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SEMA 2025 and Beyond

SEMA 2025 and BeyondSEMA’s Vice President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak teamed up with Brett Smith, assistant director of manufacturing, engineering and technology at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), along with his colleagues in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to share their frontline insights and perspectives with SEMA News on advanced vehicle technologies. They reviewed what SEMA members need to know about how those technologies are impacting the continued growth and future of the automotive performance and specialty-equipment industry.

Heard in the SEMAsphere: SEMAx Leaders

John Waraniak, SEMA Vice President of Vehicle TechnologyThe Vehicle Technology Center (VTC) is more than an exhibit at the SEMA Show; it is a lab. It’s a social networking marketplace and a step into the future.

“The VTC sessions bring together successful entrepreneurs and a wide spectrum of movers and shakers from both inside and outside the automotive specialty-equipment industry to offer valuable insights and ideas for members to create their own preferred futures,” said John Waraniak, SEMA vice president of vehicle technology. “Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, calls these people ‘wicked smart.’ I call these folks ‘SEMAx leaders.’ They are the multipliers and catalysts, the connectors and amplifiers. They challenge the status quo. They come together to collaborate, to share fresh ideas and to find inspiration. They are optimistic about our future. They believe SEMA’s best days lie ahead.”

Computer Tools for Design

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In a recent SEMA survey of specialty-equipment manufacturers, 83% of respondents said that they use computer-aided design (CAD) software as part of their new-product design process. It is an indication that our industry is embracing CAD as it has become more attainable and easy to use due in large part to the constant gains in processing power that today’s PCs provide.

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