How the Mobile-Electronics Market Is Adapting to Rapid Change

Mobile Electronics Market UpdateSEMA News recently spoke with a selection of representatives from within the mobile-electronics industry to see where the market is at present, where it is headed tomorrow, and what we might see in the years ahead. Overall, the rapid pace of technology has meant that the segment has seen significant change in recent years, including changes that have disrupted the status quo and also created new opportunities.

SEMA Emissions Lab Update

SEMA Garage EmissionsLast October, CARB issued a letter recognizing the SEMA Garage Emissions Compliance Center in Diamond Bar, California, as a Certification-Ready Automotive Emissions Testing Laboratory, making it possible for SEMA to assist members in all aspects of securing CARB and federal EPA emissions compliance.

2016 SEMA Membership Roster

Over the past 53 years, SEMA has developed a track record of assisting members in a variety of areas related to industry and business development. The mission of “helping members’ business succeed and prosper” is steeped in history and first grew out of a need for consistency and community among racing industry members. In the beginning, SEMA exclusively served suppliers of performance equipment for hot rods, and the association accomplished its purpose of uniting the industry. Members helped develop standards for racing competitions and the association continued to grow, putting the industry firmly on the map.

2016 Tire & Wheel Trends

2016 Wheel & Tire TrendsFrom the influence of Internet sales to the integration of new materials and advanced manufacturing processes, the tire and wheel industries remain in flux. A tire tariff that threatened significant upheaval seems to have been overstated, but brick-and-mortar retailers are seeing the unmistakable effect of online sales. On the wheel side, flow forming, carbon fiber, concave designs and translucent colors are emerging trends.

Retail Spotlight

Retail SpotlightIn the late ’20s, cousins A.L. Scoggin and J. Ray Dickey were in the grocery business together in a small town outside Lubbock, Texas, when they heard that a GM franchise was going to become available. They decided to sell the store and pool their money, and they opened a Buick franchise in Lubbock in 1929. Scoggin-Dickey Chevrolet Buick is now in the fourth generation of family ownership, although the Dickeys retired several years ago, and the associated Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center is one of the largest operations of its kind in the country.

Private Labeling

Private LabelingEfficiency is paramount to manufacturing companies. Exploiting the full capacity of available tooling and resources maximizes bottom-line profits. For some companies, peak efficiency is derived from adding a private-labeling operation to their product offerings.

Trends for 2016

SEMA News annually canvasses the leaders of the association’s councils and networks for the December issue to seek their views about how the industry is shaping up for the coming year. The chairs of each group provide responses based on what their organizations and their companies are seeing within their marketplaces. Their responses provide helpful insights for businesses in every segment of the marketplace.

Photo Rights Explained in Black and White

Photo RightsNearly every company’s marketing arm produces or purchases photographs and video to advertise its products or services. While obtaining photos and video has become relatively easy in today’s digitized world, making sure you have the rights to use and publish this media is crucial. This article runs through some important considerations for your company’s use of photographs and video. For simplicity’s sake, the text mentions only “photos” and “photographers,” but the information is also applicable to video and videographers.

Media Made Simple

SEMA Garage Photo Studio“The return on investment in quality images and videos is well worth the time,” said Craig Schmutzler, director of member support for the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC), which encourages all SEMA manufacturers to enhance their product data for improved sales. “But our members are busy, and it is challenging to find the time to get everything done that is necessary to grow and maintain a business.”

The All-New SEMA Emissions Laboratory

SEMA GarageFor many automotive specialty-equipment manufacturers, emissions certification is an essential step in developing and bringing new performance or engine-related products to market. In fact, emissions compliance is a legal requirement. It is illegal under both California and federal law to sell products that could impact emissions. However, parts makers can comply with these laws by proving that their products do not increase emissions and have been certified through the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Executive Order (E.O.) process. While this can seem expensive and confusing, especially to small manufacturers and industry newcomers, the SEMA Garage’s cutting-edge Emissions Compliance Center is here to help make the process easy and affordable.


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