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Two Decades of Political Horsepower

clubs A platinum anniversary is an occasion not to be taken lightly. Significant measures are required to craft a fresh concept from nothing and make it last for two decades. To remain relevant, a new program must be built with enough purpose, stamina and heart to hold ongoing relevance. Changes in technologies can render obsolete even the most well-intentioned projects.

Get to Know Your Lawmakers

woodallWe’ve all heard the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” While there’s a good bit of truth to it, representing the interests of the automotive specialty aftermarket is a team effort. SEMA members and staff work together to build relationships with lawmakers in Washington and across the country, amplifying the industry’s voice.

Road to Success

legislativeWe live in a mobile society and a nation networked by millions of miles of roads and trails. Our industry provides tools to help Americans seek adventure and commune with nature, whether they’re visiting a national park or venturing off the paved roads. Our industry’s products enhance a vehicle’s comfort or increase its performance capabilities to guarantee a quality ride.

Law and Order

californiaCalifornia Labeling: A bill was approved by the Senate and referred to the Assembly to require cleaning-product manufacturers to disclose all ingredients and “contaminants of concern” on the product label and the manufacturer’s website.

Law and Order

Law & OrderAlaska OHV Area: Legislation was introduced establishing the Jonesville Public Use Area to protect, maintain, perpetuate and enhance year-round public recreation. The bill would, among other things, provide opportunities for the public to enjoy the area through a full spectrum of public uses, including the maintenance and enhancement of off-road vehicle recreational opportunities.

Law and Order

Law & OrderCalifornia OHV Programs: Legislation was approved by the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee to allow funds collected for California’s Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) program to be spent by other agencies on unrelated programs and never reimbursed.

Law and Order

ArkansasArkansas Historic Vehicles: After an outpouring of opposition statewide, legislation to substantially increase the age requirement for vehicles eligible for registration as historic or special-interest vehicles was withdrawn by the sponsor. Under the bill, the age requirement would have been raised from 25 to at least 45 years old. The bill also would have required that a historic-vehicle owner have registered one or more vehicles used for daily transportation. The bill had been introduced and rushed through the committee process on a single day before being withdrawn from consideration on the House floor.

Law and Order

Maryland Miles TraveledMaryland Miles Traveled Tax: A bill has been introduced to prohibit the state or a local jurisdiction from imposing a vehicle miles-traveled tax or other similar fees, tolls or taxes. The measure would also prohibit the state or a local jurisdiction from requiring the installation of a device in or on a privately owned vehicle to facilitate the reporting of vehicle miles traveled.


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