McKoy and Perfetti Lead PRO

SEMA Member News—July 2017

By Katie Carson

McKoy and Perfetti Lead PRO

Ellen McKoy of EMK Marketing stepped in as the chair for the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) on July 1, with Dino Perfetti of Automotive Concepts as the new chair-elect.

PRO is made up of manufacturers, distributors, restylers and installers within the restyling segment of the automotive aftermarket industry. The council provides resources, tools, programs and events to advance the restyling industry.

Meet Ellen McKoy

  Ellen McKoy
Ellen McKoy’s involvement with PRO dates back to 1988. As the incoming chair, she foresees the council focusing on emerging vehicle technologies.

Ellen McKoy began her industry career as the co-owner of a restyling center serving new- and used-car dealers in Long Island, New York. She later served as editor of Auto Trim & Restyling News, was associate editor of Trucking Times, and has worked as an industry marketing consultant. She joined the SEMA staff in 1994, serving as a council liaison, and she has stayed involved in the aftermarket industry through EMK Marketing as well as holding the editorships of Trucking Times, Mobile Tech News and Detailers Digest.

McKoy’s relationship with PRO is unique, dating back to 1988 when she was part of an industry group that founded PRO as a stand-alone organization. She was serving as the chair when PRO merged with SEMA in 1990. As a select committee member since 2010, McKoy has helped to revise the “PRO Sales Training Manual,” chaired the communications committee, participated in task forces, and focused on restyler/installer and dealer education through seminars at the SEMA Show.

“Being part of PRO and the restyling industry is in my DNA,” McKoy said. “The camaraderie, the opportunity to interface with likeminded individuals committed to elevating the stature of our market segment, and working with fellow members on projects that can and do benefit the restyling industry is very fulfilling. Together, we have a stronger voice and can make a difference.”

McKoy sees PRO as a perennially forward-thinking council, addressing challenges and exploring opportunities.

“We are currently focused on emerging vehicle technologies that may challenge and affect our industry,” she said. “We’re also working on developing a certificate program for sales professionals. Moving forward, we will continue to center our efforts on projects and activities to benefit our members.”

Meet Dino Perfetti

Dino Perfetti

Dino Perfetti has fostered relationships with dealers throughout his career, lending him a unique perspective on the industry.


Dino Perfetti is a 29-year automotive industry veteran. His passion for the aftermarket came early in his career, working on the loading dock at major distribution company Reliable Automotive. As he unloaded countless custom wheels from big brand names such as True Spoke, Cragar and Keystone, he wondered who the buyers of the products were. Within a year, he was on the sales floor, interacting with those very buyers and writing purchase orders for similar truckloads to be shipped to the Midwest.

Perfetti is now sales manager at Automotive Concepts, leading a team responsible for customizing vehicles for more than 250 Midwest dealerships. He has fostered relationships with dealers throughout his career, giving him perspective on how to best serve his company and also the restyling industry as a whole.

Perfetti was elected to the PRO select committee in 2015 and was elected to the chair-elect position after serving his first term.

“I volunteer my time to give back to an industry that has provided me with an exciting career,” he said. “But equally important is the insightful real-world experience that volunteers gain—the ability to achieve hands-on experience dealing with a mix of personalities while also adjusting to life outside your comfort zone.”

As Perfetti transitioned into his new PRO leadership role, he reflected on the qualities he feels that leaders should possess.

“A sense of purpose is important,” he said. “The values of the organization must be clear, and a good leader will exemplify and uphold them in his or her actions. The dignity of each member is always the concern of a good leader, treating all members with respect and ensuring that they treat one another similarly, no matter their differences.”

PRO also welcomed back incumbents and new members to the select committee.

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