ARMO Hosts Hot Products Showcase at Carlisle

SEMA Member News—January 2019

ARMO Hosts Hot Products Showcase at Carlisle

  ARMO Hot Products ShowcaseA professional photographer shoots all the products entered in the Hot Products Showcase.

The Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) is eagerly anticipating the 2019 Spring Carlisle Swap Meet, Corral and Auction, where the council will once again present its Hot Products Showcase at the 150-acre facility in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The annual event, slated for April 24–28, is an opportunity for ARMO-member companies to display one or more products at one of the largest gatherings of automotive enthusiasts in the world.

Steve AmesSteve Ames (middle), ARMO Lifetime Achievement Award winner attended the Hot Products Showcase in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  

Member companies may submit multiple products to highlight in the display tent. Organizers expect that 80–100 products from as many as 50 manufacturers will be exhibited. Products displayed in the tent may be new or items that a company chooses to feature. Event participation is included with the annual ARMO membership dues. If you have not yet registered your product(s), visit to get started.

People’s Choice Awards, ARMO Mixer on Tap

The Hot Products Showcase tent will be in the same location as in the past at Carlisle. The high-traffic spot, situated on paved ground between the grandstands and the event stage of the Carlisle Fairgrounds, ensures that nearly all of the 100,000-plus enthusiasts pass through at some point during the event.

Car collectors, restorers and consumers who pass through the tent will have an opportunity to meet with ARMO select committee members and learn how SEMA and ARMO help preserve and perpetuate the restoration hobby and the industry.

Attendees will also have a chance to vote for the People’s Choice awards in five categories: Engine/Engine Compartment; Drivetrain/Suspension; Brakes/Wheels; Exterior/Trim; and Interior Accessory

  ARMO Products ShowcaseAttendees of the Carlisle Swap Meet had the opportunity to view products entered into the Hot Products Showcase.

Winners of the People’s Choice awards are recognized through SEMA’s post-event publicity and will be honored at the ARMO industry reception during the 2019 SEMA Show. But the awards don’t provide added value at just the event itself. Companies also benefit from additional publicity available exclusively to ARMO members for only the cost of shipping their product entries to the Carlisle Fairgrounds.

Thanks to the on-site presence of photographer Jesse Simmers of JCS Design and Photo—who’s been providing photography for ARMO for nearly a decade—hero shots of each featured product will help member companies expand their marketing messages. The photos will be displayed as well on ARMO’s website and in a looping presentation in the booth shared by ARMO and the Hot Rod Industry Alliance at this year’s SEMA Show.

Spring Carlisle is also an occasion to enjoy some down time and good fellowship. And there’s no better place for industry colleagues to mix, mingle and talk shop over appetizers and drinks than at the traditional ARMO Mixer, to be held in the tent on Thursday, April 25.

But while it will be officially spring according to the calendar, organizers caution that the weather can be unpredictable—mild and pleasant in 2017, frigid last year. But whatever the weather, the camaraderie in the tent will keep everyone warm.

About ARMO

ARMO is a SEMA council dedicated to addressing the many challenges facing the automotive restoration market. The council directs its efforts toward preserving and promoting that segment of the aftermarket industry. Its primary goals are to ensure the longevity and prosperity of the automotive restoration industry and to represent a unified voice on behalf of its members.

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