SEMA eNews Vol. 13, No. 9, March 4, 2010

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ARMO Select Committee Elects Alex Tainsh as Chair-Elect

Alex Tainsh is a founding member of ARMO and has been an active member for
12 years. His accomplishments begin with a combined 16-year stint at P.U.I and
Soffseal, and he is currently the sales and marketing manager for TrimParts.

Throughout his many years with ARMO, he has worked passionately to
promote the "Take a Kid to a Car Show" program and, most notably,
headed up the Colton Camaro project. When asked about future projects,
Tainsh reiterated the importance of young enthusiasts and the
preservation of the restoration market.

As Tainsh begins his two-year term as chair-elect, Laura Bergan will assume chairwoman duties July 1.

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Wet Weather Fails to Dampen Spirits at Annual Media Trade Conference

The 2010 Media Trade Conference, hosted by SEMA's Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC),
coincided with one of the wettest weeks on record in Southern
California—unfortunate for those who came from colder climes seeking a
little West Coast sun and warmth.

  Media Trade Conference
  Media attendees of the annual Media Trade Conference can gather months of editorial content over the event's three days.

For three days from January 19–21, 100 manufacturers met with editors
and writers throughout the day in a series of half-hour meetings. For
manufacturers it's a chance to put their newest products in front of
the enthusiast media. For editors, it's a way to nail down several months
(in some cases an entire year's) worth of editorial projects.

SEMA News took the opportunity to meet with member companies
to not only learn about their new products, but also the overall
business climate. We were relieved to learn that most businesses are
fairly optimistic about recovery in 2010, embracing a feeling that the
worst has passed.

Judging by the investment these companies have made in new-product
development, from Edelbrock's venture into supercharging to Yokohama's
"green" tires, 2010 looks to have gotten off on the right foot for
enthusiasts and specialty-equipment businesses alike.

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MRC Names Chris Fairless New Chair-Elect

MRC Select Committee has named Chris Fairless of Fairless Sales &
Marketing to the position of chair-elect. Fairless is a current MRC
Select Committee member and will take over duties as chair-elect on
July 1. Fairless stated, “I’m honored to be selected as MRC’s chair-elect. I’m looking forward to the future challenges and the
opportunities. I’m excited to be involved with SEMA and MRC and hope to
inspire more people in our industry to get involved. There are great
opportunities ahead!” When Fairless assumes chair-elect duties on July
1, current chair-clect Wade Cobb of HAPCO will become chairman of MRC,
when Joel Rosenthal’s two-year term as MRC chairman ends. At that time,
Rosenthal will assume his new role as the MRC immediate past chairman/advisor.

2010 MRC Long-Range Planning Meeting at PWA

MRC will be conducting its annual Long-Range Planning meeting in
conjunction with the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) Conference. All reps
are welcome and encouraged to participate in this open forum and
address issues faced daily by reps in all segments of the automotive
industry. Bring your ideas and suggestions to raise the bar for all
manufacturers' reps.

For us to be able to accommodate attendees
with food and beverage, we ask that you take a moment and contact Staci
Bostock at 909/396-0289 ext. 104 or e-mail

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PRO and University of Northwestern Ohio to Host Technical Skills & Training Conference

PRO will launch the 2010
Technical Skills & Training Conference (TSTC), a new, one-day training program designed specifically for restylers and
installers. The inaugural event takes place Friday, April 30, 2010,
at the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) in Lima,

TSTC attendees may participate in up to six one-hour seminars presented
by PRO-member manufacturing companies. Two sessions will run
concurrently during each of the one-hour time slots, with presentations
covering leather, sunroofs, 12-volt/A6 electrical, truck accessories
(towing and suspension and diesel performance) and self-adhesive
(paint, film and wrapping).

Should an attendee prefer, several manufacturers will conduct live
installation demos in the university’s shop area. Demonstrations will
be conducted in "bullpen”
fashion, enabling attendees to watch multiple installs in one shop
area. The training portion of the day begins at 8:00 a.m., concludes at
4:00 p.m. and includes lunch.

Attendees can still take advantage of
additional offerings from PRO after the trainings. A brief, one-hour open PRO meeting will
be held from 4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m., giving attendees a chance to hear the
latest happenings and offerings from the Professional Restylers
Organization. The meeting is open to all attendees, with a mixer/reception to follow at 6:00 p.m.

Cost to attend the conference is $25 and includes a catered lunch,
the open meeting and the networking reception. If more than one company
representative plans to attend, the fee is only $15 per each additional

On Saturday, May 1, PRO will conduct its annual Long-Range Planning
meeting at the university. All PRO members are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Zane Clark at or 909/396-0289, ext. 134, and visit for additional details.

Download the Technical Skills & Training Conference registration form.

PRO NovemberFest Is Huge Success

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Chairman Karl Stearns credits the hard work of the council members for
the success of the group's NovemberFest at the 2009 SEMA Show.

first-ever PRO Industry Awards reception held at the SEMA Show was an
overwhelming success for the PRO council. Branded "NovemberFest," the
reception played to a packed house, as more than 200 attendees filled
Ballrooms D, E, F and G at the Las Vegas Hilton to standing room only.
The evening included a free commemorative event T-shirt, German-themed
food and bar menus and presentations of PRO’s annual industry awards.

am so proud of this council,” said PRO Chairman Karl Stearns. “At our
LRP in June, the idea for a reception was introduced. Someone suggested
we come up with a brand for the event so that it wouldn’t just be
another reception. Someone else suggested NovemberFest, and the
Select Committee was off and running. Select Committee members designed
the logo, menu, T-shirt and the bookmark invitation concept and
solicited sponsorship monies.

"SEMA did the final invitation layout, and
we kept them apprised every step of the way to make sure nothing fell
off the track. At the Show, we all pushed the invitations from our
booths and in the aisles. The process was a textbook volunteer
cooperation. The success of the actual event is icing on the cake.
We’re already looking forward to next year!"

NovemberFest was held on Tuesday, November 3, from 5:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m. at the Las Vegas Hilton.

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Discover the SEMA Mentoring Program—Powered by the SBN

“I’ll get by with a little help from my friends…” - Joe Cocker

Everyone needs help or expert advice from time to time, and SEMA’s
Mentoring Program is an excellent resource to get answers to all your
questions. Whether you need to know more about SEMA, market information
for a start-up company or advice on how to approach your boss about a
new position, the SEMA Mentoring Program can help.

“Ask A
Mentor” is perfect for one-time questions. You can expect multiple SEMA
mentors to provide online guidance and answers to your industry-related

Short-term Assistance/Guidance is for help with a
specific project or task. A SEMA council/committee mentor with the
expertise you seek will be paired up with you to provide guidance with
your project.

Long-term Relationship is helpful for developing
your professional career. In this program segment you will be paired
with a SEMA council/committee mentor who will provide guidance and
assistance for ongoing career development or a long-term project.

So whether you just need an answer to a question or you want to
cultivate a mentoring friendship, the SEMA Mentoring Program—Powered by
the SBN is available to help. After all, we can all use a little help
from our friends.

Visit the SEMA Mentoring Program now.

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Join YEN

you know that the SEMA Young Executives Network has more than 500
members networking in the industry and is the largest SEMA committee?
If you are employed by a SEMA-member company and are under the age of
39, then you can join the SEMA Young Executives Network for FREE. If
you are interested in becoming part of the team, please visit our
website at

YEN Member of the Month Spotlight

Did you know that YEN has a Member of the Month Spotlight on the SEMA
website and that anyone can be nominated? To view previous selections
or to make a nomination, visit

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