WTC Embarks on New Project

SEMA Member News—January 2019

WTC Embarks on New Project

Tool Kit Enhances Measuring Session Experience

  WTCWTC members have the opportunity to use the toolkit now available in the SEMA Garage.

Much like SEMA’s mission to help members’ businesses grow and prosper by providing a range of resources, SEMA councils and networks also offer deliverables to their members. For the Wheel & Tire Council, that means providing a forum for member companies to work together to identify and address industry-related issues and explore opportunities in the aftermarket wheel industry.

To that end, WTC has created some useful resources to help members improve their business practices and procedures. One such resource is the “WTC Wheel Care Guide.” The handy reference, designed as an internal training piece or as a retail counter-top display, provides tips and FAQs on proper wheel care and explains the common wheel-surface finishes and the type of cleaning solution for each.

WTCMembers of the WTC can utilize special perks in the SEMA Garage.  

Many WTC members have also been active participants in measuring sessions held periodically at the SEMA Garage. Those sessions give member manufacturers early hands-on access to new-vehicle models to aid in the design and development of new products. Recognizing that not all WTC members can attend the sessions, the council created another member-exclusive resource: the WTC Wheel Measurement Database, which contains wheel measurement data on new vehicles accessible through the measuring sessions.

More recently, WTC members reevaluated the measurement database and determined that they should include additional data points to provide a more complete picture to aid in the development of wheel designs. Over the years, the group has used a specific set of tools during measuring sessions to collect the relevant data. With that thought in mind, the council embarked on a new project: to create a tool kit that would be available to all WTC members when attending measuring sessions at the SEMA Garage.

“The idea of consolidating the common tools that many of our members use independently came out of the long-range planning session that we held last year,” said Gavin Horlick, a WTC select committee member and chair of the council’s technology subcommittee. “We talked about what’s impacting our member companies and what would provide benefit. The tool kit immediately makes life a little easier for members who are specifically going to the Garage to be part of vehicle measuring sessions.”

  WTCThe SEMA Garage offers a variety of benefits to its members to help business grow and prosper.

The new WTC measuring kit includes more than a dozen items, ranging from 6- and 8-in. digital calipers and an 18-in. metal ruler to contour, PCD and lug gauges and an assortment of plum ball components. The kit will be available in the first quarter of 2019 and will be housed at the Garage.

According to Horlick, members will be able to use the tools during measuring sessions in lieu of lugging their own tools. That is especially advantageous to those from out of state who may be reluctant or unable to bring tools when they fly across the country. He also said that Southern California-based members will be able to borrow the tool kit for a brief time to use on-site at their own facility as an added benefit.

In submitting its proposal to SEMA for approval, WTC identified the kit as a new opportunity to provide a high-value resource.

“The idea was to put this out to member companies and nonmember companies that we want to attract to WTC,” Horlick said. “Maybe it’s a gateway to help a new player in the market [learn] what tools are needed, or there’s someone who doesn’t know how to perform the physical measuring to make sure the product fits. That’s the whole idea of the SEMA Garage: to give access to new vehicles so we can decrease to-market time for introducing new products.

“We are excited. It’s a deliverable from the select committee to our member companies. Try it. Use it. Give us feedback. At the end of the day, it’s something concrete for our members.”

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