your livelihood. SEMA PAC protects your future but is driven by your contributions. I challenge all SEMA members to become involved with the SEMA PAC to ensure that we maintain our voice and protect our future. This is your industry. Protect it.”

Trade associations such as SEMA are prohibited from using their funds to make political contributions. SEMA is, however, allowed to fund all administrative costs of running the PAC. Simply put, 100% of the contributions you make to SEMA PAC are used to help elect industry-friendly legislators.


This year, Keystone’s senior management team contributed more than $8,000 to SEMA PAC, including six individuals who became new President’s Club members ($1,000 contributions)! On behalf of the industry, the PAC board and the SEMA staff, we send a huge thanks to Ed Orzetti, Pat Judge and the Keystone team for demonstrating a commitment to the SEMA PAC. Pictured above are: (first row, from left) Tony Fordiani, Rich Paradise, Ed Orzetti, Pat Judge; (second row, from left) Ralph Ruzzi, Mick O’Donovan, Deborah Branden, Kevin Canavan, MK Sathya; (third row, from left) Joe Santangelo, Chris Patti, Chris Koshinski, Gerard Guiler and Rudy Esteves.   


SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting drew a line in the sand when he said, “The issues currently facing the United States and all of its industries are among the most important we’ve faced in the nation’s history. If ever there was an alarm sounding for small business in America, it is blaring now. SEMA members need to become active and aggressive about supporting the lawmakers who support our industry and small businesses across America. Otherwise, we’ll only get what apathy deserves, and that is not acceptable.”

As Congress debates issues of vital importance to small businesses, such as health care reform, tax credits and access to capital, SEMA PAC must take the lead to ensure that our voice is heard. Given the contentious political environment in Washington, it is more important than ever that elected officials who understand the role of small business to America’s economic future remain in office. Without developing relationships with these lawmakers, the very future of our industry, and small business at large, is in jeopardy.

As with all trade associations, SEMA must receive written permission from the executives of each of our member companies before we can provide them with information regarding our efforts on Capitol Hill and the PAC. The prior-approval form can be found on the SEMA PAC website, and allows SEMA to send you information about the PAC. No contribution is required to sign up.  



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