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Efficiency in Engineering

The proper tool makes life easier, but it can also make a job more enjoyable. Whether it’s a diagnostic machine or a ballpeen hammer, a ratchet wrench or an English wheel, a good tool can be a treasure to the person using it. A good tool invites use, inspires confidence and demands care.

And just as with every other aspect of professional life, the tools and equipment used in the automotive world are subject to constant inventiveness, innovation and enhancement. Each year, new or improved industry equipment is introduced at the SEMA Show. The 2012 event held last November was replete with groundbreaking new creations, and we’ve brought them together in these pages for your convenience. Find one that makes your life easier.

Renew, Repair, Refurbish, Reinvent

Car-Care and Restyling Products From the 2012 SEMA Show

The SEMA Show offers thousands of products to automotive professionals, ranging from performance hard parts to purpose-built off-road equipment. But vehicle accessories—body kits, interior additions and restoration parts—can spruce up nearly any car or truck, and car-care products are used throughout the industry on both new and used vehicles.

The next few pages include dozens of restyling and car-care products that were unveiled at the 2012 SEMA Show. We have also compiled comments from industry professionals at some of the leading car-care companies about changes in technology, the distribution process and the influence of the Internet on both consumers and retailers.

Hot-Rod Products and Trends

Function Fused With Performance, Comfort and Drivability

Aftermarket Business, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Business, New Products, New Products ShowcaseThe hot-rod market has always been predicated on performance. It’s where the niche—and the entire specialty-equipment industry, really—found its genesis. The listings of hot-rod components and systems unveiled at the most recent SEMA Show and now found on these pages continue in that vein, though there is also an increasing emphasis on making rods not only hot, but also comfortable and drivable.

As in previous years, we’ve interspersed the product listings with commentaries from industry professionals who are in touch with the marketplace. We asked them to focus on overall trends as well as specific vehicle types, and their responses reveal a melding of the traditional and the innovative.

Mobile-Electronics Products

New Offerings to Make the Automobile Smarter, More Efficient and More Entertaining

Aftermarket Business, Car Audio Installers,Car Stereo Retailers, Connected Vehicle, New Products, Mobile ElectronicsOnly a few decades ago, most automotive systems were mechanical or analog. Carbureted engines, manual transmissions and knob-tuned AM radios were standard equipment. But even the most basic of today’s cars and trucks offer a cornucopia of electronic controls that improve functionality and the driving experience. New specialty-equipment devices ranging from telemetry for hands-free communications and satellite navigation to powertrain tuning software and radio-frequency links with the home provide an almost dizzying array of options even beyond the sophisticated creations delivered at showrooms by the carmakers.

The mobile-electronics displays housed in the North Hall of the annual SEMA Show have increased in number and scope every year, and many exhibits in other product categories—street performance, off-road, tools and equipment, you name it—derive some portion of their usefulness from high-tech components. In the following pages, we’ve cataloged the electronic offerings that were unveiled in the New Products Showcase during the 2012 event. Retailers in particular might want to examine the listings for items that will draw consumers and boost sales.

New Trucks, SUVs & Off-Road Products

Segment Shows Its Continued Strength at SEMA Show

For a third straight year, the American automotive industry has posted impressive sales gains, with the truck category leading the way. As of December 2012, Ford’s F-series truck again topped sales charts, with 645,316 units sold—up 10.3% over 2011. As in the previous year, Chevrolet’s Silverado came in second with 418,312 units sold. Meanwhile, Ram also made the Top 10 list, coming in fifth with sales of 293,363 units.

Accelerate Your Business

The Racing & Performance section of the SEMA Show is the largest on the floorplan, completely taking over the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center each year.

In 2012, a total of 507 exhibitors set up booths, entering a vast array of their latest offerings into the Ideas Alive, featuring the New Products Showcase. The following pages represent more than 500 of the new and featured products that exhibitors registered in the Showcase. Along with the products, journalist Steve Campbell interviewed industry executives to get their thoughts about the trends they perceive and some words of advice about what might lie ahead.

Wheels & Accessories New Products

Wheel manufacturers continue to innovate with attention-grabbing designs, vibrant colors and exotic finishes. Striking a delicate balance between style, fitment and overall performance—nearly 200 exhibitors unveiled their latest creations at this year’s Show.

The following products spotlight innovations from Wheels & Accessories section exhibitors, as seen in the 2012 SEMA Show New Products Showcase.

SEMA Show New Product Awards

Winners in 16 Categories From Among More Than 2,000 Entries

The New Products Showcase at the 2012 SEMA Show included more than 2,000 parts, tools, assemblies and packages. The displays encompassed must-see items for every segment of the industry, and each was examined by a panel of expert judges who ranked them for superiority of innovation, technical achievement, quality and workmanship, consumer appeal and marketability. The judges then awarded “best in class” honors to products in 16 categories, along with two runners up in each division. We congratulate not only the winners, but also those who conceive and create all of the innovations that drive the industry.


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