SEMA eNews Vol. 16, No. 40, October 3, 2013

SEMA Data Co-op Congratulates Certified Reps

By SEMA Editors

More than 50 manufacturer's reps became certified ambassadors of the SEMA Data Co-op.

Earlier this year, the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) announced the SDC/MRN Certification Program for manufacturer's reps to become certified ambassadors of the SDC. Reps are uniquely positioned between manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Therefore, there is a need to ensure they understand the benefits of the SEMA Data Co-op program and can communicate them accurately to the marketplace.

To qualify for certification, manufacturer’s reps completed four training modules, each one having an exam at the end, to confirm their comprehension of the materials.

“I am pleased to say this program has been a big success, and we have more than 50 reps who are now certified, many of whom were acknowledged at the recent PWA Conference,” said Jim Graven, director of membership for the SEMA Data Co-op.

Congratulations to the following individuals and their agencies for becoming certified ambassadors of the SDC:

Adam Brown     Michael A. Kunzman & Associates
Alex Walker     Bob Cook Sales
Bill Eagan     Airheart Sales
Brian Hosenfeld     R&R Marketing
Cathy Clark     Bob Cook Sales
Charlie Jensen     Innovative Marketing Services LLC
Chris Bondy     Innovative Marketing Services LLC
Chris Corbett     Wes-Coast Marketing
Chris Perry     PSKB Inc.
Chuck Schwam     Bob Cook Sales
Craig Neveu     Innovative Marketing Services LLC
Dan Peoples     Innovative Marketing Services LLC
Dean Hargesheimer     Wes-Coast Marketing
Derrick Johnstone     Alliance Sales West Ltd.
Don Saenz     Bob Cook Sales
Doug Thiel     Michael A. Kunzman & Associates
Eddie Hamilton     Bob Cook Sales
Greg Bernheisel     Considine Sales & Marketing Inc.
Ian Gerrard      Wes-Coast Marketing
James Rafinski      Foster Babcock & Associates
Jeff Bates     Bob Cook Sales
Jessica Chance     Ballard & Allen Marketing Inc.
Jim Considine     Considine Sales & Marketing Inc.
Jim Kerr     Jim Kerr & Associates
Joe Nalezny     KND Sales
Joel Rosenthal     Gantt-Thomas & Associates
John Clark     Bob Cook Sales
John Gleason     United Sales Associates
Jon Kunzman     Kunzman & Associates
Keith Craley     Repforce Inc.
Les Kirby     N.A. Williams Company
Les Rudd     Bob Cook Sales
Lynne Trimble     Innovative Marketing Services LLC
Mark Adin     PSKB Inc.
Matt Ross     R&R Marketing
Mike Bolio     Repforce Inc.
Mike Katz     Bob Cook Sales
Mike Oldham     Bob Cook Sales
Peter Jarema     Tasco
Robert Cook     Bob Cook Sales
Robert Jacobs     Bowdoin Marketing
Ron Hix     Scott Lewis Associates Inc.
Russell Freeman     Bob Cook Sales
Shawn Pitts     Considine Sales & Marketing Inc.
Steve Starr     PSKB Inc.
Thom Bernheisel     Considine Sales & Marketing Inc.
Thomas Jourdan     True High Performance Sales
Tim Young     All Midwest Sales
Troy Hudson     Bob Cook Sales
Vic Bennett     Gantt-Thomas & Associates
Walt Siklich     Autorep Sales Co.
Zane Shaffer     Wes-Coast Marketing

For more information, contact Jim Graven at

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