Research Staff

SEMA's Market Research Department continuously engages in research activities in order to provide SEMA-member companies with specialty-equipment industry information that can be used to make better business decisions. The research team regularly conducts studies that include enthusiasts as well as the general consumer market, and sometimes involve focus groups. Some of the reports produced include the Annual Market Report, niche-specific reports like the Light Truck Report and monthly studies such as the Consumer Demand Index (CDI). The market research department works with the Tech Transfer program which was launched in 2000. Tech Transfer is designed to provide SEMA manufacturing members with access to OEM part and specification data that can be used to design and build parts without reverse engineering.

Research Staff Contact:

Gavin Knapp, Director, Market Research - (909) 978-6712
Mathew Kennedy, Market Research Manager - (909) 978-6730
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