SEMA eNews Vol. 13, No. 43, October 28, 2010

California Revises Smog-Check Program

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law a bill to revamp
California’s smog-check program. No earlier than January 1, 2013,
smog-check stations will be required to measure the emissions of model
year ’00 and newer vehicles using onboard diagnostic testing. Current
California smog-testing procedures require loaded mode dynamometer or
two-speed idle testing, depending on where the vehicle is registered.
new law also directs that a procedure be developed for testing vehicles
that are not able to be tested through an onboard diagnostic computer

This procedure for the testing of vehicles that present prohibitive or unusual inspection circumstances involves the vehicle owner presenting the vehicle for inspection at a referee station. The visual inspection will remain a component of California smog checks. Included in the bill are provisions for greater oversight of inspection stations, including providing for increased penalty fees for violations of ARB-mandated smog-check procedures.

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