MPMC Welcomes Jason Bruce as Incoming Chair

SEMA Member News—July 2017

By Katie Carson

MPMC Welcomes Jason Bruce as Incoming Chair

The Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) welcomes a new chair and chair-elect on July 1. Jason Bruce of Holley Performance Products becomes the group’s new chairman, and Sean Crawford of JE Pistons was elected as the new chair-elect. The MPMC represents companies that manufacture motorsports parts, providing education, resources and programs aimed to better the motorsports industry.

Meet Jason Bruce

  Jason Bruce

Under Jason Bruce’s leadership, the MPMC will continue to support its membership and provide value through the Media Trade Conference, PRI training seminars, the “Business Guidelines Manual” and the Vehicles in Operation program.


Jason Bruce has always been a car guy, modifying all of his own cars growing up. His first was a ’73 VW Super Beetle during the Cal Bug scene, and he began his career as a bike builder at Pep Boys, continuing to work in parts stores until graduating from art school and pursuing a career in marketing at Hooker Headers. Through Hooker, he became highly involved in dealing with sanctioning bodies and racers, and he has worked for some of the largest brands in motorsports throughout his career.

“The unique thing about the motorsports market is that the enthusiasm of racers is in many ways equal to the extreme speeds they work in,” Bruce said. “The racers’ passion is something to witness, and I am proud to support racers with compelling products.”

This is Bruce’s second time around with the MPMC. He has worked on several subcommittees, including those for the “Business Guidelines Manual” and the MPMC Media Trade Conference. Bruce is also a former chairman of the Young Executives Network, and he enjoys working with his industry peers. He believes that volunteering gives him a more well-rounded view of the markets he serves, and he was once told by a mentor, Jim Hairston of PerTronix, that it is his duty as a member of the performance aftermarket to do the right things for the industry, and donating time to SEMA is a worthwhile activity.

Under Bruce’s leadership, the MPMC will continue to support its membership and provide value through the Media Trade Conference, Performance Racing Industry training seminars, the “Business Guidelines Manual” and the Vehicles in Operation program.

“At the end of the day, we are here to help our members grow in this industry,” he said. “I want to make sure that we have a long-term strategic plan in place so we can provide data and performance results to our membership and have this process continue with the next leadership of MPMC.”

SEMA Garage Offers Solutions for MPMC Members

MPMC members have access to the services and resources of the SEMA Garage, a state-of-the-art facility set in place to aid members in rapid prototyping, bringing products to market and ensuring emissions compliance. The SEMA Garage is a one-stop shop for product development. Members can gain access to original-equipment manufacturer computer-aided design data through the Tech Transfer program. SEMA Garage also provides supplemental scan data gained via its in-house FaroArm/coordinate measuring machine in addition to the OEM-provided CAD files. Because the SEMA Garage sees a diverse range of vehicles on a regular basis, the Garage’s engineers have been able to add a significant number of custom-scanned files to the library.

Upcoming Event—September 10

An MPMC general-membership meeting will be held in conjunction with the CAN Connect Conference in Anaheim, California. Learn more and register for the event at

The on-site 3D printer and installation center allow members to ensure proper fitment and testing on vehicles before production. Once a product is through production, the SEMA Garage offers a photo cove in which to produce high-quality photography, and a large training room in which to educate staff and dealers.

Emissions certification is required for almost all performance and engine-related products, and the SEMA Garage helps to make the process as easy and affordable as possible. The only certification process currently available is the Executive Order (EO) program administered by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Both the state of California and the federal government have laws making it illegal for a company to sell products for street vehicles that could impact emissions. Products can comply with these laws by proving that the product does not increase emissions and has gone through the CARB EO process. SEMA has experts and resources available to help members navigate the process. The SEMA Garage has a CARB-recognized emissions lab and can help SEMA manufacturing members obtain EOs quickly and affordably.

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