SEMA eNews Vol. 18, No. 31, July 30, 2015

New Guide Covers Best Practices for Oversized Wheels: ’09–’14 Ford F-150

  WTC Ride Guide
The Ride Guides from the SEMA Wheel & Tire Council contain comparisons of the effects of plus-sizing wheel and tire packages on factors such as ride comfort, road grip and steering response.

By Amanda Gubbins

SEMA’s Wheel and Tire Council (WTC) has released the first two installments of a series of Ride Guides, a set of sales tools for wheel and tire retailers. Each guide contains comparisons of the effects of plus sizing wheel and tire packages on factors like ride comfort, road grip and steering response. Volume 1, covering the 12th generation F-150 ('09–'14), includes easy-to-read technical data compiled by the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR).

Guided by the data in the report, sales professionals can better assist customers in narrowing style and design preferences for their fullsize pickups based on performance characteristics. As customers see the comparisons for themselves in a graphical format with simplified explanations, they can be confident and informed in making a selection.

In addition to the F-150, which represents the fullsize pickup segment, a Ride Guide for the '14 Mazda3 is also available, representing the front-wheel drive compact sedan sector. Both manuals are available for free to all wheel and tire retailers.

To download copies of the WTC Ride Guide or learn more about the research, visit

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