SEMA eNews Vol. 13, No. 11, March 18, 2010

New SEMA-Member Program Offers Resellers Hot Leads, Not Cold Clicks Screen
  The all-new SEMA-member Pay Per Buyer (PPB) benefit program is designed to help SEMA reseller members sell more product by reaching the consumer at the point of sale.

The all-new SEMA-member Pay Per Buyer (PPB) benefit program is an online auto parts consumer comparison shopping network of more than 60 different websites and forums that draws more than four million visitors monthly. Example sites include,, and more.

"Resellers represent one of the largest and most important membership groups within SEMA, and we’re always looking to provide new programs and services that will help them grow their businesses," said Nathan Ridnouer, SEMA’s vice president of membership and councils. "The PPB program offered through our affiliate partner, Digital Performance Inc., will provide our members with the ability save money on a great marketing platform that will give them greater control and the ability to track their online ad campaigns.”

Gigi Ho, founder of Digital Performance Inc., added: "By participating in this program, SEMA reseller members have the opportunity to sell more product by reaching the consumer at the point of sale. This partnership with SEMA adds so much value to our already successful program by providing another effective way to connect the buyer with the seller."

The PPB program offers many benefits that you simple don’t get with conventional pay-per-click (PPC) programs:

  • Consumers can search for products by year, make, model, manufacturer, category or part number.
  • Product listings only appear to a site visitor specifically shopping for a brand of a product. That means they are "hot leads."
  • Resellers pay only for buyers who click on the "shop now" button and land in their eCommerce store product landing page. Buyers with no interest don’t click, and resellers don’t pay.
  • SEMA members receive a 50% discount on the initial deposit and a 15% discount on the Pay Per Buyer program rate.

For more information and enrollment, visit, contact Monica Terlouw, SEMA member outreach director, at or call 909/978-6695.

For questions regarding all SEMA-member benefit programs, e-mail

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