SEMA eNews Vol. 18, No. 39, September 24, 2015

Top 7 Exhibitor Questions About the New Products Showcase

By Becca Butler

Research shows that 70% of buyers review products in the Showcase, and the visit to the Showcase influences more than half of these buyers to go see an exhibitor’s booth.

The New Products Showcase is the single most valuable tool for exhibitors to generate additional exposure for their products while at the SEMA Show. In fact, research shows that 70% of buyers review products in the Showcase, and their visit to the Showcase influences more than half of these buyers to go see an exhibitor’s booth.

While participating in the New Products Showcase is easy and convenient, many exhibitors have questions about the program. Here are some top questions asked about the New Products Showcase:

Q: Why should I participate in the New Products Showcase?

A: There are many benefits to participating in the New Products Showcase. Products that are entered gain added exposure in SEMA’s publications and the SEMA Show mobile app. In addition, each entry is professionally photographed and posted on for the media, thereby garnering increased media coverage. New products are also eligible to receive a SEMA New Product Award, potentially bringing in even more media exposure. However, one of the greatest benefits of participating in the Showcase is the qualified leads you get from buyers who scanned your product because it was of interest to them.

Q: How many products can I enter?

A: There is no limit to the amount of products that your company can enter.

Q: Is there a cost associated with entering a product?

A: The first product entry is free. Additional products will be $75 per product category if entered by Friday, October 9. After the deadline, the price for additional products is still just $150 per product category.

Q: Are there any size limitations?

A: There are no size limitations for the New Products Showcase. However, the Showcase will be located in a bank of meeting rooms and the product will need to be moved in through a standard doorway. There are two varieties of showcases within the New Products Showcase: 1) a glass-enclosed, locked case for smaller product displays; and 2) an open tabletop showcase for larger product displays.

Q: Will my product fit in the glass-enclosed case?

A: To fit inside the glass display area, products must be no larger than 18-in. high, by 18-in. deep, by 2 meters wide.

Q: My product is a software/app, how can I display it?

A: Products that are digital in nature, such as software, an App or an OBD2 connector, may be accompanied by a video presentation that explains their functionality.

Q: What if I don’t have a new product?

A: You don’t need to have a new product to participate in the New Products Showcase. There is a Featured Product category available for those who have not released a new product within the last year.

This year’s New Products Showcase will be in a new location: the Skybridge meeting rooms between the Central and South Halls. A New Products Showcase Happy Hour will place after the Show floor closes, Tuesday–Thursday, November 3–5, along the skybridge between Central and South Halls.

More questions? Additional information on the New Products Showcase is available online or you can contact Brendan Gillespie at

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