WTC Welcomes New Membership

SEMA Member News—July 2017

By Steve Campbell

WTC Welcomes New Leadership

On July 1, the Wheel and Tire Council (WTC) will welcome Greg Parker of Wegmann Automotive as its new chair and Tyson Boyer of Dill Valves as chair-elect. The WTC is committed to the progression of the automotive aftermarket wheel and tire segment and providing resources and community for its members.

The New Leadership

  Greg Parker
Greg Parker of Wegmann Automotive hopes to continue to deliver value to the segment as the new WTC chair by providing tools related to emerging trends.

New WTC Chair Greg Parker started his automotive career in the early ’00s as a marketing manager for a local parts distribution company that serviced the southeast, and he currently serves as the North American marketing director for a company that services many of the largest tire retail customers in the United States as well as many OEM factory locations around the world.

“My first SEMA Show was in 2003,” he said. “I remember the first time I walked the Las Vegas Convention Center. I grew up as a car enthusiast but was amazed at how large and impressive this industry is. From then until now I’ve greatly enjoyed the industry, my peers and everything about my career. I have been lucky to have some great mentors, such as Donnie Eatherly, Dave Echols, Zan Martin, Scooter Brothers, Van Woodell, Laurel Dasher, Mike Pursley and many others. All of those mentors took time to lead me in some way, so I attempt to follow in their great footsteps by mentoring and leading others.”

With the help of the immediate past chair, the chair-elect and the SEMA staff, Parker said that the WTC hopes to continue to deliver value to the segment by providing tools related to emerging trends, workplace safety and educational sales data as well as opening the doors for networking opportunities.

Parker loves nothing more than spending time with his two sons, whether playing baseball, soccer or football in the backyard, taking in an occasional round of golf or going to local auto shows.

“I am also an enthusiast and daily drive a lifted 4Runner that I love to get dirty when time allows,” he said. “My wife and I are also avid professional baseball fans and love to catch games at Wrigley Field whenever possible. Go Cubs!”

Tyson Boyer
Tyson Boyer brings his well-rounded wheel and tire experience to the WTC as the council’s new chair-elect.

Chair-Elect Tyson Boyer has spent 16 years in the automotive industry, using his pioneer background and farm-boy work ethic to set high goals for himself.

“I realized early on that a good attitude and my increased drive needed more polish,” he said. “After choosing to attend night classes for eight years to earn a graduate degree, I was able to develop and take on growth roles in the automotive aftermarket. From installing tires to managing retail stores, I worked into the general management of a strong regional tire and automotive retailer headquartered in Chicago. That experience provided a path to the corporate side of the tire business.”

Boyer joined the Dill Valves sales and marketing team after many years in retail, category management and marketing roles with other leading automotive companies. Dill provided an understanding of manufacturing, packaging, warehouse, and shipping operations.

“The WTC has an unbelievable amount of expertise and a foundation that we want to tap further into,” Boyer said. “Ongoing learning and opportunities within the wheel and tire category will continue to compound with the explosive growth of automotive technology and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). One of our goals will be heavily focused on this expansion to understand and provide industry guidance to ensure accuracy and process for current and future technicians. Servicing future vehicles is vital to our ongoing success in the automotive aftermarket and, most importantly, consumer fulfillment and safety.”

He also cited a commitment to the WTC’s members, the leading experts and the heart behind the council.

“Increasing our commitment and activeness will be critical for enhancing future tools and shared information,” he said. “We all have a common goal: to share our passion of experience. We will grow that passion, drive member value and reach a wider audience. By providing the place and platform for current and future voices, the WTC network will continue to expand.”

“WTC Wheel Care Guide” Ready for Download

The “WTC Wheel Care Guide” is now available for download at The comprehensive guide covers proper wheel and tire cleaning and care techniques for all different wheel types. WTC members can use the guide as an internal staff training piece or as a countertop resource to provide to customers. Download the “WTC Wheel Care Guide” and begin using it as a resource for your staff, distributors, retailers and customers.

For more information on the “WTC Wheel Care Guide,” see the article entitled “Automotive Upgrades and How to Maintain Them” on p. 38.

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