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Stephanie Jones, SEMA Data Co-op Director E-BusinessData Standard Educational Resources
By Stephanie Jones, SEMA Data Co-op Director E-Business

What is data standardization?

The method of aligning your vehicle applications, product information and digital assets into the Automotive Aftermarket ACES and PIES standards that are used across thousands of manufacturers and retailer/resellers. Data Standards are important because they give us rules, guidelines and structure to share complex information. They ensure we are all ‘speaking the same language’. They provide efficiency in updating and processing electronic catalogs that drive counter lookup’s and websites. Having standardized data can help you access more retailers, WD’s and Jobbers.

Where do we look to learn more about what data standardization is?

The SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) is rolling out a video library hosted on their website as a free resource that covers everything from first steps in how to begin the data standardization process and where to focus to meet your data receiver’s requirements through introductory and advanced video training on ACES and PIES. Additional some subject matter includes topics like using qualifiers and attributes and how to achieve high data quality.

Other resources include Northwood University’s ‘University of the Aftermarket’ that has an accreditation program offering onsite and online data standards and distribution channel training courses. Also, you can visit the AutoCare ‘Learning Lab’ to read white papers and documentation pertaining to data standards and the supporting databases. And, lastly and not to be overlooked, events are available to attend onsite to learn with your peers such as Industry Week in November at the SEMA and AAPEX shows, as well as learning opportunities at the yearly ACPN (Automotive Content Professionals Network) conference held each Spring (formerly NCMA).

In conclusion, with more and more data needed to sell parts in our competitive environment and time-to-market being of utmost importance, the relevance of standardizing data has become forefront and many are finding it detrimental to operate without it. It can be a big undertaking to create standardized data, but there are many third-party resources available to help according to what your data needs and goals are. We at the SDC are focused on helping SEMA members learn how data standardization can benefit your business.

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