SEMA eNews Vol. 19, No. 19, May 12, 2016

Watch the Latest Videos From the SEMA News Team

By Carr Winn

The SEMA News team has recently cut together four videos to help highlight association activities. Whether you’re an exhibitor, an enthusiast or an entrepreneur, there’s a video below custom-fit to your interests. Click, stream and enjoy.

Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD)

Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) will be celebrated July 8, 2016. How will you be celebrating? Here, Gary Brown, O.C. Car Guy, explains how to get your own car show up and running. Want more? Visit

Launch Pad

What does it take to successfully launch a startup? If you ask someone who’s done it, they’ll tell you at some point during the conversation about the people who helped them along the way. Here, SEMA News talks with Robert Vogt, CTO of Voyomotive, after winning the SEMA Launch Pad competition. Want more? Visit

Exhibitor Summit

The goal of the Summit is simple: Provide exhibitors with insight on how to properly plan and add value to their Show experience. Here, SEMA’s own Tom Gattuso explains why the Exhibitor Summit is a can’t-miss event for SEMA Show exhibitors. Want more? Visit

SEMA Garage

Measuring sessions are a can’t-miss opportunity for manufacturers hoping to accelerate their R&D for new products. Here’s a look at a few vehicles that recently pulled into the SEMA Garage for measuring sessions. Want more? Visit

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